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Educators in Action is a blog for educators, by educators. The posts in Educators in Action are provided by our Board, Fellows, State Leaders, and Award winners. If you have any questions about the blog, please contact Leslie Reardon for more information!

  • After the Celebration is Over

    Robin McLean is the 2013 ACTE Teacher of the Year. Here, she expounds on the question: How can we keep advocacy at the forefront of our minds, even after CTE Month is finished?

    Posted by Application Administrator at 3/17/2015 4:34:50 PM

  • The Path to Innovation Is Full of Mistakes

    Have you ever tried being innovative, only to have it not go as smoothly as you anticipated? Robin McLean, 2013 ACTE Teacher of the Year, shares why classroom innovation is still valuable, even if it’s not perfect.

    Posted by Application Administrator at 2/23/2015 1:35:22 PM

  • Career Guidance and Innovation

    Jeanie Bragg is the national 2015 ACTE Career Guidance Award winner! In this post, she shows us how to make innovation a lifelong process for our students, starting in kindergarten and going through high school.

    Posted by Application Administrator at 3/10/2015 1:39:57 PM

  • CTE and the State of the Union

    CTE Professional Lisa Barnett was fortunate enough to attend the State of the Union this past January. Read what she has to say about the experience!

    Posted by Application Administrator at 2/25/2015 3:26:56 PM

  • Innovative Interviewing Strategies for CTE Students and Graduates

    We all know that  interviewing for a job can be intimidating! Here, 2015 ACTE New Teacherof the Year Eric Mathews breaks-down the best interviewing skills for CTE students to have.

    Posted by Application Administrator at 1/30/2015 2:15:36 PM

  • Bridging the Gap

    Dr. Janet Zaleski Burns is the 2015 ACTE Postsecondary Teacher of the Year. Read what she’s learned about assisting adult students transition from working in the industry, to becoming CTE teachers themselves!

    Posted by Application Administrator at 12/15/2014 3:31:34 PM

  • The Importance of Connection

    Annika Russell is the 2014 ACTE Region V Postsecondary Teacher of the Year. With such a variety of students found in Postsecondary classes, read what she has to say about connecting with non-traditional students!

    Posted by Application Administrator at 12/9/2014 1:46:53 PM

  • What Makes You Tick and What Ticks You Off?

    Briana Lynn Morton is the 2014 ACTE Outstanding New Career and Technical Teacher. Here she discusses why we should never give up on learning, and what makes her tick!

    Posted by Application Administrator at 11/24/2014 3:03:56 PM

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