Can You Hear Me Now?

I had the opportunity to speak at a workshop for CTE instructors on July 17. I was asked to briefly talk on the benefits of membership in ACTE and the leadership opportunity with the Fellowship Program. Patrick Biggerstaff, 2012 Region III Fellow, asked me to share with the attendees.

I was able to share with the group for about 10 minutes on the benefit of being a member of ACTE.  Many in the group knew of ACTE but most were not sure of how that membership benefited them. I spoke about how their membership gives a larger voice to career and technical education on both a federal and state level. I shared my experiences with the National Policy Seminar and with CareerTech VISION and how they both broaden my horizons and empower me to share more about CTE with as many people as I could.

I also shared with the group about my experiences so far in the Fellowship Program and how it has helped me reach out to more people about CTE and how I have already grown as an individual. Later in the day, when we broke into our Content Area meetings, many of the teachers expressed how much they appreciated hearing about ACTE and how they had a better understanding on how their membership is important, and most planned on attending our state conference in September to gain more insight and to become more involved.

I plan on providing a breakout session at our state conference to provide more information to those who are interested. I am very excited about the opportunity this provides for me and for my peers!

Kandy Smitha is an ACTE Fellow from Region III.