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Michael J. Sorrell, Ed.D.

Ranked with the likes of Tim Cook and Bill and Melinda Gates on Fortune’s 2018 list of the world’s greatest leaders, Michael Sorrell transformed struggling Paul Quinn College in Dallas into one of the most innovative colleges in America. An attorney and former White House staffer, Sorrell brought a bold new vision to Paul Quinn, focusing on academic rigor, experiential learning and entrepreneurship. He also pioneered what he named the “urban work college model,” based on Paul Quinn’s dramatic success. Inspiring, straight-talking, and with a compelling and hopeful story to tell, Sorrell received a standing ovation at SXSW Education for his dynamic delivery and groundbreaking approaches to reinventing the future of American higher education. Read his full bio.

Afternoon Speaker

Shane Meeker

More than ever, there is one thing that truly separates many brands and companies today – that one thing is STORY. It’s no longer just what people buy, it’s what they buy into. When it comes to connecting, teaching, influencing, and inspiring others, a story will make whatever you say more impactful.

Nationally recognized storyteller, keynote speaker and author, Shane Meeker, knows the challenges that businesses and brands experience as they try to stand out in a crowded marketplace. After years of research and study in the film industry he created a way to take his favorite movies, books and TV shows and apply their story methods to the business and branding world. In fact, he often tells audiences that you can solve almost any business problem with what works in Star Wars (don’t worry, he will explain how).

Shane is a 23 year veteran at the Procter & Gamble Company where he is the Corporate Storyteller & Company Historian. Outside of P&G he has been presenting his StoryMythos content for over 13 years at hundreds of brands and conferences across the globe from Amsterdam to Australia. Shane has been a keynote speaker at great companies like Walt Disney, FedEx, Nike, Whirlpool, Ford, Starwood Hotels, USAA, Anheuser Busch, Columbia Sportswear and Exxon Mobil. He has been featured in numerous books, online articles and interviews discussing how story can be used as a strategic, inspirational and executional tool. He also teaches story development as an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati and the Illinois Institute of Technology. His presentations include surprising insights, engaging personal stories, fun movie references and tools that everyone will remember and use long after the event ends.

Shane’s book, StoryMythos: A Movie Guide To Better Business Stories, is available on Amazon and Kindle and was rated a #1 New Release Best Seller in Business Writing and Skills. He also has a TEDx talk online about the Power of Short Stories.  Please visit his site at for more information.

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