Building a Program for Other Educators

Hi! My name is Sandra Bradshaw, and I'm ACTE's most currentEducator-in-Residence. Sandra_Brandshaw

The ACTE Educator-in-Residence Program provides opportunities for career and technical educators to further develop their competencies, skills and knowledge in CTE while making a contribution to the profession. Through the program, educators become part of ACTE's team during their tenure as they work on a self-guided project.

I'm joining the ACTE staff for three weeks in July 2013, where I will work on projects related to connecting literacy and CTE. However, my project will span three months as I create a "Literacy Tool Box," an easy-to-use, all-in-one online resource, full of creative yet functional ideas of merging literacy into a CTE classroom. The finished resource will be made available on ACTE's Common Core web page for teacher use.

Currently I'm a junior high CTE teacher in Layton, Utah, teaching family and consumer science courses to 8th- and 9th-graders. My Educator-in-Residence application included development of the Literacy Tool Box because I believe it will be a valuable resource for me and other CTE teachers like me. When I plan my lessons, I can see where literacy can easily be incorporated into the CTE classroom. However, many times, I am at a loss as to how to exactly incorporate a reading or writing element into my lesson. I want to do more than just have my students write a paper or read an article. I'm always thirsty for teaching ideas and materials that can help me creatively involve my students in my content, while perfecting their literacy skills.

I am passionate about the effectiveness of the CTE program, as I've seen hundreds of students excitedly walk into my classroom because my classes have something to offer that's different. I love the direct real-world application my curriculum possesses, as do all other CTE courses offered throughout the nation. I have a strong interest in educational policy issues, so working with ACTE is an excellent opportunity to understand what associations like these do to support CTE programs in schools.

Working with ACTE this summer provides me an opportunity to be involved in standing up for the integrity and effectiveness of CTE programs, an opportunity I consider to be highly important and rewarding.

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