ACTE Board of Directors 2020 Elections

From Dec. 6, 2019, until 11:59 p.m. ET on Jan. 6, 2020, members of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) will elect officers for the following board of directors positions:

  • President-elect: Serves a one-year term beginning in July 2020, followed by one year as president and one year as past president.
  • Engineering and Technology Education Division Vice President: Serves a three-year term beginning July 2020.
  • Administration Division Vice President-elect: Serves a three-year term beginning July 2021.
  • Guidance & Career Development Division Vice President-elect: Serves a three-year term beginning July 2021.
  • Postsecondary, Adult & Career Education Division Vice President-elect: Serves a three-year term beginning July 2021.

All ACTE individual professional, retired, educational institution members, and national affiliate organizations whose membership dues are received at ACTE headquarters by Nov. 6, 2019, are eligible to vote. Please review the biographical information and platform statements for the nominees and exercise your right to vote for ACTE’s future leadership. This information is also posted online on the ACTE website at

Please note that the nominees featured below and online are not official candidates. Candidates will be officially selected at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION 2019.

The election process will be conducted via electronic ballot only. Ballots will be sent to member email addresses listed in the ACTE database. ACTE has selected Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS) to manage the board of directors elections. You will receive an e-signature via email that must be used with your member number to vote electronically. If you do not receive an e-signature by midnight on Dec. 7, please contact  Electronic ballots must be cast by 11:59 p.m. ET Jan. 6, 2020. Ballots will be counted and audited at the offices of SBS, and the results will be posted on ACTE’s website and announced in Techniques magazine.

In order to facilitate a smooth election process, please be sure to:

  • Verify your email address with ACTE. If ACTE does not have your email address, it is imperative that you update your member profile immediately. You can do this on the ACTE website by going to, logging-in (Access: email as your username and your ACTE ID#+ your first and last initials as your password, i.e. 123456AH) and clicking on “View Profile,” or by emailing
  • Make sure you/your IT department puts Survey and Ballot Systems on your email’s “white list” so your voting information can be received/not marked as spam. The email will be sent to you from
  • Remember that in order to vote, you must be a member of ACTE as of Nov. 6, 2019. Members are only allowed to vote in elections for their region and any divisions of which they are a member.

ACTE President-Elect

Kevin English

Region: V
Division: Marketing Education, New & Related Services
Occupation: Senior Director, Knowledge Management

Employment History:
Senior Director, Knowledge Management, NAF: 2013–present
Engineering/Construction/Agriculture Teacher, Peoria Unified School District: 1993–2012
Welding/Technology Teacher, Flowing Wells High School: 1991–93
Graduate Assistant, Agricultural Education, University of Arizona: 1990–91
Marana Unified Schools Agriculture/Welding Instructor 1986–1990

M.A.E., University of Arizona
B.S., Agricultural Education, University of Arizona

National ACTE Involvement:
Board of Directors, Region V: 2006–09
Executive Committee: 2009
Committee Member: New and Related Services Policy Committee, 2016–Present
Committee Chair: Professional Development Committee, 2003
Task Force Chair: ACTE Sustainability Task Force, 2010
Advisory Group Member: 2015, 2018
Award Winner: National Teacher of the Year, 2005–06
Coordinator, National Leadership Fellowship Program: 2006–2012
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Attendee: 1999–2007, 2010–19
VISION Presenter: Many times, 2003–2017
National Policy Seminar Attendee: 2002–07, 2017 and 2018
CTE Support Fund Supporter: 2002–2019

Regional ACTE Involvement:
Region V Policy Committee: Member, 2003–2010
Region V Policy Committee: Chair, 2006–09
Committee Member: Region V Policy Committee Member 2000–2003
Committee Chair: Public Information Committee
Award Winner: Region V Teacher of the Year, 2005
Award Winner: Region V Program of the Year, 2002
Region V Conference Presenter: 2002–2009
Region V Conference Attendee: 2002–2009
Other: As a young ACTE member, my professional introduction to ACTE was through state and regional activities. Presenting sessions, serving on committees, and serving in leadership positions at the regional level were a critical part of my professional growth and development. Many of my lifetime mentors and friends have come from this involvement in ACTE’s Region V.

Divisional ACTE Involvement:
Committee Member: New and Related Services Policy Committee, 2016–19
Committee Member: Professional Development Committee, 2003–04
Conference Presenter: Marketing Educators’ Association, 2016–19
Conference Attendee: Marketing Educators’ Association 2016–19
Other: I am currently on the New and Related Services Policy Committee. I also serve as an active member of the Marketing Educators’ Association and, in 2019, assisted with their summer teacher’s conference in Portland, Oregon.

State ACTE Involvement:
President, ACTE of Arizona: 2001–04
President: Arizona Industrial Technology Association, 1999–2001
Committee Chair: Arizona Agriculture Teachers Association Policy Committee, 1998
Workshop Presenter: ACTEAZ/ACTE Nevada/ACTE Wyoming, 2010–12

Other CTE Involvement:
CTE Leadership Public Speaking Coach Volunteer, Mountain Ridge DECA and FBLA: 2016–19
Chaperone Volunteer to National CTSO competitions, Mountain Ridge DECA (ICDC and FBLA): 2016–19
Solar Curriculum Development, Questech: 2010–12

Application Summary:
Arizona ACTE is where my foundation in career and technical education began. I served as a member of the Arizona Agriculture Teachers Association at the start of my career. I served the Arizona Industrial Technology Association as president in a revitalization of that organization. I then served on the Arizona ACTE board as president in years of substantial growth for our association. I have grown at all leadership levels within the organization, which has led to this decision to serve in this role of leadership for ACTE.

Currently I am the senior director of knowledge management at NAF. My duties include curriculum development and maintenance, professional learning, teacher-facing platforms and educational partnerships.

As a career and technical educator for over 30 years I am excited to bring my passion, experience and high energy level to service. My hope is that we work together to develop the mission, vision and goals for our association. That we can roll up our sleeves and get to work and then, at the end of the day, smile, laugh and share our dreams!

As my career has unfolded, you just feel when the time is right! I have that feeling that it is my time to get back in the trenches with you and serve this organization. Please consider this as an opportunity for us all to grow and make a difference to all our members and their students! 

Platform Statement:
ACTE is the foundation of my professional career. As a young teacher, my adoption by seasoned members of my agricultural education and state associations of ACTE were influential in shaping my career. These individuals knew the importance of being actively involved in your professional associations. At that time, as a new teacher, one of the older members paid my first year’s dues. This generosity made a significant impact on my life and was a catalyst for my career journey. Then came the action, serving on committees at the state, local and regional and national levels. Working to share the work, to solve the issues we face together!

I am excited to be a candidate for the ACTE President-elect position. My history and success within ACTE have inspired me to pay it forward. To provide the ACTE members with a productive environment to grow and prosper as professionals! Mine is a working history of over 30 years of involvement in ACTE and its divisions. Throughout my career and professional positions, I have been active in the Agricultural Education Division, the Trade and Industrial Education Division, the Marketing Education Division, and most recently, the New and Related Services Division. My career has driven this involvement; as my assignments evolved so has my participation in ACTE. Career and technical student organizations have also been a high point in my career. With active involvement in FFA, SkillsUSA, DECA and FBLA, I very proudly stand in the background of many successful students at all levels.

My passion for career and technical education is all consuming! I love what I do! I love changing students’ lives for the better! I am a product of career and technical education! I am very excited to be candidate for ACTE president-elect.

Brian Law

Region: II
Division: Guidance and Career Development, Administration
Occupation: CTE Director/School Counselor

Employment History:
CTE Director/Counselor, Brooks County High School: 2019–present
School Counselor, Brooks County High School: 2018–present
School Counselor and Summer School Coordinator, Valdosta High School: 2005–2018
Adjunct Professor, Psychology and Counseling, Valdosta State University: 2009–present
Middle School Alternative Program Coordinator/Counselor, Williams Middle School: 2004–05
Elementary School Counselor, Odom Elementary School: 1996–2004

Ed.S., Instructional Technology/Educational Leadership, Valdosta State University
M.Ed., School Counseling, Valdosta State University
B.S.Ed., Secondary Education, Valdosta State College
A.A., Sociology, Abraham Baldwin College
A.A., Psychology, Abraham Baldwin College

National ACTE Involvement:
Board of Directors: Region II Vice President, 2016–19
Committee Member: Resolutions Committee, 2014–16
Committee Member: Audit Committee (Board Liaison), 2016–17
Committee Member: Bylaws Committee (Board Liaison), 2018–19
Task Force Member: Board Allowable Expenses Task Force, 2018
Task Force Member: ACTE Division Affiliate Task Force, 2019
Advisory Group Member: ACTE Board Mentor, 2017–19
Educators in Action Volunteer: 2016–17
Educators in Action Content Expert: School Counselors and CTE, 2016–17
CTE Support Fund Supporter: 2016–19
National Policy Seminar Attendee: 2017–19
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Presenter: 2012
VISION Attendee: 2012, 2014–19

Regional ACTE Involvement:
Committee Member: Region II Policy Committee 2016–19
Region II Conference Attendee: 2016–18

Divisional ACTE Involvement:
Conference Presenter: Guidance and Career Development Division Opening Session at VISION, 2019

State ACTE Involvement:
Member, Georgia Association for Career and Technical Education: 2010–present
GACTE Summer Conference Presenter: 2011–13, 2016–17
GACTE Summer Conference Attendee: 2011–19
Advisory Board Member, Local CTE Advisory Board: 2012–18
Other: Georgia DOE CTAERN Contracted Presenter at Summer CTAE Academy, 2013

Other CTE Involvement:
President, American School Counselor Association: 2010–11
President, Georgia School Counselor Association: 2008–09
Top 10 School Counselor of the Year, American School Counselor Association: 2009
Secondary School Counselor of the Year, Georgia School Counselor Association: 2009
Region, State & National Elementary School Counselor of the Year, Georgia/American School Counselor Association: 2004
District CTE Advisory Board Member: 2016–18

Application Summary:
I am Brian Law, a school counselor, district CTE director and advocate for CTE. In my daily job, I get to remove the barriers for learning and allow students to discover and pursue careers based on their aptitude, skills and interests. I have the unique position of serving as the system director of CTE and counselor. CTE is the driving workforce of our future economy. Together we can positively promote CTE nationwide.

Having served as the ACTE Region II vice president, I have encountered many professionals who have the same passion for CTE as I do. My leadership experience grew from serving as president of both my state and national school counseling associations. I have strengths in organizational leadership. I am a communicator and team player who listens with the unique ability to spread excitement for a movement.

Our future depends on you as CTE educators and I want you to join me in this important movement!

If you ask someone to describe me in three words, they would say, “respectful, passionate and real.” If you choose me as the next ACTE president-elect, I affirm to use my passion to advocate for you and the many students who are impacted by CTE. I vow to reach out with respect, recruit new members, and raise an awareness of the importance of CTE. I want my passion to be contagious! Join me and catch the CTE fever — our students, business and industry depend on us!

Platform Statement:
John Donne wrote, “No man is an island.” Serving on a board is a business. For a business to grow and prosper, we must work together. I am a team player and am very passionate about CTE. I live it! We must market this passion to other educators and business partners to support our students who we educate and train to be successful, productive members of society. I affirm to serve as the ACTE president-elect, to work with ACTE staff, the executive committee and other board members to increase the passion for CTE. Career and technical education is a growing force in our workforce and is imperative to the future economy of the world. I want to make my passion contagious!

As an experienced educator in all levels from P–16 serving as a teacher, school counselor, administrator and college professor, I understand the needs of our members. Having served as president for both the state and national school counseling associations, I have training and experience as an organizational leader. Using my skills of communication, organization and relationship-building, I will help to build the membership (new and renewal) and stakeholder support in ACTE. Public relations and marketing are keys to building partnerships and gaining members. Our message should be that we, as career and technical educators, prepare students to join the workforce and we want to give the best product. By building partnerships and collaboration, we can ensure a product with skilled workers possessing the best training and work ethic.  While serving as your president, I would always represent every region, division and diverse CTE educator with respect and integrity. My priorities would be to reach out with respect, recruit new members, and raise an awareness of the importance of CTE by spreading my passion.

Jon Quatman

Region: I
Division: Administration
Occupation: Retired

M.Ed., Educational Administration, Xavier University
B.A., Secondary Education/Mathematics, Thomas More University College
A.A., Economics, Thomas More College

National ACTE Involvement:
Board of Directors: Region I Vice President, 2017–2020
Board of Directors: Region I Vice President-elect, 2016
Executive Committee Member: Finance Chair, 2018–19
Committee Chair: Legislative Committee, 2001–08
Committee Member: VISION Planning Committee for Administration Division, 2004–08, 2015
Task Force Member: Allowable Expenses Task Force, 2018
Take Force Member: Division Affiliate Task Force, 2019
Educators in Action Volunteer: 2015–19
CTE Support Fund Supporter: 2003–2019
National Policy Seminar Attendee: 2001–2019
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Attendee: 1996, 2002–2019
ACTE/NCLA Best Practices & Innovations in CTE Conference Attendee: 1996–2015, 2019
Public Policy Advocate: 1996–present, a responsibility of all CTE professionals
Other: Assembly of Delegates, 2010–16

Regional ACTE Involvement:
Committee Member: Region I Policy Committee, 2015–19
Task Force Member: Policy and Bylaws Revision Task Force, 2018
Take Force Member: Region I Awards Revision Task Force, 2018
Policy Committee Chair: 2016–18
Award Winner: Scott Westbrook Award, 2015
Region I Conference Presenter: 2017–18

Divisional ACTE Involvement:
Committee Member: Policy Committee, 2002–2015
Committee Member: Legislative Committee 2003-07
Committee Chair: Legislative Committee, 2004–06
Task Force Chair: Policy and Bylaws Revision Task Force, 2014
NCLA Conference Presenter: 2001–2010
Other: I have served as a board member and officer of the National Council of Local Administrators (NCLA).2000 – 2010

State ACTE Involvement:
Past President, Ohio ACTE: 2011–12
President, OACTE: 2010–11
President-elect, OACTE: 2009–2010
President, Ohio ACTE Administration Division: 2004–05
President of the Council of Presidents, OACTE: 2004–06
Committee Member: OACTE Beryl Shoemaker Leadership Advisory Committee, 2011–13
Committee Member: OACTE Professional Development Committee, 2004–05
Task Force Member: OACTE Leadership Task Force, 2011
Assembly of Delegates: 2006–2011
Testified to the Ohio House Education Committee on behalf of OACTE: 2010
Testified to the Ohio House Education Committee on behalf of HSTW and CTE: 2007

Application Summary:
I have been involved in education for 44 years in various positions in both middle and high school. My experiences include urban, suburban and rural schools. Twenty-three years ago I was hired by Great Oaks Career Campuses, and I found my passion in career and technical education. I discovered how the educational system makes sense for the students I served. It links the academic and technical skills with the passion of each student and allows the student to participate in the economic system. I immediately joined our association, recognizing the importance it plays in professional development and advocacy for the students, instructors, administrators and communities we serve. For 23 years, I have actively served on the state and national level as president of Oho ACTE, president of the National Council of Local Administrators (NCLA), committee chair for ACTE, and presently, I serve as finance chair on the board of directors’ Executive Committee and as vice president of Region I.

Through the efforts of many we have made significant progress in the perception of CTE in the educational and legislative environments. Through our strategic plan we need to increase our member engagement, grow our high-quality CTE program work, look to expand our professional and leadership development, and build on our advocacy and awareness efforts. I would look forward to continuing to serve our members and building on this momentum by serving as president-elect.

Platform Statement:
I have been a member of ACTE for 23 years. I recognize the important role the association plays in supporting our members in professional growth, leadership development and advocacy at the local, state and national levels. As a candidate for president-elect, it is my goal to grow this support for our members. To do this, I will work not only to expand the current activities but to identify new and innovative ways for our members to be engaged and supported.

When I ran for Region I vice president, I said, “Career and technical educators have dramatically changed the face of education. First, hands-on learning, with integrated academics and measurable outcomes, has been proven to be an effective educational model. Secondly, leaders now realize that students need to be prepared for a career, not just the next educational step.” As Mark Perna said, “Students must have an education with a purpose, not an education for the sake of education.” That is what we provide as career and technical educators. I believe the same should be said for our association. That is why, as a board, we established a robust, comprehensive strategic plan that has allowed ACTE and career and technical education to make significant progress in the educational and legislative environments. Our challenge is to keep this momentum moving forward and not rest on our current successes, implementing innovative approaches and programs for membership growth, engagement and ACTE awareness. I will work to ensure all our members’ voices are heard through the board of directors, vice presidents of the regions, and divisions.

I would be honored to serve as your president-elect of ACTE to meet the challenge of continuing the momentum forward for you, our members, and the association.

Engineering & Technology Education Division Vice President

Snehal Bhakta

Region: V
Division: Engineering & Technology Education/Administration
Occupation: CTE Administrator

Employment History:
CTE Administrator, Clark County School District (CCSD): 2019–present
CTE Project Facilitator, Info Media & Tech, CCSD: 2015–18
STEM/Business Educator, West CTA, CCSD: 2010–15
Business/Technology Consultant, MHD, LLC: 2003–2010
IT Consultant, Accenture: 1999–2002

M.S., Educational Leadership, Nova Southeastern University
B.S., Secondary Education, Kansas State University
B.S., Computer Engineering, Kansas State University

National ACTE Involvement:
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Presenter: 2017–18
Educators in Action Techniques Writer: March 2019 “Advancing Access and Equity”
National Policy Seminar Attendee: 2016
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Attendee: 2013, 2015–18
Other: Completed ACTE State Leadership Training Program, 2017

Regional ACTE Involvement:
Committee Member: Region V Policy Committee, 2015–17
Committee Member: Region V 2020 Conference Planning Committee
Region V Conference Presenter: 2013–15
Region V Conference Attendee: 2013–15

Divisional ACTE Involvement:
Committee Member: Policy Committee, 2018–present
Committee Member: IT Section Committee, 2015–present
Committee Chair: IT Section Committee, 2017–present

State ACTE Involvement:
Committee Chair: Membership/Marketing Committee, 2013–17
Committee Member: Nevada ACTE Summer Conference Planning Committee
Award Winner: New CTE Teacher of the Year, 2013
Other: Applied and administered Region V Member and Marketing grant to help grow our membership by 20 percent; supported and assisted in the planning/process for Nevada to become a unified state by providing relevant information and data to membership and the NACTE board.

Other CTE Involvement:
IM STEM Steering Committee Member, National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity: 2017–present
Technology Standards Task Force Member, International Society for Technology Educators, 2017
Affiliate Coordinator, National Center for Women & Information Technology: 2016–present

Application Summary:
Currently, I’m employed as a CTE administrator in the Clark County School District, focused on ensuring Nevada’s future workforce is prepared for success. I’ve had the pleasure to work on projects related to increasing student and community participation with National Job Shadow Day, started an Annual Student Workforce & Innovation Summit, increased promotion and growth of career and technical student organizations, and lead our #GirlsinSTEM and #GirlsinTECH Initiatives as well as ensuring equity and access to our CTE and STEM programs for all students in middle and high schools.

I’ve always had a passion to help others and am running for this office to ensure we are doing the right things to support CTE teachers and programs so that all of our students are career-ready.

Platform Statement:
It would be an honor to serve as your next division vice president and, if elected, I will advocate for increased public–private partnerships with ACTE and industry organizations to better support our members with resources and workforce experiences that can benefit all of our CTE programs. Our leadership programming through ACTE needs to continue growing to provide more opportunities at state and local levels for members.  Finally, I would work to ensure all of ACTE’s events, conferences and trainings are relevant to our membership and that feedback is requested so that we can improve and provide the best possible services to you, our members! Thank you for everything you do for students!

Richelle Krumsiek

Region: IV
Division: Engineering & Technology Education
Occupation: Instructor

Employment History:
Instructor, Tulsa Tech: 2009–present
Instructor, Claremore Public Schools: 2002–09
Instructor, Coweta Public Schools: 1999–2002
Instructor, Broken Arrow Public Schools: 1995–99

M.S., Education, Oklahoma State University
B.S., Education, Northeastern State University

National ACTE Involvement:
Committee Member: Resolutions Committee, 2018–present
National Policy Seminar Attendee: 2018–19
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Attendee: 2016–18

Divisional ACTE Involvement:
Committee Chair: Policy Committee, 2017–present
Committee Member: Awards Committee, 2017–present

State ACTE Involvement:
President, Oklahoma ACTE STEM Division: 2016–20
Vice President, OKACTE STEM Division: 2015–16
Board Member, OKACTE STEM Division: 2014–present
Award Winner: OKACTE STEM Division Teacher of the Year, 2017

Other CTE Involvement:
Mobile Robotics Contest Chair, Oklahoma SkillsUSA: 2010–present
Teacher Induction Trainer, Oklahoma State Department of Career Tech: 2012–2020

Application Summary:
For the past seven years, I have taught pre-engineering for Tulsa Tech at a suburban high school in Oklahoma. Six of those years, I have served on the board of directors for Oklahoma ACTE as vice president, president, past president and board member. Currently, I serve as the policy chair for ACTE’s eTED Division.

Under the leadership of Vice President Jay Davis, the eTED division has grown and become more reflective of modern technology education to include information technology, arts, and STEM educators. In running for eTED vice president, I look forward to continuing the improvement of diversity in our division by including all levels and types of CTE engineering and technology educators.

Platform Statement:
As the eTED division vice president, I would like to continue bringing the division policies and membership in line with the changing membership. Past leadership has grown the division to include STEM, arts, and information technology educators, which has diversified the division membership. I have been lucky to serve as policy chair the past three years, helping to restructure the awards and encourage members to be involved in leadership. As eTED vice president I will continue the work of current Vice President Jay Davis by updating the bylaws and leadership structure to include representation from all regions and all areas of emphasis. Our division is very diverse and, as your vice president, I would work to make sure all members have a voice and are valued in the division.

Trade & Industrial Education Division Vice President

Two candidates did not apply for the Trade and Industrial Education Division vice president position. Per ACTE Bylaws and the Board Policy and Procedure Manual, if there are not two candidates for a vice president position, the office shall be declared vacant by the board of directors. The respective policy committee reviewed the candidate to recommend for appointment. The ACTE board of directors voted to appoint Danny Camden as the Trade and industrial Education Division vice president. The term for this position is July 1, 2020–June 30, 2023. As a result, voting for Trade and Industrial Education Division vice president will not be featured on the electronic ballot this year.

Danny Camden

Region: III
Division:  Trade & Industrial Education
Occupation: Instructor

Employment History:
Teacher, Ben Davis High School/Area 31: 2010–present
Instructor, Lincoln College of Technology: 2007–10
Technician/Shop Foreman, Dugan Chevrolet: 1995–2007

Some credits earned from Ivy Tech Indianapolis

National ACTE Involvement:
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Presenter: 2018
VISION Attendee: 2018
National Policy Seminar Attendee: 2019

Regional ACTE Involvement:
Conference Attendee: Region III Conference, 2019

Divisional ACTE Involvement:
Committee Member: Policy Committee 2018–19

State ACTE Involvement:
Conference Presenter: Indiana ACTE Conference, 2017–18
Other: Attended I-ACTE meetings as a board member representing IATTI, 2019

Other CTE Involvement:
President, IATTI: 2016–present
Treasurer, IATTI 2012–16
Other: As IATTI president, I organized and planned summer automotive instructor update training at IVY Tech Indianapolis. In 2019, I spearheaded the IATTI movement to join Indiana ACTE (I-ACTE) as an affiliate member. This move was intended to support professional development for the Indiana automotive instructor, while also joining the broader CTE community in state and national advocacy efforts.

Application Summary:
As a dedicated member of the Trade and Industrial Education Division Policy Committee, I understand the importance of quality professional development and collective CTE advocacy. I desire to lead in the position of T&I vice president, because I believe that my efforts in working to align resources can help to support CTE educators across the national landscape. I offer a strong background in association leadership, professional development and employment in the automotive services field. In the coming years, I aim to serve all Trade and Industrial Education Division members with the same level of encouragement and commitment that I offer to my local students and industry partners. Thank you for your consideration.

Platform Statement:
As a dedicated member of the Trade and Industrial Policy Committee, I understand the importance of quality professional development and collective CTE advocacy. I desire to lead in the position of T&I Vice President, because I believe that my efforts in working to align resources can help to support CTE educators across the national landscape. I offer a strong background in association leadership, professional development, and employment in the automotive services field. I have also served as an automotive services instructor at the secondary and postsecondary levels.  In the coming years, I aim to serve all Trade and Industrial division members with the same level of encouragement and commitment that I offer to my local students and industry partners. I pledge to be consistently engaged in the work of growing our association while both celebrating successes and working to build upon the unique strengths of ACTE members. Thank you for your consideration.

Administration Division Vice President-elect

Michael Culwell

Region: IV
Division: Administration
Occupation: Campus Director

Employment History:
Campus Director, Kiamichi Technology Centers Poteau–Spiro Campus: 2016–present
Assistant Campus Director, Kiamichi Technology Centers Poteau–Spiro Campus: 2011–16
High School Principal, Heavener Public Schools: 2007–2011
Assistant High School Principal, Heavener Public Schools: 2005–07
High School Principal, Bokoshe Public Schools: 2001–05

M.A., School Administration, Northeastern State University
B.A., Spanish Education, Northeastern State University
A.A., Carl Albert State College

National ACTE Involvement:
Educator in Action: 2015–19
CTE Support Fund Supporter: 2014–19
National Policy Seminar Attendee: 2014, 2019
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Presenter: 2014–16
VISION Attendee: 2014–18
Other: Completed ACTE’s National Leadership Fellowship Program, 2014

Regional ACTE Involvement:
Committee Chair: Region IV Nominating Committee, 2016–18
Committee Member: Region IV Nominating Committee, 2015
Committee Member: Region IV Policy Committee, 2016–2018
Region IV Conference Presenter: 2015
Region IV Conference Attendee: 2013–19

State ACTE Involvement:
President, Oklahoma ACTE: 2018–19
Other: OkACTE Fellows Coordinator, 2018–19

Application Summary:
Any quality administrator models actions they want others to follow. I believe my involvement in ACTE, as a fellow, Region IV Policy Committee member and OkACTE president, can serve as a model for others in my division to follow. If we desire those we lead to be involved in ACTE, we too must serve as the example.

I am passionate about cultivating greater involvement in our association. Since my involvement in the ACTE National Leadership Fellowship Program I have felt the need to create a state-level fellowship program in Oklahoma. One task I took on while serving as the OkACTE president this year was to see this idea through. Mirroring closely to the national ACTE fellowship program, we had our first OkACTE fellows completed their program of work in August 2019.

If given the opportunity to serve as ACTE vice president-elect of the Administration Division, I will strive to continue this passion of cultivating greater involvement within ACTE.

Platform Statement:
Since my time as an ACTE Fellow in 2014, I have been passionate about my personal service to this association. From the moment I sat in on the ACTE board of directors meeting during NPS that year, I have been motivated to find opportunities of service to ACTE and CTE.

During the last several years, I have had the privilege of honing my leadership skills within ACTE while serving as OkACTE president, OkACTE fellows coordinator, OK policy committee representative to Region IV and the Region IV Nominating Committee chair.

If given the opportunity to serve in this capacity I will focus my time and energy on discovering high quality professional development activities and encourage the sharing of best practices for greater member value. Additionally, I would strive to strengthen my advocacy efforts by showcasing strategic partnerships between CTE and business and industry.

CTE has been an integral part of not only my life, but the lives of those close to me. I am honored by this opportunity to be of service to CTE and ACTE as a candidate for vice president-elect of the Administration Division.

Eric Ripley

Region: V
Division: Administration
Occupation: Executive Director of Career and Technical Education

Employment History:
Executive Director of CTE, Grand Forks Public Schools: 2009–present
Director of CTE, Grand Forks Area Career & Technology Center: 2012–present
Adjunct Instructor, Valley City State University: 2014–present
High School Technology Facilitator, Grand Forks Public Schools: 2008–09
Information Technology Instructor, Red River High School: 2002–08

M.S., Career and Technical Education, University of North Dakota
B.S., Business Education, University of North Dakota

National ACTE Involvement:
Task Force Member: National Policy Seminar Conference Task Force, 2018
Advisory Group Member: ACTE Administrative Professional Development Advisory Group, 2017–18
Educator in Action: 2017–present
National Policy Seminar Attendee: 2013–16, 2018–19
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Attendee: 2010, 2012–13, 2016, 2018
ACTE/NCLA Best Practices & Innovations Conference Attendee: 2010, 2013–18
Best Practices & Innovations Conference Presenter: 2015, 2017

Regional ACTE Involvement:
Committee Member: Region V Policy Committee, 2018–present
Policy Committee Chair: State of the State Reports (2018), State Liaison to North Dakota & South Dakota
Committee Member: Region V Legislative & Resolutions Committee, 2015–17
Committee Chair: Region V Legislative & Resolutions Committee, 2017–18
Region V Conference Presenter: 2016
Region V Conference Attendee: 2011–12, 2014–19

State ACTE Involvement:
President, North Dakota ACTE: 2016–17
Member, North Dakota ACTE: 2003–present
Committee Chair: North Dakota ACTE Legislative Committee, 2015–present
Award Winner: North Dakota ACTE Administrator of the Year, 2015

Other CTE Involvement:
President, National Council of Local Administrators: 2016–17
Board Member, NCLA: 2013–present
President, North Dakota Career and Technical Education Administrators: 2012–13
Member, North Dakota Career and Technical Education Administrators: 2009–present
Advance CTE Fall Conference Attendee: 2017
Award Winner: North Dakota CTE Administrators Administrator of the Year, 2015
Award Winner: Project Lead the Way North Dakota Administrator of the Year, 2015

Application Summary:
I have had the privilege of spending my entire 20-year education career as a CTE professional in the Grand Forks Public Schools, first spending time as a middle school business education instructor and high school information technology instructor. I became the district’s CTE administrator in 2009, serving in this role since then. In 2012, with the approval of the Grand Forks Area Career & Technology Center, a virtual area center delivering a variety of specialized CTE courses via distance delivery was added to my portfolio of director responsibilities.

I remain an active and steadfast advocate for the benefits of CTE within my district, across the state, and at a national level through my involvement with ACTE and administrative affiliate organization, NCLA.  There is no other curriculum program more relevant, more in line with workforce demands, more reflective on the changes in technology and equipment, and more impactful on our students’ educational careers than career and technical education.

Platform Statement:
As previously mentioned, I would be honored to serve in this leadership capacity and collaborate with the rest of ACTE’s board members. I have great respect for Patrick Biggerstaff and the positive work he has accomplished thus far in his term and would welcome the opportunity to learn from him in this role of vice president-elect to help seamlessly transition and continue the momentum for the Administration Division.

With the Administration Division being the largest membership division within ACTE’s organization, there is certainly a desire to focus on member value both to retain and recruit new professionals. My time involved in serving on the NCLA board of directors provided me a great opportunity to collaborate with ACTE, current/past Administration Division vice presidents and with the Administration Division membership through professional development and leadership opportunities within Region V and nationally. I feel that strong working relationships will aide me in both identifying and meeting the needs of our members.

I believe I have a strong understanding of the ACTE organization, and would look to serve in this leadership capacity to strengthen the overall organization, advocate and advance the strategic themes of ACTE within the division, and bring a service attitude to the membership.

Brandon Russell

Region: III
Division:  Administration
Occupation: Director of Career, Technical and Adult Education

Employment History:
Director of Career, Technical and Adult Education, Columbia Public Schools: 2014–present
Director of Jefferson College Area Technical School, Jefferson College: 2010–14
Assistant Superintendent, Marshall Public Schools: 2008–2010
Director of Lex La-Ray Technical Center, Lexington R-V School District: 2002–08
Graphic Arts Instructor, Carrollton R-VII School District: 1996–2002

Ed.D., Educational Leadership, Saint Louis University
Ed.Spec., Educational Administration – Superintendency, University of Central Missouri
M.S., Industrial Vocational Technical Education, Central Missouri State University
B.S., Journalism/Graphic Communications, Northwest Missouri State University
A.A., General Studies. Kansas City Kansas Community College

National ACTE Involvement:
Committee Member: Nominating Committee, 2017–present
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Presenter: 2016
National Policy Seminar Attendee: 2019
VISION Attendee: 2011, 2014–19 (other years prior to 2010)

Regional ACTE Involvement:
Region III Conference Attendee: 2016, 2019

State ACTE Involvement:
President, Missouri ACTE: 2019–present
President-elect, Missouri ACTE: 2018–19
Administration Division President, Missouri ACTE: 2006–07, 2014–15
Award Winner: Missouri Council of Career and Technical Administrators Assistant Administrator of the Year, 2017

Other CTE Involvement:
Adjunct Professor, University of Central Missouri: 2015–present

Application Summary:
Over the past 23 years I have served in a variety of roles in career and technical education, starting as a graphic arts teacher for six years, then 17 years as an administrator, currently as director of career, technical & adult education at Columbia Public Schools/Columbia Area Career Center in Columbia, Missouri. I have been a member of Missouri ACTE for 21 years and served the association in a variety of ways during my career. I served as the president of the MCCTA (administration) division twice, in 2006–2007 and 2014–2015. I have been a member of the board of directors for eight years; I am currently serving a second two-year year term on the ACTE Nominating Committee and have served on numerous committees for the Division of College and Career Readiness at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In July 2018 I was elected to serve as President-elect of Missouri ACTE for the 2018–19 school year.

Platform Statement:
As the vice president-elect of the Administration Division I will first strive to lead others on the division policy committee to develop a strategic plan that fosters the priorities of ACTE and provides opportunities for growth and member benefits. I would encourage my colleagues to become active members by providing engaging networking and learning at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION and beyond. As a member of the ACTE board of directors I will be an active participant in all board functions and contribute to the review, revision and implementation of a strategic plan that supports and enhances the goals of the association, especially in membership growth and member engagement. I believe to move any organization forward, committed leaders must come together to collaborate, engage in honest dialogue, and make decisions based on the benefit of the membership. I learned from my father at an early age that if you are going to have an impact on an organization it is important to not just be a member, but to serve others by taking an active role in a leadership position. I seek this office not for personal reasons, but to actively serve ACTE in its mission to be a national leader in CTE.

Guidance & Career Development Division Vice President-elect

Teresa “Gibby” Gibbons

Region: II
Division:  Guidance & Career Development
Occupation: School Counselor

Employment History:
School Counselor, Roanoke County Public Schools: 2015–present
School Counselor/School Counseling Coordinator, Roanoke City Public Schools: 2005–2015
School Counselor, Montgomery County Public Schools: 2000–05
Instructional Assistant/Counseling Intern/Co-director of Before and After School Program, Richmond Public Schools: 1995–2000
Art Director/Adventure Program and Trip Coordinator/Lakefront Supervisor/Lifeguard Instructor, Camp Carysbrook, 1996–present

K–12 School Counseling Licensure, Virginia Commonwealth University
M.A., Student Personnel Services/Counseling, Eastern Kentucky University
B.S., Business Administration/Management and Insurance, Ball State University

National ACTE Involvement:
VISION Presenter: 2018–19
VISION Attendee: 2015–19

Regional ACTE Involvement:
Other: Active Member of Region II

Divisional ACTE Involvement:
Committee Member: Policy Committee, 2017–present
Committee Chair: ACTE’s CareerTech VISION
Other: Developing a social media presence for Guidance and Career Development Division; recruiting and selecting VISION conference presenters/sessions; actively involved in developing and implementing a divisional strategic plan.

State ACTE Involvement:
Other: I am currently working with another school counselor in Virginia to create and support counselor representation in VA ACTE. In January we met with the VA ACTE executive director and president and presented our proposal to start a counseling division at the state level. Through our conversation, they offered a member-at-large position for a counselor immediately on the VA ACTE Board and continued support as we work to create a counseling division at the state level.

I am also working with Virginia School Counselor Association leadership to create a collaborative relationship to support counselors working in CTE

Application Summary:
I have been actively involved with ACTE’s Guidance and Career Development Division for nearly two years. I believe that we are on a good track in developing and implementing a strategic plan that will serve our members well. We are working to align our strategic plan with that of ACTE. I have worked over the last two years to become very active in all facets of the Guidance and Career Development Division. As the school counselor at Burton Center for Arts and Technology in Roanoke County, Virginia, it is imperative that I not only work with my students but that I work to increase the positive perception of CTE within our community and state. Advocacy and awareness are two integral parts that I believe this division can work on to increase member value and engagement, leadership and partnerships with other organizations. I believe that I have the energy and passion to be an innovative leader.

Platform Statement:
I believe that counselors are an integral part in helping students find career pathways that meet their needs. CTE is an essential part of many of these pathways. Counselors are the one group in any school that literally work with every student in one way or another. Counselors should and need to support CTE. It will be my goal as vice president-elect for Guidance and Career Development to take this division to the next level.

It is imperative to work to increase the positive perception of CTE.  Advocacy and awareness are two integral parts that I believe this division can work on to increase member value and engagement, leadership, and partnerships with other organizations.  I believe that I have the energy and passion to be an innovative leader to motivate the policy committee to strive for this. I also feel that it is imperative to get people involved that want to be involved. I want to increase member involvement. Plain and simple.

Shelly Thome

Region: V
Division: Guidance & Career Development
Occupation: Exceptional Student Services Manager

Employment History:
Exceptional Student Services Manager, West-MEC: 2018–present
Counselor Liaison, West-MEC: 2012–18
Executive Director, CLTatum and Associates Counseling: 2004–present
Counseling Department Chair, Greenway High School: 2000–2012
Social Worker, Thunderbird High School: 1998–2000

M.A in Career and Agency Counseling, Chapman University
B.S., Psychology, Arizona State University–West

National ACTE Involvement:
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Presenter: 2019
VISION Attendee 2012, 2013, 2018Award Winner: ACTE Career Guidance Award, 2019
Educators in Action Blogger: 2019

Regional ACTE Involvement:
Award Winner: Region V Career Guidance Award, 2018
Region Attendee in 2016

State ACTE Involvement:
Fellow July 2014–June 2017
ACTE of Arizona Conference Presenter: 2013–present
Award Winner: ACTEAZ Career Guidance Counselor of the Year, 2017
Other: ACTEAZ Premier Series Presenter, “Serving Exceptional Students in CTE,” 2014–present

Other CTE Involvement:
Other: I provide professional development training for counselors from 12 different member districts and more than 50 high schools regarding CTE. I also present at state conferences with the Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona School Counseling Association.

Application Summary:
As a school counselor of over 20 years, I am a strong supporter of career and technical education as a means to assist all students gain the information and skills to become college- and career-ready. The research is clear that counselors are primary influencers of students’ career paths. As the exceptional student services manager at West-MEC, I help achieve student success, in part, through providing counselors with strategies to help students with career development.

As a graduate of the state ACTEAZ fellows program, I have learned the importance of advocacy in CTE as well as the need for counselors to receive timely and useful career pathway information. I greatly appreciate the mentorship I have received over my career which guided me forward to become a state, region and national Career Guidance Award winner. In the role of ACTE Guidance and Career Development Division vice president-elect, I desire to provide the same level of support to counselors, which in turn, supports student success.

Platform Statement:
Years ago, I was fortunate to join a career and technical education district that not only believed in high-quality CTE for students, but also in developing strong professionals and leaders within CTE. When I signed my employment papers, I was informed of the expectation to become a fellow within my state. Through the completion of the fellowship, presenting at conferences, and advocacy, I was surrounded by individuals that pushed me to push myself further than I had once considered. It is because of the opportunities provided to me in CTE and in my state association, ACTEAZ, that I won the state, Region V, and national Career Guidance awards.

If chosen as the Guidance and Career Development Division vice president-elect, it would be my honor to “push” members to recognize the leadership skills they have, and to celebrate our members for the great work they do every day on behalf of students and CTE. I would increase opportunities for continuing education and effective strategies to be used within a comprehensive guidance program. The newsletter, webinars, Resource Center, industry partnerships and conference attendance would be avenues to strategies and support for all. I look forward to the opportunity to serve ACTE.

Postsecondary, Adult & Career Education Division Vice President-elect

Kristina Ropos

Region: I
Division: Postsecondary, Adult & Career Education
Occupation: Consultant

Employment History:
Learning and Development Manager, Illinois Tool Works: 2019–present
Career Tech Planning District Consultant, Montgomery County Educational Service Center/State Support Team Region 10: 2015–19
Director of Education, Ohio Valley Associated Builders and Contractors: 2014–17
Marketing Management Instructor, Greene County Career Center: 2012–14
Business Foundations/Clerical Services/Architectural Drafting Instructor/Apprenticeship/Adult Education Instructor, Miami Valley Career Technology Center: 1997 2012
Architectural Draftsman, Benchmark Industries: 1987–2003

M.Ed., Educational Leadership, Kaplan University (Purdue University)
Graduate Certificate, Human Resources/Principalship/Supervision/Finance, Purdue University
B.S., Business, Indiana Wesleyan University

National ACTE Involvement:
Task Force Member: ACTE Division Affiliate Task Force, 2019–present
National Policy Seminar Attendee: 2019
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Attendee: 2019
Other: Enrolled in ACTE National Leadership Fellowship Program, 2019–present

Regional ACTE Involvement:
Region I Conference Attendee: 2016

Divisional ACTE Involvement:
Award Winner: Marketing Education Division, DECA New Advisor Scholarship Award, 2013

State ACTE Involvement:
Byrl R. Shoemaker Leadership Team, Ohio ACTE: 2018–present
Ohio ACTE Conference Presenter: 2018–19

Other CTE Involvement:
Marketing Chair, Ohio ACTE Construction Education Advisory Committee: 2014–15
SkillsUSA Regional Drafting Judge/April 2003 to present date
SkillsUSA State Contest Coordinator: 2018
Regional Conference Coordinator/Committee Chair/Presenter, Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium: 2018–19

Application Summary:
I am currently a career technical consultant for Ohio’s State Support Team. My 33 years of career and technical education experience includes my own vocational education in the area of construction trades as well as serving 15 years as a CTE instructor. I now provide training and career readiness solutions for educational partners within the career technical, postsecondary and private business sectors in Southwest Ohio.

I have been honored by this year’s induction into the ACTE Experienced Fellows cohort of the National Leadership Fellowship Program; I represent the Postsecondary, Adult & Career Education Division and serve on ACTE’s Division Affiliate Task Force. I have also been selected to participate on Ohio’s Career Tech Leadership Team.

My core competencies include career advising, employer engagement, data analysis, work-based learning programs, program development and improvement. Educational credentials include M.Ed. from Purdue University; B.A. from Indiana Wesleyan University; Master Training Certification from the National Center for Construction Education Research; and Events Management Certification from the International Institute of Event Management.

Platform Statement:
Empowering youth and adults for a better tomorrow, that is my ultimate career goal.

Being elected to the position of vice president-elect of PACE would provide me with the opportunities to advance career, technical and adult education in the U.S.

I believe that being in a leadership position will provide the access to deepen my existing relationships with current and potential ACTE members. Being able to employ communication tools to members will also support outreach efforts. These tools would include the quarterly newsletter, mailings and email communications. This will provide a communication platform that will encourage innovative strategy and thought leadership development.

One of the first projects I would want to take action on would be utilizing task force committees to develop tools to increase value to ACTE membership. Streamlining processes for organization that would expedite their engagement with schools through advisory and program contributions that would potentially build a reciprocal relationship with those districts.

Communicating the opportunities in career and technical education to students, families and non-CTE schools in the Midwest is currently a component of my position. I believe that being appointed to a leadership position will provide me with more channels of outreach on a much broader level.

Ed Woods

Region: V
Division:  Postsecondary, Adult & Career Education, Guidance & Career Development
Occupation: Director

Employment History:
Director, Mid-Willamette Education Consortium (MWEC)/Chemeketa Community College: 2014–present
Perkins Regional Coordinator, MWEC/Chemeketa Community College: 2008–2014
Community Education Project Specialist, Chemeketa Community College: 2007–08
ABE/GED and College Prep Instructor, Chemeketa Community College: 2006–08
South Marion County WIA Program Leader, Chemeketa Community College: 2004–07

M.A., Education and Organizational Leadership, Oregon State University
B.S., Elementary Education K–9, Western Oregon State College
B.A., Business Administration & Economics, George Fox College

National ACTE Involvement:
ACTE’s CareerTech VISION Attendee: 2010–11, 2014–17
Other: Worked with Michael Connet on the 2018 ACTE Oregon Summer Professional Development Event and emceed.

State ACTE Involvement:
Past President, Oregon ACTE: 2017–18
President, Oregon ACTE: 2014–17
Regional Coordinator Representative, Oregon ACTE: 2013–14

Other CTE Involvement:
Postsecondary Representative Board Member, Oregon Career Information System: 2016–18
Oregon committee member on Perkins V state plan, Chemeketa Community College: 2019–present
Committee member, Willamette Valley Construction Career Day: 2011–present
Committee member, Future Engineers Day: 2015–present
MWEC Director/Regional CTE Area Representative: 2016–present

Application Summary:
I have worked with Chemeketa Community College for about 19 years and have had a number of positions from my days with workforce managing WIA to teaching up to 12 different courses within ABE/GED and overseeing non-credit community education on two campuses. That experience brought me to the Mid-Willamette Education Consortium (MWEC) as their regional coordinator to my current position as director. MWEC is the largest consortium in Oregon and includes two community colleges and 35 high schools under the Carl Perkins grant.

During this time, I led the effort to bring Oregon ACTE back to a functioning, fiscally sound, nonprofit organization as president. ACTE provided a great deal of support and guidance during this period, helping me understand the amazing work they do. During this same time, I served as the postsecondary representative board member with Oregon Career Information System and am currently working with our state planning team and Advance CTE on our Perkins V plan.

Platform Statement:
There is no question that CTE changes lives and impacts futures!

ACTE has been a leader for the nation, shaping policy, developing business partners, working with educational leaders on all levels and, most of all, focusing on you, the member. I want to take a major step to be a part of this dynamic association. I promise to invest in our many partnerships, providing more awareness and support of CTE educators and sector partners, adding some “zing” and humor along the way. My strengths lie in innovation and creativity.

Presently, our economy is booming and, while that’s exciting, it offers a number of challenges within our education systems, business divisions and diverse partnerships. The jobs exist, but the skilled labor is scarce. I want to change this scenario, finding solutions through teamwork and networking. Let’s stop looking at the negative news, throwing our hands in the air. I want to roll up my sleeves and do the heavy lifting necessary to move ACTE in a new direction, with fresh ideas, problem-solving goals, and constructive strategy.

In short, I have the background and experience to make a difference at ACTE as the Postsecondary, Adult & Career Education Division vice president-elect.