Becoming more in ACTE

When I began my teaching career, I joined ACTE because my college professor encouraged me to do so.  I found I loved attending my state ACTE conferences.  Michelle Camp_214  They were held in a fun city and I got to meet new people and see old friends.  It became something I looked forward to every three years because that is what my district required.  Then I was nominated to serve on a committee and now had a reason to attend every year. 

Finding my place in ACTE has opened many doors, allowed me to build a great network of other professionals in my field, and allowed me to share CTE with others.  Through these activities I work closely with Arkansas’ Executive Director, Rae Newlin.  As president elect for ACTE I am thrilled to have Newlin lead our organization. 

When asked about building members into leaders within ACTE, Newlin replied that her goal is to sustain Arkansas ACTE by identifying and developing leaders from our members.  Newlin has a true gift of noticing others who are willing to be leaders.  When there is a need for new leadership, finding the person with the skills and knowledge to do that job may not always be easy, finding the person who is willing to do the work is even harder.  Newlin builds the willingness of others through relationships.  

I know that for me personally having the willingness to run for Arkansas ACTE president had a lot to do with knowing that I have the support from the executive director.  I enjoy working with Newlin and that is an added bonus.  Newlin says she is excited for the next three years for AR ACTE.  Newlin is grateful for the ACTE Fellows Programs as she feels it ensures our state leaders are prepared.