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Basic Training for Educators-Military Recruitment on Campus (BTE-MRC) is a self-paced, online professional development course designed by civilian and military educators. This two-hour, self-guided course has been designed to confirm and build on a secondary and post-secondary educator's knowledge base. 

The course covers legal and ethical guidelines for schools and recruiters, as well as basic information on service academies, ROTC, the ASVAB Career Exploration Program, March2Success, basic training and other practices and programs associated with military recruitment. An interview with a military recruiter component at the end of the course has been designed to bring together theory and practice. Sign up today to begin your Basic Training. Upon completion, you will receive a training certificate for your newly acquired skills.


This course is divided into three lessons with linked resources in each question. 

  1. Policies and Procedures and Recruiter Conduct
  2. School Programs
  3. Officer Programs

For each course you can choose to answer the answer the question directly without going to the link; visit the link to obtain information that will help you answer the question; or follow the link to a more complete resource document to answer the question and gain a greater understanding of the topic.

Start by going to the first lesson which is Lesson 1 and begin. You will see lessons 1, 2 and 3. We recommend that you complete the lessons in numerical order. Upon completion of the three lessons, please follow the tabs that take you to the Recruiter Interview section and then a required user survey. This will complete the course and you will be awarded your certification.


We recommend using Google Chrome for these lessons. If your browser allows you to back-arrow, you will need to back-arrow from your RESULTS to your Lesson in order to correct your incorrect answers to 100% correct. Otherwise, you will need to make a note of your answers as you will lose all of them if you go back to correct your answers to 100% correct. The current version of Internet Explorer will allow you back-arrow. Check your browser for this ability.

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