“All Aboard”

“All Aboard”…for an exciting adventure…as we, the class of 2015 Fellows, observed and learned, Jona Squires Featurefirsthand, about the planning and cultivating of our organization, from attending the ACTE March Executive Board Meeting. This exciting trip started with a packed agenda, great food and fellowship. But this board meeting was all of that and more.

It was the “more” that stirred my interest and grabbed my attention. Kimberly Greene, Executive Director at the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium, shared some insightful information about the fall summit of career tech, state directors, state boards and community colleges. It was also very refreshing to see Mrs. Greene working alongside other supportive partners such as Cheryl Harder of the National Executives Director Association. I was encouraged by their cooperative spirit which showed how by working together they were more effective, responding to 50 state surveys on state standards and by showing how involved our local employers are with CTE.

The vast representation from a variety of interest groups plus the efficiency of the board conducting business was impressive. The last part of this adventure was sharing the moment with the board members whose board terms were ending and seeing them receive their certificates of appreciation. Each of the board members gave very touching and heartfelt speeches. I greatly enjoyed this portion of the program having watched several of these board members from my home state make the journey of getting to the board and representing their trade groups. It was hard to imagine how quickly their journey had ended or had it?

So, jump on the ACTE train and begin your own journey of leadership…”All Aboard”!