ACTE Board of Directors 2018 Elections

From December 8, 2017, to 11:59 p.m. ET January 8, 2018, members of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) will elect officers for the following Board of Directors positions:

  • ACTE President-Elect: Serves a three-year term beginning July 2018.
  • Region V Vice President: Serves a three-year term beginning July 2018.
  • Health Science Education Division Vice President: Serves a three-year term beginning July 2018. 
  • Agricultural  Education Division Vice President: Serves a three-year term beginning July 2018.
  • Region III Vice President-Elect: Serves a three-year term beginning July 2019.

All ACTE individual professional, retired, educational institution members, and national affiliate organizations whose membership dues are received at ACTE headquarters by November 8, 2017, are eligible to vote. Please review the biographical information and platform statements for the nominees and exercise your right to vote for ACTE’s future leadership. Please note that the nominees featured below and online are not official candidates. Candidates will be officially selected at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION 2017.

The election process will be conducted via electronic ballot only. Ballots will be sent to member e-mail addresses listed in the ACTE database. ACTE has selected Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS) to manage the Board of Directors elections. You will receive an e-signature via e-mail that must be used with your member number to vote electronically. If you do not receive an e-signature by midnight on December 9, please contact ACTE’s Leadership Department at 800-826-9972, ext. 315. Electronic ballots must be cast by 11:59 p.m. ET January 8, 2018. Ballots will be counted and audited at the offices of SBS, and the results will be posted on ACTE’s website and announced in Techniques magazine.

In order to facilitate a smooth election process, please be sure to:

  • Verify your e-mail address with ACTE. If ACTE does not have your e-mail address, it is imperative that you update your member profile immediately. You can do this on the ACTE website by going to, logging-in (Access: ACTE ID# and last name or updated password) and clicking on “Update Your Profile,” or by emailing
  • Make sure you/your IT Dept. puts Survey and Ballot Systems on your e-mail’s “white list” so your voting information can be received/not marked as spam. The e-mail will be sent to you from:
  • Remember that in order to vote, you must be a member of ACTE as of November 8, 2017. Members are only allowed to vote in elections for their Region and any Divisions of which they are a member.

ACTE President-Elect

Janet Goble

Recommendation Letters
Candidate Questions

Region: V

Division: Administration Division

Occupation: Director of Career and Technical Education; Canyons School District

Education: University of Utah, Master of Education, Education Leadership; University of Wyoming, Bachelor of Arts, Business Education

National ACTE Involvement— Board of Directors: Administration Division VP, 2015–present; ACTE Committee Member: Awards Committee, 2015–16; ACTE Task Force Member: Virtual PD Task Force, August–November 2016; ACTE Advisory Group Member: Business and Industry Advisory Group Member, June 2017–present; CTE Support Fund Supporter: I have donated to the CTE Support Fund for several years; NPS Attendee: 2014–2017; VISION Attendee: 2006–2016; Public Policy Advocate: Congressional testimony in support of Perkins funding, February 2017

Other National ACTE Involvement: Best Practices Conference Presenter, 2017

Regional ACTE Involvement— Region V Conference Attendee, 2007; 2013; 2017

State ACTE Involvement—Utah ACTE Conference Chair, 2013–present; Utah ACTE Executive Board Member, 2013–present; Utah ACTE Administration Division President, 2013–15; Utah ACTE annual mid-winter conference attendee, 2006–present; Utah State Office of Education representation on Utah ACTE board, 2006–07; Member, ACTE Arizona, 1998–2006

Other CTE Involvement—Member, Wasatch Front CTE Consortium, 2005–present; Member, Workforce and Economic Advisory Board, Salt Lake Community College, 2012–present

Application Summary:

I have loved working in CTE in many capacities: as a business teacher (both middle school, high school and college levels); as the former State of Utah Business Education Specialist; and now as CTE Director for a large, comprehensive school district. It is my privilege to currently serve as the ACTE Administration Division vice president and have a close-up look at the positive role ACTE plays in career and technical education. Because of my varied experiences in CTE, I believe I can bring a wide lens to the position of president-elect, which will enable me to continue to further the vision and mission of ACTE.

Platform Statement:

I love career and technical education! CTE educators are very passionate people and I want to continue working with ACTE to have a positive influence in today’s world. More than ever, CTE education is needed so students can truly be “college and career” ready when they graduate high school. CTE is the “career” piece, allowing students to have many options for their future.  By adapting a “1, 2, 4 or more” philosophy surrounding post-secondary education, students are filled with opportunities for success. When students gain real-world skills that are meaningful in today’s workplace, it sets them up for future success.  ACTE plays a strong part in preparing today’s youth to be productive and competitive employees. If elected, I will continue to forge relationships with business and industry to ensure we are preparing students to meet the current needs of industry. I also believe it is critical to engage younger educators in this wonderful professional organization.  Continuing to listen to our younger peers; to value their contributions; and to find ways they can serve in leadership capacities will enhance our organization for the long term. It is an exciting time to be involved in career and technical education. I will be a positive leader focused on serving all of our members by listening to concerns and collaborating to make sure our goals align in the best interest of CTE. Together we will continue to positively affect the lives of thousands of students and educators!

Nancy Trivette

Recommendation Letters
Candidate Questions

Region: I

Division: Agricultural Education Division

Occupation: State Agricultural Education Program Leader/State FFA Advisor; New Jersey Department of Agriculture

Employment History: State Ag Ed Program Leader/State FFA Advisor, New Jersey Department of Agriculture, 2000–present; Education Development Program Specialist/State FFA Advisor, NJ Dept. of Agriculture, 1995–2000; Education Planner/Program Specialist/State FFA Advisor, New Jersey Department of Education, 1989–95; Instructor/State FFA Specialist, Cook College, Rutgers University, 1983–89

Education: Master of Education, Rutgers University; Bachelor of Science, Delaware Valley University

National ACTE Involvement—Board of Directors: Region I VP, 2011–14; Executive Committee/Finance Chair 2013–14; Agricultural Education Division VP, 2015–18; Finance Chair, 2017–18; ACTE Executive Committee Member: Executive Committee/Finance Chair, 2013–14; 2017–18; ACTE Committee Member: Strategic Planning Committee, 2012, 2014, Awards, Affiliation Committees, 2013,  ByLaws Committee, 2010, 2015–16; ACTE Task Force Member: Leadership Generation TF, 2016–17; ACTE Advisory Group Member: HQ CTE Advisory Group, 2016; ACTE Committee Chair: Awards Committee, 2013; ACTE High Quality Advisory Group Chair: Temporary Chair, 2016; Educators in Action Volunteer: Educators in Action Blogger; CTE Support Fund Supporter: 2011–present; NPS Attendee: 2003–05; 2007–09; 2011–present; VISION Attendee: Attended all VISION since inception

Other National ACTE Involvement—Agricultural Education Division Policy Committee (National Council for Agricultural Education) member 2003–05; 2007–09; 2015–18; Active in, and chaired several committees and task forces, including: Annual Agricultural Education Report; development of the Agricultural Education Brand; post-secondary Agricultural Student TF; National CASE Advisory Committee; and on the executive committee as vice president in 2004 and 2006, and president in 2009.

Regional ACTE Involvement—Policy Committee Member: 2011–14; Policy Committee Chair: Region I Vice President; Regional Task Force Member: ByLaws Committee, prior to 2011; Region Conference Attendee: PA, 2012; NPS, 2013, 2014; NY, 2017; Policy Committee Member: 2003–05; 2007–09; 2015–18; Policy Committee Chair: 2015–18

Divisional ACTE Involvement—Divisional Committee Member: National Quality Program Standards, 2007–09; 2015–17, CASE Advisory Committee, 2017–2019; Divisional Task Force Member: Post-secondary Ag Student Task Force, 2009; Divisional Committee Chair: Ag Ed Annual Report, 2007–0Ag Ed Brand, 2007–09, CASE Advisory Committee, 2009–11; 2013; Division Conference Presenter: National Ag Ed Leadership Conference, 2007–09, 2011, 2016; Division Conference Attendee: National Ag Ed Conferences, 1983–present, NAAE conference, most since 2005

State ACTE Involvement—Member

Other CTE Involvement—State CTE Advisory Council member, 2010–present

Application Summary: I am a product of career and technical education, proudly representing agricultural education as a state leader. I have had the honor of working with outstanding career and technical educators at the local, state and national levels throughout my 34-year career. I have served ACTE and its Board of Directors as a regional and divisional vice president, which has afforded me a great foundation to serve as president-elect of ACTE. I desire to be president-elect of ACTE because of my passion for the organization, its members, CTE and the students we serve.

Platform Statement:

I value the potential opportunity to serve ACTE in a leadership role. If elected, I will serve with purpose, professionalism and passion! I will provide strong, consistent leadership. I will advocate for continued growth and strength of career and technical education by partnering with those who have a shared vision. I will strive to build the capacity of our organization by promoting ACTE and encouraging others to pursue ACTE’s leadership and professional development offerings. I will work with purpose to strengthen ACTE.  As a career and technical educator, I believe in strong secondary and post-secondary instructional programs, seamlessly connected; strong Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) that develop career, leadership and personal growth; and strong business and industry connections that provide real life experiences for students. Each of these areas, individually and together, makes CTE unique and special, and prepares students for successful careers. Professionalism is expected of any leader. As an officer of ACTE, I will support the strategic direction outlined by the Board and will provide confident and professional leadership to the Board and membership to help reach our goals. My decades-long career in CTE and national board experience provide the baseline for reflection, discussion and professional leadership. I am a proud product of career and technical education! I am passionate about my work as a career and technical educator. I am passionate about my work in the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Cluster! Those who know me personally know I approach each day with excitement to work with students, teachers and school administrators to build strong instructional programs and FFA chapters in New Jersey, and I am equally as excited to work with my colleagues nationwide on boards and committees to strengthen career and technical education. If elected president-elect of ACTE, I will serve with purpose, professionalism and passion!

Region V Vice President

Pepper Poulsen

Recommendation Letters
Candidate Questions

Region: V

Occupation: CTE Coordinator; Jordan School District

Employment History: CTE Coordinator/ Jordan School District January 2013–present; Guidance Counselor/Canyons School District-Jordan School District 2002–13; Work-Based Learning Coordinator/Jordan School District 1999–2002; Business/Marketing Teacher/Jordan School District 1998–99; Contract/Grant Assistant/Utah State University 1995–98

Education: Master of Science, Educational Counseling, University of Phoenix; Bachelor of Arts, Business/Marketing Education, Utah State University; Associate, General Studies, College of Eastern Utah

National ACTE Involvement—ACTE Committee Member: Awards Committee, 2010–14; ACTE Task Force Member: High Quality CTE Awards, March 2016–August 2016;  ACTE Committee Chair: Awards Chair, 2014–16; ACTE Task Force Chair: High Quality CTE Awards, March 2016–August 2016; Educator in Action: 2015–present; NPS Attendee: Multiple conferences over a 14-year period; VISION Attendee: Multiple conferences over a 14 year period

Regional ACTE Involvement—Policy Committee Member: 2013–16; Regional Committee Member: Awards 2010–12; Regional Committee Chair: Awards 2012–14; Region Conference Attendee: Multiple conferences over a 14-year period

Other Regional ACTE Involvement—Conference Planning Committee for Salt Lake City Region V Conference

State ACTE Involvement—UACTE Secretary, 2009–present; UACTE Secretary, 2009–present; Guidance Division President, 2005–07; Work-Based Learning President, 2002–03; UACTE Awards Chair, 2001–09

Other CTE Involvement—PBL Western Region Vice President, 1997–98; PBL Utah State President, 1996–97

Application Summary:

As a CTE Coordinator I have had the opportunity to learn all aspects of the Career and Technical Education field. Also, over the past 15 years I have served on the UACTE Board as Guidance Division president, Work-Based Learning president, UACTE president, Awards chair and currently as the secretary. At the region level I have been a member of the awards committee and also served as awards chair. I have also had the wonderful opportunity to serve on the Region V policy committee. The National Level has allowed me to serve as an awards committee member, where I also served for four years as the National Awards Chair. I was also asked to chair the task force on integrating the High Quality CTE standards into the awards program. I feel that with these many experiences I have a good perspective of how the ACTE organization works at all levels and feel I can support the current vision of ACTE.

Platform Statement:

As the Region V vice president, I would like to continue the amazing things that are already happening in Region V. I will encourage things to start at the grassroots of our states and continue through to our amazing national organization, ACTE. I believe that under the ACTE umbrella there are many resources and services provided to our members. As the Region V vice president, it will be my responsibility to work with the states in my region to educate them about the resources and services that ACTE provides. As the Region V VP, I will also be the voice of the members in my region in advocating for them at the national level. Region V is strong in so many areas and with communication and a team commitment, Region V will continue to serve its members and continue to grow.

Mark Branger

Recommendation Letters
Candidate Questions

Region: V


Employment History: Business Teacher, CTE Director, Technology Director, Huntley Project Schools, 1999–Present; Business Teacher, Technology Director, Melstone Public Schools, 1986–99; Executive Director, Montana ACTE 2000–present

Education: Administrator (Principal) Endorsement, Montana State University; Master of Education, Educational Technology, MSU Billings; Bachelor of Science, Business Education, Eastern Montana College

National ACTE Involvement—ACTE Task Force Member; Awards 2015; VISION Presenter: 2015, “Literacy in CTE”; NPS Attendee: 2005; VISION Attendee: 2000–16

Regional ACTE Involvement—Policy Committee Member: 2011–13, 2015–present;Region Conference Presenter: Region V ACTE, 2013; 2015; Region Conference Attendee: 2000–16

Other Regional ACTE Involvement—Region V Conference Chair, Montana, 2019; Region V Nominating Committee, 2015–present; Region V Legislative/Resolution Committee, 2008–09, 2010–11; Region V Marketing/New Ideas Committee, 2006–08

State ACTE Involvement—Executive Director/Montana, 1999–present; Past President/Montana, 2000; President/Montana, 1999; President Elect, 1998; Vice President/Montana, 1987

Other State ACTE Involvement—Montana ACTE State Conference Presenter, 2010–16

Other CTE Involvement—President, Montana Business Education Association (MBEA), 1996; Executive Board Member, MBEA, 1992–97; Conference Presenter, MBEA, 2006–present; Conference Chair, Western Business Education Association (WBEA), 1997; Conference Presenter, WBEA, 2015–2017; Business Professional of America State Advisory Board, 1992–97; Montana Vocational Education Task Force, 1995–95; Montana State Planning Team for the development of the State Plan for Perkins IV, 2006; Region V ACTE Hall of Fame, 2017; Montana ACTE David Strong Professional Leadership Award, 2013; Montana MBEA Teacher of the Year, 1999; Montana ACTE Teacher of the Year Candidate, 2000; Glencoe Publishing Montana Business Teacher of the Year, 1997; Montana MBEA Young Teacher of the Year, 1993

Application Summary:

I currently serve as the Montana ACTE executive director and as the technology/CTE director for the Huntley Project School District in Worden, Montana. I have been a member of ACTE my entire career which now spans 31 years. I have served on the Region V Policy Committee two terms and want to “step up to the plate,” as former Region V Vice President Chuck Gallagher encouraged members during his term of office. I served on the Region V Policy Committee under the leadership of Doug Meyer, Chuck Gallagher and Dodie Bemis. This experience has given me the opportunity to learn and I feel I will be able to provide CTE leadership to the association in the capacity of Region V vice president.

Platform Statement:

The opportunity to run for Region V vice president allows me to continue to give back to ACTE after 31 years in the profession. CTE holds critical answers to economic development, a prosperous workforce and a stable economy. I pledge my energies to provide leadership to our membership as we continue to embark on the tasks that turn vision into reality. The strength of our association lies in its core grass roots values, work ethic and value to the American economy. My platform is based upon preserving the strengths that exist and using those strengths to forge new alliances to address and withstand the challenges of the future. We must be innovative in our strategic plans to ensure we keep abreast of legislative issues, membership growth and leadership development. ACTE members must look to the future with enthusiasm and embrace change with a passion to succeed and lead. It is an honor to be nominated and I pledge to work passionately to provide leadership in the development of an innovative and competitive workforce. If elected to serve, it will be my privilege to work with all divisions and board members to strengthen the state, regional and national association.

Agricultural Education Division Vice President

Paul Larson

Recommendation Letters
Candidate Questions

Region: III

Division: Agricultural Education

Occupation: Agricultural Educator; Freedom High School

Employment History: Agricultural Educator, Freedom High School, 1987–Present

Education: Master of Arts, Educational Leadership, Marian University; Bachelor of Science, Agricultural Education, UW River Falls

National ACTE Involvement—ACTE Committee Member: Resolution Committee, 2011–13; ACTE National Award Winner: Region III ACTE Teacher of the Year, 2013; VISION Presenter: 2014: Ag. Advocacy; 2015: National FFA National Chapter Award; CTE Support Fund Supporter: 2013–16; NPS Attendee: 2004–16; VISION Attendee: 1992–2016

Other CTE Involvement—WAAE Advocacy Chair, Provided Advocacy Leadership for The Council on Ag. Education and NAAE

Regional ACTE Involvement—ACTE Regional Award Winner: Region III Teacher of the Year, 2013

Divisional ACTE Involvement—Policy Committee Chair: Advocacy Chair for Agricultural Education; ACTE Divisional Award Winner: NAAE Region III Outstanding Teacher; Division Conference Presenter: NAAE Convention, 2012–15; Division Conference Attendee: NAAE Convention, 1992–16

Other Divisional ACTE Involvement—NPS Presenter, Ag. Ed. Strand, 2009–16

State ACTE Involvement—WACTE Teacher of the Year, 2012; WACTE Nominating Committee, 1997

Other State ACTE Involvement—Coordinator, Local CTE Month Open House, February 2016

Application Summary:

I believe it is the responsibility of every professional to be involved in their professional associations. Since beginning teaching 30 years ago, I have been very active in my associated professional associations. I have served all of the officer levels of the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators; as regional vice president for the National Association of Agricultural Educators; and now I would like to serve as vice president of the Agricultural Education Division for ACTE. CTE is facing some serious challenges (i.e. teacher shortages, budget cuts, etc.). I believe it is more important than ever to work to keep the young professionals we currently have in the CTE profession and find creative ways to attract more dynamic young people to help grow our profession and association. I believe ACTE can be a great resource to help keep CTE strong all across America. I am running to help keep CTE strong for the future.

Platform Statement:

When I think about the future of ACTE, I see three areas that need to be addressed: membership, advocacy and partnerships. All three of these areas are important to the growth and influence of ACTE. First, membership: Any organization is only as strong as it membership. I believe that ACTE must find ways to continue to grow. The impact the association can have will only increase with more engagement. We must find ways to maintain our current membership and attract new members to our association. Second, advocacy: While we are the largest national education association dedicated to the advancement of all facets of career and technical education, imagine if we doubled or tripled our membership and actively engaged the members in connecting with the legislators from their districts about CTE issues. The third area is partnerships: ACTE has developed and fostered many partners over the years, which have proven to be mutually beneficial. We need to continue to build our existing partnerships and reach out to new partners to help advance our mission. Working with partners, we can gain access to new avenues of influence to help us with legislative and budgetary issues, and improved membership opportunities.

Scott Stone

Recommendation Letters
Candidate Questions

Region: III

Division: Agricultural Education

Occupation: Agriculture Instructor; Centralia R-VI School District

Employment History: Agriculture Instructor, Centralia R-VI School District, 1997–present

Education: Master of Science, Agriculture Education, University of Missouri at Columbia; Bachelor of Science, Agriculture Education, University of Missouri at Columbia

National ACTE Involvement—VISION Presenter: 2015; NPS Attendee: 2015, 2017; VISION Attendee: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Divisional ACTE Involvement—Policy Committee Member: 2016; Divisional Committee Member: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016; Divisional Committee Chair: 2010; ACTE Divisional Award Winner: Region IV Outstanding Mentor, 2010; Division Conference Presenter: 2012, 2014; Division Conference Attendee: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Other Divisional ACTE Involvement—NAAE President, 2016–17; NAAE President Elect, 2015–16; NAAE Region IV Vice President, 2012–2015; NAAE Region IV Secretary, 2011–12

State ACTE Involvement—Missouri ACTE Board of Directors, 2009–11

Other State ACTE Involvement—MOACTE Conference Attendee; MOACTE Committee Member

Other CTE Involvement—Missouri Vocation Agriculture Teachers’ Association Past President, 2011–12; Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers’ Association President, 2010–11; Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers’ Association President Elect, 2009–10; Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers’ Association Secretary, 2008–09

Application Summary:

I am Scott Stone, an Agriculture Science instructor in Centralia, Missouri and the current National Association of Agriculture Educators president. I have served on the NAAE Board of Directors for the past 6 years as the Region IV secretary and vice president. I have been a member of ACTE since my first day in the classroom because I feel it is my professional responsibility to belong to our career and technical organization. It is my sincere desire to serve as the Agriculture Division vice president in order to continue the mission of serving all career and technical educators across the United States

Platform Statement:

I am sure each of you could recite numerous campaign promises and slogans that never came true. I listen to hundreds of political candidates make promises that, in reality, they have no way of making happen. This is very unfortunate as it only leads to heartbreak within constituents, and a huge loss of credibility in our leaders. That is why, as a leader, I never make promises I do not feel I can keep. My mission as the ACTE Agriculture Education Division vice president is simple: I want to work on behalf of career and technical educators across the country. I will work to communicate the needs of agriculture teachers to the ACTE Board. I will fight for career and technical education and educators every day. I will first listen to you the members, develop a plan, and then vigorously work to move ACTE in a positive direction while carrying out its mission and goals. If our organization is better at the end of my service than when I started, I will have achieved my goal.

Guidance and Career Development Division Vice President

Two candidates did not apply for Guidance and Career Development Division Vice President.  Per ACTE Bylaws and Board Policy and Procedure Manual if there are not two candidates for a Vice President position, the office shall be declared vacant by the Board of Directors. The respective policy committees reviewed the candidates and recommended them for appointment.  The ACTE Board of Directors voted to appoint Nicole Cobb as the Guidance and Career Development Division Vice President.  The term for this position is July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2021.

As a result, voting for Guidance and Career Development Division Vice President will not be featured on the electronic ballot this year. 

Nicole Cobb

Recommendation Letters
Candidate Questions

Region: II

Division: Guidance and Career Development Division

Occupation: Executive Director of School Counseling, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Employment History: Executive Director of School Counseling, Metro Nashville Public Schools, 2012–present; Director of Educator Relations, Education Testing Service, 2010–12; Director of School Counseling, Tennessee Department of Education, 2004–10; Test Developer (school counselor advanced assessment), National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, 2002–04; School Counselor, Putnam County Board of Education, 1997–2002

Education: Doctor of Education, University of Tennessee; Specialist in Education, Tennessee Technological University; Master of Arts, Tennessee Technological University; Bachelor of Science Tennessee Technological University

National ACTE Involvement—VISION Presenter: 2013, 2014, 2015; Educators in Action Techniques Writer: “Climate, Culture and Collaboration: The Key to Creating Safe and Supportive Schools,” 2014; NPS Presenter, Attendee: 2015, 2016; VISION Attendee: 2010–15

Other CTE Involvement—Advisory Council, Metro Nashville Public Schools, 2012–present; Throughout my twenty-one years in education, I have supported CTE in many ways, working closely with CTE professionals at the local, state and national levels. As the executive director of School Counseling Services at Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, I ensure counselors in our twenty-six high schools are aware of career pathways, career advising resources and CTE research to ensure that all students have access to meaningful career exploration activities and opportunities. We have forty-two career academies for which I have developed college and career counseling resources, and have worked with counselors from other systems and states implementing the career academy model.

Application Summary: 

Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As a school counselor and CTE advocate, my mission is to prepare students for success in their future careers by helping them develop the skills, knowledge and real world experiences that will set them up for success in a high-skill, high-demand, and competitive-wage career. I believe having high quality CTE programs is a nonnegotiable for ALL students. CTE is the lever for increasing student achievement and success. If elected, I will use my experience as a teacher, school counselor, and state and district school counseling leader to elevate our mission.  Having served in multiple national leadership roles, I have the skills needed to move ACTE forward. Using my strengths in organization management and relationship development, I will increase membership and stakeholder support across the nation. It would be a great honor to serve ACTE in this high impact role.

Platform Statement:

First and foremost, I will bring visibility to CTE and our commitment to high quality programming. I want to share my passion for CTE with all stakeholders — helping them revise their ideas and perspectives of what it means to participate in an effective CTE program. I want all stakeholders, namely parents, students and community members to understand CTE is the critical element that ensures students are set up for success in a high-skill, high-demand, and competitive wage career. I will advocate for having high-quality CTE programs available to ALL students. If chosen to serve on the ACTE Board of Directors, I will use my experience as a teacher, school counselor, national, state and district school counseling leader to elevate the mission and vision of ACTE. I will actively share the research and accomplishments of ACTE with a larger audience, garnering support and adding to our stakeholder and membership base. I will help current member groups prioritize action steps to achieve our vision, including sharing best practices from across the country.

Health Science Education Division Vice President

Linda Romano

Recommendation Letters
Candidate Questions

Region: I

Division: Health Science Education Division

Occupation: Health Science Educator

Employment History: Health Science Educator, Newburgh Enlarged City School District, 2006–present; Director of Elant Academy, Elant Inc., 1995–2006; Director of Nursing & Branch Manager for Home Care, New York Health Care, 1993–95; Director of Nursing & Branch Manager for Home Care, New York Health Care, 1993–95; New Grad RN and Team Leader Nurse for Med Surg Unit, Tuxedo Hospital 1984–89; Nurse Aide, Arden Hill Hospital, 1981–84

Education: Bachelor of Science, Nursing, American Sentinel University; Associate in Applied Science (Registered Professional Nurse), Orange County Community College; Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Orange Ulster Boces Career and Technical Education

National ACTE Involvement—ACTE Committee Member: Nomination Committee; VISION Presenter: 2015; Educator in Action: Current; Educators in Action Techniques Writer: April 2016: “Keys to Success in the Health Science Classroom”; VISION Attendee: Atlanta, Las Vegas, Nashville

Other National ACTE Involvement—Respond to all Action Alerts; Voting Member;  Support Advocacy; Educator in Action

Regional ACTE Involvement—Regional Committee Member; Region 1 Conference Committee, 2017; ACTE Regional Award Winner; Region 1 Teacher of the Year, 2017; Region Conference Attendee; NYC, 2017

State ACTE Involvement—NYSACTE Executive Board Member; NYSHSEA Board Member- Recording Secretary/Secretary; NYSACTE Joint Conference Committee; NYSHSEA Conference Committee

Other CTE Involvement— NYS CTE Teacher of the Year 2017

Application Summary:

It would not only be an honor but a humbling experience to be selected to serve ACTE in the area of Health Science. In order to make positive change, you must be involved and create that change. I am a passionate, dedicated, energetic and determined woman who is always willing to roll up her sleeves and dig into the task at hand. God blessed me with an incredible work ethic and compassion. I devote my time to building a long legacy that will make a difference in the world of healthcare, young people and communities worldwide.

Platform Statement:

Many can relate to the sound of an alarm clock; however, mine goes off at exactly four a.m. There is the usual “smack of the snooze” followed by a few grumbles and a moment to pray and reflect on my blessings of the day ahead. The alarm is the sound that awakens me, but it is the image of my students’ faces, the lesson I planned to teach, and the excitement of being in the classroom that makes me eager to get out of bed and on my way. I have an hour commute; it is worth it! The Newburgh Enlarged City School District is located in the Mid-Hudson area, an inner city community filled with students that have visions, dreams and hopes. I dedicate each day to making them see the vision and most importantly, themselves in their career role within that vision. I strive to bring awareness of CTE; the importance of integrated academics; and promoting involvement in professional organizations to create positive change. I hope to bring excitement, enthusiasm and energy to involve, engage and encourage all to make a difference through education and quality workers.

Lynne Clarke

Recommendation Letters
Candidate Questions

Region: I

Division: Health Science Education Division

Occupation: Educational Consultant, W.L. Clarke Consulting

Employment History: Educational Consultant, W.L. Clarke Consulting, May 2016–present; Emergency Department RN, Aiken Regional Medical Center, 1998–present; Health Science Teacher, Thinc College and Career Academy, 2015–2016; Health Science Department Chair, A.R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering Magnet School, 2011–2015; Health Science Teacher, Aiken County Career Center, 2000–2011

Education: Doctorate in Education Administration, South Carolina State University; Specialist in Education Administration, Augusta State University; Master of Education, Divergent Education, Columbia College; Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, University of South Carolina at Aiken; Associate, Nursing, Regents College of New York

National ACTE Involvement—ACTE Committee Member: Health Science Executive Committee, 2011–present; VISION Presenter: 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016; Educators in Action Techniques Writer: 2011; VISION Attendee: 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Divisional ACTE Involvement —ACTE Divisional Award Winner: 2011 Health Science Division Teacher of the Year

State ACTE Involvement—President, Georgia HSTEA, 2015–17

Other State ACTE Involvement—Presenter at State Conference, 2011–15

Other CTE Involvement— Georgia Advisor of the Year, 2015; Presenter, National Consortium Health Science Educators Conference, 2008; 2012; 2014; 2016; National Consortium Health Science Educators Master Teacher, 2013; HOSA Advisor, 2001–16; Georgia HOSA Board of Directors, 2013–15; Georgia HOSA Competitive Events Chair, 2013–15; HOSA Office of the Surgeon General Intern, 2012

Application Summary:

I have been a healthcare professional for over thirty years — first as an EMT, then a paramedic and finally as a registered nurse. For the past seventeen years I have shared my passion for healthcare as a Health Science teacher with high school students and my fellow teachers. I am excited about this opportunity to share my passion at a national level.

Platform Statement:

I would like to encourage more communication between Health Science Division members by sending out regular Eblasts and other information. This information would focus on ACTE opportunities like service opportunities, presenter proposals and conferences. I would also like to strengthen the relationship between ACTE HS and NCHSE for the benefit of members using the model that ACTE has with other organizations that hold preconference events. I would be proud to serve as the ACTE Health Science Division vice president.

Kandy Smitha

Recommendation Letters
Candidate Questions

Region: III

Division: Health Science Education Division

Occupation: Veterinary Assistant, Advanced Life Science: Animals, J. Everett Light Career Center

Employment History: Veterinary Assistant, Advanced Life Science: Animals, J. Everett Light Career Center 1997–present; Staff Nurse, Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana, 1994–2001; Staff Nurse, Neurology, St. Vincent Hospital 1992–94

Education: Licensed Practical Nurse, Vincennes University; Veterinary Technician Program and College of Education, Purdue University

National ACTE Involvement—ACTE Committee Member: CTE Support Fund Committee, 2013–15; National Leadership Fellowship Program Fellow: 2013; Educators in Action Blogger: 2013 for the Fellowship Program; CTE Support Fund Supporter: 2013–15; NPS Attendee: 2012–17; VISION Attendee: 2012–17

Regional ACTE Involvement— Region Conference Attendee: 2013, 2016, 2017

Other Regional ACTE Involvement— I have been an active member of the committee to prepare and present the Region III Conference in Indiana this summer.

State ACTE Involvement—Secretary, 2012–13; Vice President, 2013–14; President Elect, 2014–15; President, 2015–16; Past President, 2016–17

Application Summary:

I would like to serve my affiliate as vice president of the Health Science Division to promote involvement in ACTE and promote professional leadership and professional development opportunities. I feel my involvement with my state and with the Fellowship Program has prepared me for the next step in ACTE. I have been a consistent attendee at the National Policy Seminar and VISION since 2012; have been involved with my state organization as a board member in all positions; and have been an involved member in putting together our state conference as a presenter, vendor chairperson and conference chair. I hope my love for Health Science in both the human and animal fields will enable me to be a great leader in this position.

Platform Statement:

What I would like to accomplish is to further my leadership skills and personal growth as well as the growth of the division. The need for health care professionals is always great but ever evolving. Our division needs to stay current on all aspects of our profession. There are so many aspects to medicine and many do not even require patient contact. We seem to focus on nursing without giving as much effort to the other disciplines. I would like us to diversify into all aspects. Animal medicine has long been a very small piece and is an area of great interest with students. We could, within our division, begin to bring the Animal Science community together, small animals and large. Our human medicine students need to know there are MANY pathways available to them, from Nursing to Biomechanics, and some degrees from Certificate to Doctorate. Not everyone is meant to be at the bedside but can be a strong contributing part of the overall care. As far as personal growth, I am aware I may not be as qualified as other applicants. I do have over 130 college credits and am a lifelong learner.  I am willing to grow.

Region III Vice President-Elect

Lisa Stange

Recommendation Letters
Candidate Questions

Region: III

Division: Family and Consumer Sciences Division

Occupation: Career & Technical Education Consultant, Iowa Department of Education

Employment: Career & Technical Education Consultant, Iowa Department of Education, January 2016–present; Family & Consumer Sciences Education and Studies Coordinator and Lecturer, Iowa State University, 2010–16; Secondary Family & Consumer Sciences Educator; ProStart Instructor; Adjunct Community College Instructor for School to Work, Waukee High School, 2004–10; Secondary Family & Consumer Sciences Educator, Johnston High School, 1997–2004; Seventh Grade Math/Science/Health Instructor; Building and District Staff Developer, Urbandale

Education: Master of Arts in Education, Viterbo University; Bachelor of Science, Home Economics Education, Iowa State University; National Board Certification, Career & Technical Education, Early Adolescence–Young Adulthood,  2007

National ACTE Involvement—ACTE Committee Member: ACTE/NBCT Teacher shortage Caucus Advisory Committee, 2016; VISION Presenter: 2016, CTE Teacher Shortage: Sharing Region III Strategic goals and discussion; CTE Support Fund Supporter: 2014, 2015, 2016; NPS Attendee: 2011–17; VISION Attendee: 2009–16

Other National ACTE Involvement—ACTE Leadership Training Program, 2011/13 (State of Iowa leader graduate 2013); Panel member at National Policy Seminar, 2017

Regional ACTE Involvement—Policy Committee Member: Secretary, 2014–present; Regional Committee Member: Audit Review Committee, 2013–15; Regional Task Force Chair: Teacher Shortage, 2016–present; Region Conference Presenter: Region III conference, 2016; Region Conference Attendee: Region III, 2008–16

Other Regional ACTE Involvement—State Regional Conference Coordinator, 2015; Region III Award of Merit, 2013

Other Divisional ACTE Involvement—NASAFACS, 2016–17; National Conference, President elect, 2016–17; NATEFACS, 2012–15; AAFCS Conference presenter, 2014

State ACTE Involvement—Secretary, Executive Board, 2014–present; Executive Board, 2007–present; President, 2011–12; 1st VP/President Elect, 2010–11; 2nd Vice President/Conference Chair 2009-10

Other State ACTE Involvement—Iowa ACTE Conference Coordinator, 2010; Iowa Department of Education liaison to IACTE, 2015–present; National Policy Seminar CTSO student attendee coordinator, 2016–present; Postsecondary Career & Technical Educator of the Year, 2015; Career & Technical Education Educator of the Year, 2012

Other CTE Involvement— Iowa Family & Consumer Science Educators (IFCSE), 1997–present; President, IFCSE, 2008–09; Vice President, IFCSE, 2007–08; Secretary , IFCSE, 2004–07; Key Leader, IFCSE, 1998–99; Iowa AAFCS State Board member, 2012–16; Secretary, Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) State Board, 2011–15; Board Member, Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) State Board, 2008–present; State of Iowa, Secondary Career and Technical Education Task, 2013–15

Application Summary: 

I view myself as a CTE educator first and an FCS professional second. I believe a strength I bring to help advance CTE across our Region is my various CTE professional experiences: over twenty-three years of secondary CTE experience in FCS and School-to-Work positions; five years at the university level coordinating and teaching FCS (CTE) education majors; and one-and-a-half years as state CTE consultant. As a graduate of the first ACTE leadership training program, I have modeled the involvement that is needed to help advance CTE in our Region and nation through my professional associations at the local, state and regional levels. My work with ACTE and the State Career and Technical Education Task Force in Iowa has helped me see the continued work that needs to be done to advance the perception of CTE and CTE educators today and the discipline as a whole. I am devoted to working together to transform the future of CTE.

Platform Statement:

I am foremost a CTE professional before my content area. I am devoted to work to transform the future of CTE and help lead our Region to meet the goals of strong CTE educators and programming. As a Region, I believe that we can help foster stronger professional development opportunities for our state leaders and members at the state and affiliate CTE levels. We can work with teacher preparation institutions and help develop programs to mentor CTE educators early in their careers to aid in their success. We can also work to increase our membership numbers to help further the goals of ACTE across our Region. I am dedicated to helping us all work to transform the future of Career and Technical Education TOGETHER — not only with like CTE educators, but educators in general, the workforce that we support, as well as the very institutions that prepare our educators to help people to meet their career and life goals successfully. My professional experiences paired with the passion I have for CTE has prepared me to be an agent for growth and advocate for the policies and programs that are a part of ACTE’s vision and strategic plan.

Shelley Rust 

Recommendation Letters
Candidate Questions

Region: III

Division: Family and Consumer Sciences Division

Occupation: Culinary Arts Teacher, Kokomo Area Career Center

Employment: Culinary Arts Teacher, Kokomo Area Career Center, 2006–present

Education: Work Place Specialist teaching license ; Degree in progress, Indiana Wesleyan University

National ACTE Involvement—ACTE Committee Member: Bylaws, 2016–18; National Leadership Fellowship Program Fellow: Region 3 Fellow, 2013; VISION Presenter: New Orleans 2016; Educator in Action: 2016; CTE Support Fund Supporter: 2016–17; NPS Attendee: 2013 and 2017; VISION Attendee: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014,2015, 2016

State ACTE Involvement—Vice President Elect/Vendor Conference Chair, Indiana ACTE, 2013–14; Vice President, Indiana ACTE, 2014–15; President Elect/Conference Chair, Indiana ACTE, 2015–16; President, Indiana ACTE, 2016–present

Other State ACTE Involvement
—I currently am in the process of updating and re-writing the bylaws for Indiana ACTE.  The state is in a re-organizational year and myself and the entire executive board are in the process of this.

Application Summary:

As the current president for Indiana ACTE, my number one goal is to give more opportunities for growth for our CTE members/teachers so they can, in turn, give those opportunities to our students. I enjoy working hard to find or create new opportunities for our members. I think ACTE is our best asset… an organization that is 100 percent for its members/teachers so that they can better the opportunities for their students! This is why I am running for vice president elect for Region 3. I want to help as many teachers/member grow as I possibly can.

Platform Statement:

First, I want to grow membership. I want to reach all of those nonmembers and all of the new and newer teachers. In order to do this, I need to show them what an ACTE membership will offer. I will collaborate with Region 3 in creating opportunities for our members. I want to show possible members why they want to be a part of such an amazing organization. Getting them to one of our conferences so they can see firsthand what is offered.  I want to work with school administrators to show them how having ACTE members as staff will benefit their schools.  And finally I want to get these school administrators to encourage and support ACTE membership.  I would like to look into member scholarships to help offset fees for conferences for not only the member but for the school district. I will grow ACTE and grow member opportunities.