New and Related Services Professional Development Section

The primary purpose of the Professional Development section in the New and Related Services Division of ACTE is to facilitate professional development in Career and Technical Education for teachers, administrators, and local education agencies. We are focused on promoting and maintaining excellence in the development of career and technical education personnel by identifying needs, assigning priorities, and securing resources to meet these needs. We are eager to identify and share best practices among the CTE community and are committed to ongoing communication with all stakeholders.
While all schools are different, there are many regional commonalities concerning issues of professional development. Scanning results indicate that integrating academics into career and technical education, recruiting and retaining quality teachers, and improving results on student summative assessments are just a few of the topics common to all CTE communities. It is hoped that members of this section will share best practices and new research that may help others address these common issues and improve the quality of CTE programming throughout the region.