New and Related Services Division – Safe Schools Section

The primary purpose of the Safe Schools section in the New and
Related Services Division of ACTE is to provide awareness and support for the prevention of bullying, gangs, hate groups, school violence, sexual predators and terrorism. Specific activities this section engages in are networking, e-groups, newsletters, research and conference presentations, as well as online and in-person professional development activities. This section is open to interested members of ACTE as well as individuals outside of the traditional educational community who may wish to join the Safe Schools section of ACTE from citizen groups, law enforcement and governmental agencies.

The Safe Schools section of the New and Related Services Division facilitates the development and delivery of presentations, coordinates the development of networks for information sharing, conducts research at the local, state and national level, and serves as a catalyst for all other aspects associated with the establishment and maintenance of safe schools. A strategic plan of work for the Safe Schools section is developed through a survey of members on an annual basis to identify areas of priority for research, topics for conference presentations and professional development.

Although every school community is different, the Safe Schools section in the New and Related Services Division of ACTE provides an opportunity for the CTE community to use this section as a resource to improve school climate and assist schools in gaining knowledge, insight and techniques to improve their current practices in the establishment and maintenance of a safe educational environment. It hoped that students, schools and communities will benefit from the tools, resources and networks developed by the Safe Schools section.
For more information, contact Safe Schools section president Dr. Dawn LeBlanc at 215-368-1177.

Safe Schools Resources