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Volunteering for ACTE is a great way to grow professionally, develop leadership skills, and build relationships with highly-engaged peers across the country. Opportunities abound for members to share their passion and expertise to make a positive impact on CTE. Are you ready to make a difference?

ACTE’s Educators in Action make up a small army of volunteers who are involved in a variety of activities that support the implementation of ACTE’s mission and strategic plan. Volunteers who join our network receive regular invitations to serve in their areas of interest, participate in volunteer training opportunities, and attend exclusive networking events. Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or new recruit, ACTE has opportunities for you to get more involved.

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what we do

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Using ACTE’s resources, research and talking points, we trumpet the value of CTE to improve and modernize the public’s outdated perceptions of our field. Within our networks, we also promote the importance of developing professionally and the opportunities educators have to grow through associations such as ACTE.


We contribute content for ACTE’s publications and professional development offerings. We share our stories, best practices, and opinions about issues impacting CTE by writing for the Educators in Action Blog. View the Educators in Action calendar and contact Dominique Frascoia to submit your blog post. We also submit article proposals for Techniques magazine and submit session proposals for ACTE’s state, region and national conferences. We host regular Virtual CTE Discussions to connect with peers from across the country on important topics in CTE and share ideas.Upcoming Virtual Discussions include:

  • March 29 at 3:30 pm EST

    Decision-making Strategies: One of the most challenging aspects of leadership is decision making. For example, learn about multiple methods of reaching a sound conclusion, whether you are exploring the forces supporting and opposing your efforts, trying to bring a group to consensus, or hoping to solve a recurring problem. These are valuable tools for a leader’s toolbox and will help ensure continued success!
    Speaker: Leslie Bleskacheck

  • April 17 at 3:30 pm EST

Student Trophy Design Contest Judging Opportunity: If you are interested in serving as a judge for the Student Trophy Design Contest, please RSVP to the outlook invitation! The goal of the contest is for entrants to design a trophy to celebrate the ACTE Excellence Award winners. The winning trophy design will be printed and used as the trophies for all ACTE National Excellence Award winners. ACTE will judge the first round of applicants – cutting the submissions down to 35 applicants. Then we will ask the Educators in Action to narrow the applicants from 35 to 3 finalists which will be provider to the ACTE Board of Directors. Megan Kmiotek will provide you with essential judging criteria on April 17th.
Speaker: Megan Kmiotek

  • May 15 at 4:00 pm EST

    Leading Change: Racine Unified School District has been transforming it’s three major high schools (Case, Horlick and Park) to a Career Academy model of education from a comprehensive model since 2015. Transformation is messy, confusing, and clear as mud at times. So, this session will provide insight into how the process has been carried out with building administrators, teachers, community members, businesses, students and their families while aligning to leadership concepts from research. Questions are encouraged!
    Speaker: Christopher Neff

  • October 24, 2:00 pm EST

What do you mean I am not going to be a _____________?
As a middle school career development coordinator for the last five years, I have heard all types of potential career choices. My passion comes from assisting these students to become realistic in their choices. A session on this topic would include the strategies used during a one year period of working with 8th grade students concerning the topic “what do you mean I am not going to be a _____________?”
Speaker: Elaine Webb, Career Development/Special Populations Coordinator, Franklin County Schools in Louisburg, North Carolina.

For more information to join these important discussions, please contact Megan Kmiotek, ACTE’s Director of Leadership and Awards.


We use ACTE’s resources and advocacy toolkit to develop relationships with our policymakers and the media to communicate the importance of funding for CTE programs. We also participate in advocacy training sessions such as those provided at ACTE’s National Policy Seminar and share the tools and skills we have with our peers to maximize our collective impact.


We take opportunities to serve in formal ACTE leadership roles by getting involved in committees, task forces, advisory groups, and by running for positions on the Board of Directors. There’s also independent initiatives endorsed by ACTE, such as planning school visits and designing celebration activities for CTE Month. We elevate the work of our peers by nominating them for awards and by using the resources and opportunities within ACTE to mentor our newer CTE teachers and colleagues.

who we are

Each quarter, we recognize a handful of volunteers who stand out for going beyond the extra mile. Click on our spotlights below to learn more about our Volunteers of the Quarter.

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