About CTE Learn

Continue strengthening your CTE professional skills by learning new skills while collaborating and sharing with your peers


CTE Learn provides targeted online professional development with easy to use self-paced courses which can be completed at home or at school.

Whether you are looking for engaging professional development or a more convenient way to obtain continuing education credits and advance your career, CTE Learn courses are designed for you. CTE Learn offers an array of topics that focus on effective and proven teaching and leading strategies.

Delivered through an easy to access, interactive learning management system that features rich media, participants can ?see? effective career and technical education at work and what new trends and techniques are available. The courses featured in our catalog are all self-paced and can be completed where you are and when you can. Completing CTE Learn courses not only builds your skills but comes with documentation that you can use for re-certification. Continuing education and graduate credit is available for an additional fee.

How it works:

  • Visit the CTE Learn Course Catalog and make a selection
  • If an existing ACTE member, you will be asked to login using your member ID and password (if you don?t know, please use the Forgot Password link to retrieve existing account information. If not a member, you will be asked to complete a profile to complete your registration
  • After completing payment, you will receive an email with your course log-in information. If you?re a first time participant in CTE Learn you will be asked to create your learner system account (so that as you progress through your course, the system will remember your progress to be able to provide documentation upon completion). If you?re a repeat participant, you?ll be able to sign into the system.
  • Click on your course and enter your enrollment key. You?re all set to move through your course.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at ctelearn@acteonline.org.


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