A Positive Vibe at the ACTE Board Meeting

During my time at the National Policy Seminar held in Washington DC, I attended the ACTE Board Meeting.

The board meeting was called to order and then we broke out into separate rooms according to Regions  Amanda Shively Feature
and Divisions. I attended the Region breakout session.
The chair led the breakout where a variety of topics were discussed. Much of the discussion was about the upcoming Region conferences. I learned that since Region V is so large that we put out a bid to the member states to find a host state each year. The other regions rotate their conference among their state members.

One of the other things discussed was how to raise funds for our CTE Support fund. We have done baskets at the VISION conference in the past, but those are difficult to auction off, due to the winners having to either pack them into limited luggage space or ship them home. Several ideas were brainstormed, but no decision has been reached yet. It was very nice to observe the interactions among everyone in the meeting. You could definitely feel a positive vibe and tell that everyone likes each other and wants to work for the best for our CTE professionals and students.

After the breakout we returned to the Board room and the region and divisions reported out on the results of their meetings. I was excited to hear from several of our partners who had representatives at the board meeting. The Army had a representative there, as well as OCTAE. I was thrilled to see that these groups feel that we are an important enough group to send representatives to our meeting. They briefly previewed some sessions they would be hosting at NPS and gave us some updates.

My favorite part of the meeting was when Sarah gave the awards of service to our members that are ending their terms in office. It was amazing to hear her speak about their many accomplishments in career and technical education and their dedication and service to our professional organization! It was truly inspiring to me! It made me realize that I have much left to do. If you ever get the opportunity, please try to attend a board meeting. It is a great experience.