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CTE Administrative Leadership: 10 Things to Know NEW!

Member Price: $19.95 / Non-member: $24.95

Whether you're just getting started as a new CTE administrator, or have been on the job for some time, this book will help you be more successful in your role as a CTE leader. By breaking down the key responsibilities involved in administering high quality CTE programs and personnel, the authors of this book share practical advice and tips on how to get the job done. Complementing each chapter is guidance from over thirty recognized CTE administrators, sharing their insights on how they approached accomplishing core tasks and responsibilities of their positions. Readers will discover best practices in working with your faculty, employers and other officials while ensuring that their curriculum meets learners' needs. Readers will find this book full of valuable tips and resources that can be put to use immediately.
 Job Learning DVD  

Job Centered Learning DVD 

Member and Non-memer: $22.95

Many economists, business owners, and labor leaders have raised alarm about a rising skills gap in the United States between the jobs that are available and those with the skills needed to fill them. Job Centered Learning, a new hour long documentary by Bob Gliner takes a critical look at the wide range of career education some high schools are offering as a way of both closing this gap as well as making education more meaningful and relevant for students. Job Centered Learning is an ideal tool to use for discussions on developing curriculum as well as in helping promote CTE to potential students, parents, local business partners and policy makers. For more information about the DVD visit: DocMakerOnline.com.

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 The Elements of Building  

The Elements of Building: A Business Handbook for Residential Builders and Tradesmen

Member Price: $30 / Non-member: $34

The Elements of Building is about the business of residential construction. It is a must have resource for new and seasoned builders. With 40 years of experience in the trade the author details the skills and wisdom needed to establish and run a successful construction company. This invaluable handbook offers insightful guidance on hiring and working with employees and subcontractors; choosing and working with clients; estimating and bidding; managing money and marketing; and much more. A tradesman with many years of experience said of The Elements of Building: "This book should be required reading for every builder and tradesmen in America." Another said: "Practical, direct, no-nonsense. Wish I'd had this when I was starting out. . . It is a very good book. . ."

 Wait How do I Write This Email  

Wait How Do I Write This Email?

Member Price: $16.99 / Non-member: $20.99

ACTE is excited to offer an innovative guide that teaches job search and employability skills! In Wait, How Do I Write This Email?, Danny Rubin includes an award-winning collection of 100+ templates for the job search, networking and LinkedIn, and shares effective writing techniques and "soft" skills applicable to any CTE industry sector. Rubin also provides 40+ classroom activities that align with state academic standards and will help your students write better, speak with confidence and land more job opportunities!

 Beyond Your First Year  

Beyond Your First Year: 10 Additional Things to Know New!

Member Price: $19.95 / Non-Member: $24.95

Whether you're just wrapping up your first year or you're a veteran career and technical educator, knowing how to grow in your profession is important. Understanding how the CTE system functions on both the state and national level provides the CTE professional with insights into what they need to know, what mechanisms exist for supporting their programs and their own continuing development. Readers will discover how to advocate for their programs and their students as well as how to use the data and information about the impact that they make through their teaching to support their efforts and their careers. Readers will find this book full of valuable tips and resources that can be put to use immediately. This book is an indispensable read for every new CTE teacher and is a valuable refresher for classroom veterans.
  Eyes Wide Open  

Eyes Wide Open 

Special ShopACTE Price: $19  

Isaac Lidsky offers in his new book an empowering approach to living and leading. With powerful insight that inspired him to achieve his most ambitious dreams despite losing his sight, Eyes Wide Open will give you the know-how to confront paralyzing fears, silence your inner critic, and live with open hearts and minds. 

Power and Promise of Pathway  

The Power and Promise of Pathways

Member Price: $21 / Non-member Price: $24

This resource offers educators and community leaders a comprehensive look at pathways from the early planning stage to full implementation. Topics include: defining career and life readiness; building a career development model; creating dynamic pathway programs; collaborating meaningfully with employer and community organizations, and across education and workforce partners.

Stem Lab  

STEM is CTE Poster

Member Price: $9.99 / Non-member Price: $14.99

Decorate your schools with this poster showcasing the CTE classroom as an ideal STEM laboratory that offers hands-on learning environments, applies core academics to real-world situations and provides creative problem-solving skills to our nation's most pressing issues.  

   10 more things(1)  

10 More Things to Know about CTE

Member price: $19.95 / Non-member: $24.95 

The 2nd in a 3-part series on the first year CTE teaching experience, this book goes deeper into topics that new CTE teacher need to know. Readers will discover approaches to lesson planning, staying current in their specific discipline and how to leverage the power of the career technical student organizations (CTSO's) in their classrooms. Annual planning, IEP's, advisory groups, gathering and using student data, involving (and dealing with) parents and the end-of-year responsibilities for the CTE professional are discussed, with valuable tips and resources that can be put to use immediately. This book is an indispensable read for every new (and veteran) CTE teacher!


Self-Assessment: Work-Based Learning

Member price: $24.95 / Non-member price: $29.95

How does your work-based learning program measure up? This module in the Self-Assessment Series offers a comprehensive set of easy-to-follow surveys to determine your programs areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Districts can measure performance on meeting eight CTE standards for work-based learning. There is also an overview on how to put together a leadership team to carry out the survey, how to aggregate and disaggregate results, and how to use the results to take action for overall program improvement.
NOCT Book_ First Year in CTE  

Your First Year in CTE: 10 Things to Know

An essential resource for new and experienced teachers!

Members: $9.95 / Non-members: $11.95
A career technical education (CTE) teacher is a special kind of educator. Many CTE teachers enter education through an alternate path, usually without a traditional education degree, making a substantial career change to enter the classroom. Not only do CTE teachers need to maintain currency within their technical field but they must also become quickly familiar with teaching pedagogy while simultaneously working in a brand new environment. A strong support system is essential and knowing where to turn for resources is equally as important. ACTE and NOCTI have released a new publication titled Your First Year in CTE:  10 Things to Know. Providing many "hands-on" examples and resources for use in teaching within the CTE classroom, this book is a great resource for both new and veteran CTE teachers to "survive" and "thrive" in the CTE classroom!
Data Book for Shop ACTE

Putting Your Data to Work: Improving Instruction in CTE

Member: $19.95 / Non-member: $24.95

This book explores multiple aspects of data-driven improvement in instruction and specifically targets the importance of gradient disaggregated objective technical skill data and its systematic use to continually improve instruction. The concepts and specific 'how-to' examples in this book are especially valuable for secondary, postsecondary, and adult educators. Don't wait to get started applying the valuable approaches to increasing the success of your students!



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Welcome to ShopACTE! ACTE members receive special discounts on most products and resources. Non-members can join ACTE to take advantage of the special ACTE member prices and discounts.


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