Audra Yocom
    2018 Utah ACTE New Teacher of the Year

    Recognized as this year’s Utah ACTE New Teacher of the Year is Audra Yocom. Audra left industry to bring her technology skills to the classroom. Audra is Alpine District’s liaison for the Ken Garff Code to Success. She has been with this program since the beta program. Now in the third year, the program is starting to see how the purposeful efforts bring students and industry together. Audra is also leading a pilot program in to offer advanced I.T. classes regardless of whether or not students have on-site teacher available. This will be accomplished by taking advantage of the UEN fiber infrastructure allowing students to work towards earning industry certifications. Audra has been complimented for her soft skills and dispositions. She always displays a growth mindset; always willing and eager to learn and to share with others

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