2017 Lifetime Achievement Award
    Linda Brown
    IT/Computer Tech
    Desert Hills High School

    Linda Brown is a teacher who has put her passion for teaching high school students high above her desire for a high-income career. Many schools find it hard to retain Computer Science and Information Technology teachers as they often leave to industry in search of higher-paying jobs. Linda did just the opposite–she worked in industry and then made the shift to teaching in public education. While in industry, she volunteered whenever possible to teach youth in the community through rehab programs and special needs programs. Her broad course line-up required her to be a life-long learner, attending college at UVU, BYU, WSU, and DSU. After studying Business Education at BYU, she worked as a Senior Technical Support Technician. She found her passion for teaching and didn’t let go of her dream to become a certified teacher–even as a single mom.

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