2017 Carl Perkins Service Award
    Shalini Kear
    Southern Utah University

    Dr. Kesar has been in Southern Utah University since 2007 and worked on many outreach projects within the region at K-16 level. She has also published some of her findings in various peered review journals. Her projects highlight the importance of women in computing and how opportunities are transforming our world and needs both males and females participating in this field. She has spearheaded projects to enhance awareness about computing as an education and career option among women. She focuses on unique strategies to increase diversity and inclusion of the community and economic development. Her program aims to motivate young women about the opportunities that computing field can bring in their lives. This innovative outreach effort has created a sense of inclusion particularly in rural schools where access and availability is limited. She is a role model to inspire young women and is a mentor in both academia and industry community.

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