2017 Career Guidance Award
    Brianna Toone
    Alpine School District

    Bree Toone is enjoying her fourth year as counselor at American Fork High School. She also spends time after school teaching piano and guitar lessons to over 20 kids in her neighborhood, as well as being an awesome “dog mom” to her Jack Russell Terrier, Sadie. Bree has always had a passion for college & career readiness and especially enjoys helping students see the many options they have for a positive future. Bree was able to utilize these passions and interests to help create new programs and strengthen the school-wide effort of helping the students think outside the box. She has learned how influential the CTE programs are and likes being able to show students new opportunities and ideas they may have never considered before. Bree continues to learn and grow every year as a school counselor and she is 100% happy with the decision she made to be a school counselor.

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