2017 UACTE Administrator of the Year
    Alan Ashton
    CTE Director – Nebo School District

    Alan helped to create the Advanced Learning Center, an early college and career center. Alan pushed to have the center focus on pathways and concurrent enrollment.  A CTE class should always lead to another class, certification, or opportunity to learn.  CTE has always been a major part of Alan’s life and philosophy.  As a student, CTE classes were his vehicle to learning. As a teacher, CTE courses were his vehicle to share his excitement about the world of technology and engineering. As an administrator, CTE courses were his vehicle to help students find a passion for learning. As a CTE Director, CTE courses have become the vehicle to give students a value-added senior year and a head start into great career opportunities, as well as to provide support to the CTE teachers in his district and the state.

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