2016 UACTE Teacher of the Year
    Wendy Frazier-Snyder
    Alpine District

    Wendy Frazier-Snyder has over fifteen years of experience working to innovate and integrate technology in the public school classroom. Prior to becoming an educator, Ms. Frazier-Snyder earned a Bachelor of Arts in English/Education from the University of Utah. She worked as a Features Editor for a Los Angeles based magazine and has published hundreds of photographs and articles. While working in the publishing industry, Ms. Frazier-Snyder, realized that her real passion was in education. She is certified in Educational Technology; English/Reading; Commercial Photography and Multimedia. She served on the Utah Association for Careers and Technical Educators (UACTE); and is an Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) Lead Educator. Her unique experience creates a cross-blend between real world industry and skilled educational experience for her students. Her belief is that a great teacher has a never-ending quest for learning and is constantly looking for learning in her own life. She loves learning by travelling and does so globally with her family.

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