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ACTE strives to make your membership experience positive. Please feel free to share your experience by communicating directly with the Association or any individual staff member with the e-mail addresses below or by calling 800-826-9972.

Send dues, registration or other payments to:
P.O. Box 758621
Baltimore, MD 21275-8621

ACTE Staff

ACTE’s staff is dedicated to providing high quality and useful products, publications, information and service. Please contact any staff member with any questions or comments you may have at 800-826-9972


Board of Directors/Divisions/Regions/State Associations/Committees/
Leadership Activities/Election
LeAnn Wilson LeAnn Wilson
Executive Director
ext. 347
Lauren Lessels Lauren Lessels
Governance Administrator
 Kate Dowdy 2016  
Kate Dowdy
Leadership and Awards Manager
ext. 305
 Leslie Reardon 2016  
Leslie Reardon
Leadership Coordinator
ext. 321
 Mike Woods headshot 2  
Mike Woods
State Association Liaison -
Region I
ext. 327
 Michael Connet 2016  
Michael Connet
Senior Director, Outreach and Partner Development
ext. 341

Public Policy

Perkins Act/Federal and State Education Policy and Funding/Legislative
Advocacy/Congressional Action/Media/Public Relations
 Steve DeWitt 2016
 Steve DeWitt
Deputy Executive Director
ext. 311
Alisha Hyslop Alisha Hyslop
Director, Public Policy
ext. 331
Sean Lynch Sean Lynch
Legislative and
Public Affairs
ext. 312
Catherine Imperatore Catherine Imperatore
Research Manager
ext. 324
Mitchell Coppes  Mitchell Coppes
Legislative and Regulatory
Affairs Manager
ext. 316
Kevin Oshinksie 2016  Kevin Oshinskie
Project Associate
ext. 337

Programs and Communications

Techniques Magazine/E-mail Newsletters/CareerTech VISION/CareerTech Expo/
National Policy Seminar/Professional Development/CTE Month/Web Site/
Online Programs/Career Tech Update Newsletter/Membership, Store and Events
Promotion/Online Seminars
 Jennifer Hirt headshot
Jennifer Hirt
Senior Director, Programs and Communications
ext. 343
 Jaime Alston 2016  
Jaime M. Alston
Director of Meetings & Events
ext. 338
 Brandi Handres 2016  
Brandi Handres
Marketing Coordinator
ext. 349
Margaret Mitchell Margaret Mitchell
Managing Editor
ext. 339
 Jenn Jacyna 2016  
Jenn Jacyna
Web Content & Online Media Manager
ext. 353
 Saleah Loomis  Saleah Loomis
Digital Media Coordinator
ext. 333
 Julia O'Brien 2016  
Julia O'Brien
Marketing and Membership Manager
ext. 377
 Jim Waterhouse 2016
 Jim Waterhouse
Sales and Exhibits Manager
ext. 332
Heather Harvey  Heather Harvey
Graphic Designer
ext. 346

Finance and Operations

Member Categories/Membership Benefits/Printing and Mailing/Fulfillment/Membership Term/Dues/Product Order Status
Cora Arita Cora Arita
Senior Director, Finance and Operations
ext. 328
Julia Bankerd Julia Bankerd
Database/IT Manager
ext. 351
 Josh Dawson  
Josh Dawson
Member Services Associates
ext. 310
 Tabetha Fletcher 2016  
Tabetha Fletcher
Registration/Membership Specialist
ext. 307
 Fayola Girard 2016  
Fayola Girard
Staff Accountant
ext. 326
David Larrick
David Larrick
Mail Room Manager
ext. 309
 Jessica Kaufman 2016  
Jessica Kaufman
Member Service/
State Association Coordinator
ext. 318
 Zack Martin 2016
 Zachary Martin
Print Shop Manager
ext. 308
Phyllis Perry Phyllis Perry
Fulfillment Specialist
ext. 317

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ACTE is committed to enhancing the job performance and satisfaction of its members; to increasing public awareness and appreciation for career and technical programs; and to assuring growth in local, state and federal funding for these programs by communicating and working with legislators and government leaders.


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