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In addition to Career and Technical Educators and Tech Center and District Administrators, membership in Vermont ACTE is open to parents, students, and concerned community members or business partners who wish to support the work of Career and Technical Educators. I encourage you to bring the message of membership into your classrooms; parent gatherings; and advisory, WIB and School Board meetings. Their voices added to our own demonstrates that we have the support of concerned citizens who support and/or who have benefited directly from Career and Technical Education.

Message from the Vermont ACTE Executive Director
I got into education as a result of a family tragedy. In that moment, it would have been easy to give up or to become disillusioned. I could have whined and complained or dwelled in the land of "poor me." In fact, there were days when I wanted to do just that, but instead I decided to make a positive difference, to be part of solutions. I guess that is what being part of ACTE means to me, I can be part of solutions.

We are working during a time of critical change in the field of Career and Technical Education. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and, at times, isolated. I have spoken to many of you who are disillusioned. But, as I travel to meetings with colleagues from around the country, I am struck by the similarities, not the differences, in our goals and concerns. As I am working for constructive change, I realize that I am not alone, but part of a large group of talented, articulate, kind, and caring individuals.

I believe most of us entered the field of education to make positive differences. I have seen your efforts. Each of you works tirelessly to make the positive differences at your schools, in your classrooms, and in your districts. In fact, as career and technical educators, we are having a profound influence on the productivity of this nation. We are building the workforce of the future.

I write to you today to challenge you to take one more step toward making even greater differences. The seeds of great change have been planted at a state and national level. You are the stewards of this change.We need your voice to ensure that this inevitable change moves in healthy and positive directions. Through Vermont and National ACTE we have the opportunity to join with others, not just to be heard, but also to be listened to; not just to react, but to take action.

Your membership supports the efforts of people who are working to make your job easier. Our leadership teams work to ensure that we receive the critical funding needed to operate our schools and our programs. They are representing your interests at a state and national level. Your membership not only funds these efforts, but your name added to our numbers shows legislators that we are a force to be reckoned with. When leadership teams can demonstrate that they represent hundreds, even thousands, of educators, legislators listen. Through membership in Vermont and National ACTE, you can make positive differences both for today and for tomorrow. Your support is instrumental to our success. There are many opportunities for involvement. I hope to hear from you.

MaryBeth Pinard-Brace
Executive Director Vermont ACTE 

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