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Young Professionals Task Force



Young Professionals Task Force

To analyze ACTE’s structure and opportunities from a young professional’s perspective. This would be from both an age and classroom perspective. What products or services can/should ACTE offer to encourage newer or younger individuals to join and participate in ACTE.


  1. Objectively analyze the products and services ACTE offers younger, newer members and what gaps exist.
  2. Develop a list of products and services ACTE should offer younger or newer members.
  3. Survey the younger, newer members on the developed list of products and services.
  4. Build and create a session at the ACTE Annual Convention and Career Tech Expo geared toward younger and newer members.

The Task Force will consist of not less than eight (8) and not more than twelve (12) members. Criteria for membership include an age that is not more than 40; interest in improving the ACTE membership experience; and contacts and networks designed to meet the objectives. Members must have the ability and time to actively engage in the work of the Task Force.

The Young Professionals Task Force is charged with reporting to the ACTE Board of Directors the analysis and list of products and services at the July 2010 meeting; completing and sending a survey by October 1, 2010; hosting and participating in a feedback session or event during the ACTE Annual Convention in December.

Current FY11 Young Professionals Task Force Representatives

Position Name 
Member-at-Large Cara Adney
Member-at-Large Joan Birdsell
Member-at-Large Katrina Blatnick-Gagne
Member-at-Large Kalyn Botz
Member-at-Large Jason Camp
Member-at-Large Krystin Glover
Member-at-Large Travis Park
Member-at-Large Megan Scott
Member-at-Large Kristin Stair
Member-at-Large Rebecca Wallace Rolland
Board Liaison Sarah Heath
Staff Liaison  

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