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The Career and Technical Education Support Fund promotes the advancement of CTE through a broad array of activities, including developing research-based materials focusing on the value of CTE; building and sustaining a national coalition of CTE leaders, administrators, organizations and businesses that support CTE awareness; and organizing public awareness campaigns to support CTE. These efforts are critical to supporting and advancing the cause of CTE and donations to this purpose are tax-deductible. Your contributions to the CTE Support Fund enable ACTE to carry out vital work on your behalf.

Donate Now

ACTE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are deductible as charitable contributions for federal income-tax purposes.

You can also download a .pdf version of the donation form and brochure to share with colleagues, and fax or mail to ACTE. You can use the form for fundraising efforts at state, regional and affiliate meeting—be sure to check out examples of how others are raising money for the CTE Support Fund.

Donor Recognition Program
A donor recognition program has been developed to thank those who contribute to the CTE Support Fund each year. The following award levels will be used:


$25 and above
$50 and above
$100 and above
$250 and above
$500 and above
$1000 and above

The donor recognition program will operate on a calendar year basis, with award level totals starting anew each year. For example, someone making a $50 donation at the National Policy Seminar and a $50 contribution at ACTE's CareerTech VISION would be recognized as a Gold donor for the 2013 year. The National Policy Seminar serves as the official kick-off to the year’s campaign, and other fundraising activities will be held at state, Regional and national meetings throughout each year.

Fundraising Suggestions

How do you promote the CTE Support Fund? Since the beginning of the fund in March 2002, many states have implemented innovative fundraising activities. Below are some fundraising ideas, activities and strategies your state and region can use to support the CTE Support Fund.

12 Days of Giving
During December 2012, ACTE Headquarters staff organized a holiday-themed campaign for the CTE Support Fund. By re-branding the website, producing a music video (based on "The 12 Days of Christmas") and developing a devoted marketing push around the idea "Give the Gift of CTE," ACTE was able to attract several hundred dollars in additional donations.

Arkansas Welcomes the Challenges of Fundraising With Open Arms
The Arkansas ACTE state conference has a CTE Support Fund raffle and generally raises between $800 and $1000. Tickets for the cash prize drawing of $100, $50 and $25 are sold for $1 each, 6 for $5 or an “arm’s length” for $10. The “arm’s length” bit works well, with many people scrambling to find the person with the longest arms to assist in their raffle purchase. To encourage competition between state divisions, an extra $25 bonus drawing goes to the Division who purchases the most tickets.

Ohio Takes a Competitive Edge to Fundraising
The CTE Support Fund is always on the agenda for the Ohio ACTE conference. To compete with other Regions during NPS, Ohio raises CTE Support Fund donations during every statewide meeting, sends out CTE Support Fund donation cards and collects donations from 49 career centers.

The Trophy Goes to Region IV
The Region IV conference has a cash raffle drawing and awards a traveling trophy to the state that purchases the most tickets. Silent and live auctions are other fun Region IV activities used to raise money for the CTE Support Fund.

Region V Plays the Money Game
During lunch at the Region V meeting, attendees play the "money game," in which a person, designated as a timer, will stand with his or her back to the group and yell “go.” The lunch guests hold up dollar bills and several “spotters” collect these bills. When the timer yells “stop!” the last person to give a dollar gets half of the money in the spotter’s hand. This fun game is played several times during lunch. Region V also holds live and silent auctions and a 50-50 cash raffle in which the winner takes half the pot.

Wyoming Bets It Can Raise the Most for the CTE Support Fund
Wyoming ACTE has Casino Night at the WACTE Banquet and generally raises between $300 and $400. During its silent and live auction that raises money for scholarships, WACTE designates an item specifically for the CTE Support Fund.

Please share your fundraising stories by contacting Sean Lynch at ACTE.

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Data Quality Initiatives

With a growing national focus on data and accountability to help students succeed in education and careers, collecting high-quality data and sharing it across different agencies is more important than ever. For CTE, data quality and access issues include appropriately measuring student achievement, including the attainment of high-quality credentials; ensuring the quality of Perkins-funded CTE programs; and providing data to consumers on the connection between education and labor market outcomes.

CTE Action Center

 Use the CTE Action Center to send important messages to you Members of Congress. Tell them that CTE works!


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