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 10 more things  

10 More Things to Know about CTE

Member price: $19.95 / Non-member: $24.95 

The 2nd in a 3-part series on the first year CTE teaching experience, this book goes deeper into topics that new CTE teacher need to know. Readers will discover approaches to lesson planning, staying current in their specific discipline and how to leverage the power of the career technical student organizations (CTSO's) in their classrooms. Annual planning, IEP's, advisory groups, gathering and using student data, involving (and dealing with) parents and the end-of-year responsibilities for the CTE professional are discussed, with valuable tips and resources that can be put to use immediately. This book is an indispensable read for every new (and veteran) CTE teacher!
 Fofa 2  

Forms on File: Advisory Boards

Member price: $14.95 / Non-member price: $19.95

Advisory boards are an important element in creating quality CTE programs, but forming a board can be a daunting task. Forms on File: Advisory Boards gives you all the documents you need to start and operate an effective advisory board. You will find examples of invitations to join a board, bylaws for governing the board, and documents to help make meetings operate smoothly and efficiently. Each one is designed to be modified to meet your specific needs.

Forms on File: Work-Based Learning

Member price: $19.95 / Non-member price: $24.95 

Putting together a high-quality work-based learning programs takes a lot of organization and a lot of paperwork. Forms on File: Work Based Learning offers all the documents you need for internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing, and other work-based learning experiences. You will find everything from applications to learning plans to student and employer evaluations, and each can be easily tailored to your program’s needs. There are even handy checklists to make sure nothing is missed.

Self-Assessment: Work-Based Learning

Member price: $24.95 / Non-member price: $29.95

How does your work-based learning program measure up? This module in the Self-Assessment Series offers a comprehensive set of easy-to-follow surveys to determine your programs areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Districts can measure performance on meeting eight CTE standards for work-based learning. There is also an overview on how to put together a leadership team to carry out the survey, how to aggregate and disaggregate results, and how to use the results to take action for overall program improvement.
NOCT Book_ First Year in CTE  

Your First Year in CTE: 10 Things to Know

An essential resource for new and experienced teachers!

Members: $9.95 / Non-members: $11.95
A career technical education (CTE) teacher is a special kind of educator. Many CTE teachers enter education through an alternate path, usually without a traditional education degree, making a substantial career change to enter the classroom. Not only do CTE teachers need to maintain currency within their technical field but they must also become quickly familiar with teaching pedagogy while simultaneously working in a brand new environment. A strong support system is essential and knowing where to turn for resources is equally as important. ACTE and NOCTI have released a new publication titled Your First Year in CTE:  10 Things to Know. Providing many "hands-on" examples and resources for use in teaching within the CTE classroom, this book is a great resource for both new and veteran CTE teachers to "survive" and "thrive" in the CTE classroom!
Data Book for Shop ACTE

Putting Your Data to Work: Improving Instruction in CTE

Member: $19.95 / Non-member: $24.95

This book explores multiple aspects of data-driven improvement in instruction and specifically targets the importance of gradient disaggregated objective technical skill data and its systematic use to continually improve instruction. The concepts and specific 'how-to' examples in this book are especially valuable for secondary, postsecondary, and adult educators. Don't wait to get started applying the valuable approaches to increasing the success of your students!

 Advisory board  

Building Advisory Boards That Matter

Member: $10.95 / Non-member: $14.95

In this book, you will learn how to effectively engage key stakeholders, whether they are members of business and industry organizations, community groups, certification or postsecondary programs, parents, students or general citizens. Advisory boards give form and structure to stakeholder engagement and are a valuable focal point for implementing your stakeholder engagement program. This book will help you create an advisory board that helps you steer your program, build capacity, pull in new resources and expertise, and provide students and staff with opportunities they could never realize otherwise. 



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Welcome to ShopACTE! ACTE members receive special discounts on most products and resources. Non-members can join ACTE to take advantage of the special ACTE member prices and discounts.

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