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Student success is the goal of all CTE programs. To achieve that success, they must deliver rigorous and relevant educational opportunities that incorporate real-world and hands-on situations. But these programs cannot deliver that desired outcome without the input and direction of the business community. Who knows better what employees need to know and be able to do than employers?

Businesses interested in working more closely with and providing guidance to ACTE can join us!

The key then is to bring business and education together so that what is being taught is of value to those who are hiring. In today's education system, there is no better place for that to happen than in CTE programs—the ultimate blending of classroom education and real-world skills. The trouble is, business and education don't always understand each other, and that can create barriers to success.

ACTE understands the important role the business community plays in successful CTE programs, and here you will find resources, tools and examples that can help both businesses and CTE programs come together more effectively for the benefit of students.

If there are other resources you would like to see added, or examples that you would like to share, please send them to Jim Waterhouse, ACTE's ads and exhibits manager, or call 703-683-9332.

Taking Business to School
UPS Case Study

Siemens Case Study

Milacron Case Study

Hypertherm Case Study

AAR Case Study

PG&E Case Study

Toyota T-TEN Case Study

ACTE Image Awardsthese national awards recognize partners from the business, industry, and education communities that have made significant contributions to CTE, thereby enhancing the public image of CTE.  

CTE One-pager for Business and Industry
With millions of workers due to retire within the next few years, CTE training is as important as ever. CTE classes help to prepare the future workforce of the United States, and it is important that no further cuts to CTE funding occur.

CTE Data Sheet
Would you rather make $8 an hour or $12 an hour? With CTE training, workers can make more money than someone without a background in career and technical education. Many job opening in the coming years will require skills that can be learned with CTE classes.

Business Coalition Leaders Speak out on Education
To help students prepare for a career after graduation, schools are looking to partners with business coalitions. Of the many goals of a partnership with a business coalition, workforce preparedness for students topped the list.

Creating Effective Business-Education Partnerships
With a shortage of skilled workers to fill open positions, businesses are creating large partnerships with schools to ensure that students receive training to prepare them for high-skill jobs. The partnerships typically have a focus on STEM positions.

Building a Diverse United States STEM Workforce: Perspectives on Creating Successful Business-Education Partnerships
The demand for workers in STEM professions is rapidly growing in the United States, but certain groups like women and African Americans have not entered at the same rate as white males. Bayer Corporation is working with teachers and officials nationwide to change the perception of STEM jobs and increase the talent pool.

Why Business and Industry Support CTE
In order to grow CTE, the field needs influential professionals to advocate for it. This page gives tips on how business can benefit CTE and encourage students to become involved with CTE.

ACTE's Guide to Understanding CTE
To help educators and policymakers understand the different CTE organizations, ACTE created this guide with descriptions of each. The guide also mentions some of the benefits of a CTE-based education for students.

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Business and Industry Resources

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To be successful in today's marketplace, business and industry must be profitable and have a workforce equipped with a full range of job and career skills. The Association for Career and Technical Education can help your business achieve both these goals.


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