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New and Related Services Division

New and Related Services Division - Information Technology Education Section



Information technology (IT) has been defined as the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. Information technology deals with the use of computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and securely retrieve information. The term "information technology" has ballooned to encompass many aspects of computing and technology. To a large degree, we live, work and play in a digital world. The application of IT permeates all aspects of contemporary society and all aspects of the workplace, and is represented in all areas of career and technical education.

The primary purpose of the Information Technology Education section in the New and Related Services Division of ACTE is to provide awareness and support for a broad-based group dedicated to the use of information technology, teachers of information technology and today’s information technology students. Specific areas of study and careers in the Information Technology Education section include:

Information Support and Services

  • database administration and development
  • hardware and software technical support

Interactive Media

  • interactive media developer
  • Web developer and administrator
  • 3-D animator

Network Systems

  • network administrator
  • network engineer

Software Engineering

  • computer programmer
  • game developer
  • software engineer

This section is open to interested members of ACTE, as well as individuals outside of the traditional educational community who may wish to join ACTE and the Information Technology Education section.

The Information Technology Education section of the New and Related Services Division will facilitate the development and delivery of presentations, coordinate the development of networks for information sharing, conduct research at the local, state and national levels, and serve as a catalyst for all other aspects associated with the establishment, maintenance and use of information technology education. Specific activities in which this section will engage are networking, e-groups, newsletters, research and conference presentations, as well as online and in-person professional development activities.

A strategic plan of work for the Information Technology Education section will be developed through a survey of members that will be conducted on an annual basis to identify areas of priority for research, topics for conference presentations, professional development and partnerships with IT industry organizations or companies.

For more information, contact Information Technology section president Carl Lyman at 801-538-7946.

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New and Related Services Division

New and Related Services Division Board Report Archive

Reports submitted to the ACTE Board of Directors by the New and Related Services Division.

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