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In Australia, vocational education and training is predominantly postsecondary and provided by the vocational education and training system by registered training organizations. The VET system includes public and private providers in a national training framework consisting of the Australian Quality Training Framework, Australian Qualifications Framework and Industry Training Packages, which help to define the standards for vocational qualifications. Apprenticeships in Australia usually last three to four years and consist of traditional apprenticeships in traditional trades, and traineeships in other service-related occupations. These traineeships typically last one to two years.

Vocational educational activities were carried out in the Fiji islands long before the introduction of Western education. Members of communities throughout the islands ensured their values, skills and attitudes were passed on to the next generation. The continuity and maintenance of the community was placed in the hands of the young people. Through observation and practice, they developed the needed skills over time. Currently in Fiji, the TVET program is seen as second best when compared to modern education. Most Fiji citizens prefer academic schooling because it is seen to lead toward a more successful career with higher financial rewards.

New Zealand
Over 39 industry training organizations serves New Zealand with vocational education. One of the strongest points about ITOs is that they purchase training as a set of standards and aggregate industry opinions about skills in the labor market. Industry training has grown from apprenticeships to real-life learning experiences. This challenges the common idea that vocational education focuses only on apprenticeships.

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