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ACTE Marketing Education Division

Tips and Resources for New Marketing Teachers



Learn to control the classroom time.

Set personal and classroom goals.

Always create a lesson plan and use the plan. Plans can be revised for use next year, so keep a copy, make notes on the copy as you use it, and be sure to note changes for next use of the plan.

Do the most difficult task first each day. Once it is over, the rest of the day is easy to get through!

Learn not to procrastinate. Procrastinating just puts off what you must do anyway!

Use full class, small group, and individual learning activities. Don't use the same format for every lesson. It becomes boring—not only to you, but to the students as well.

Find a mentor. If you are the only marketing education teacher in the school, look for another school in the same district or in a nearby district. Most people love to help others and teachers really do! This person can be invaluable when you need a question answered or just want to discuss something you are considering.

Be a leader! Your enthusiasm and example cause the students to want to learn.

Be a good listener. No one knows everything. We each learn from our students as well as others each day.

Criticize or reprimand in private. However, remember that you must be very careful about being alone with any student, male or female. Try to have an observer in all cases.

Praise in public, but be sure it is deserved. Don't just say you are really great. Say your work shows such great improvement that I am really proud of you.

Be considerate and courteous to students and expect them to do the same for you.

Admit you are wrong when you make a mistake. No one is perfect!

Set goals. These can help students as well as teachers to reach above themselves.

"Please" and "thank you" are important in all situations for growth of courtesy!

Keep up-to-date professionally. Lifelong learning is important for all people these days. Don't forget to keep up!

Dress professionally. It is tempting to wear jeans, but you are a professional who is teaching impressionable young people about business. Dress as a success! One teacher has students dress in professional clothing one day a week. The students often choose to wear their DECA blazer, khaki skirt/slacks and white shirt. Let them vote on the outfit for the chapter.

Get involved in all aspects of the marketing education program.

  • Attend the summer professional improvement conference in your state.
  • Have a DECA chapter and participate in the district, state and national conferences.
  • Attend the ACTE Annual Convention each year for professional updating.


DECA is a vital part of your marketing education program.

MBA Research and Curriculum Center is the national curriculum consortium for marketing education. The materials are very useful, research based, and written by classroom teachers. They can be reached by calling 800-448-0398.

The National Marketing Association is an organization of educators and business people committed to the career development of youth and adults in the areas of marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.

The One Minute Teacher by Spencer Johnson and Constance Johnson

Cooperative Occupational Education Including Internships, Apprenticeships, and Tech-Prep by Stewart Husted, Ralph Mason and Elaine Adams.

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Marketing Education

Marketing Education Division Board Report Archive

Reports submitted to the ACTE Board of Directors by the Marketing Education Division.

Marketing Education Division

We are a group of dynamic marketing educators who aim to make a difference. Join us and help make marketing education the course that is a must for students to have on their resumes to be successful in today's workforce and earn professional development meaningful to their careers.


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