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ACTE Leadership

2014 ACTE Board of Directors Candidates


From Dec. 6, 2013 to 11:59 p.m. ET on Jan. 4, 2014, members of ACTE will elect officers for the following Board of Directors positions:

One candidate applied for the position of ACTE president-elect for the 2014 election. As a result, voting for president-elect will not be featured on the electronic ballot this year.

All ACTE individual professional, retired, educational institution members and national affiliate organizations whose membership dues were received at ACTE headquarters by Nov. 6, 2013, are eligible to vote. Please review the biographical information and platform statements for the nominees and exercise your right to vote for ACTE's future leadership. Please note that the nominees featured below are not official candidates. Candidates will be officially selected at ACTE's CareerTech VISION 2013

The election process will be conducted via electronic ballot only. Ballots will be sent to member e-mail addresses listed in the ACTE database. ACTE has selected Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS) to manage the board of directors elections. You will receive an e-signature via e-mail that must be used with your member number to vote electronically. If you do not receive an e-signature by midnight on Dec. 6, please contact ACTE's Leadership Department at 800-826-9972, ext. 315. Electronic ballots must be cast by 11:59 p.m. ET Jan. 4, 2014. Ballots will be counted and audited at the offices of SBS, and the results will be posted on ACTE's website and announced in Techniques magazine. Eligible voters attending VISION 2013 will have the option of voting on site by using the computer stations. You can also vote through your Internet browser on your smart phone. 

In order to facilitate a smooth election process, please be sure to:

  • Verify your e-mail address with ACTE. If ACTE does not have your e-mail address, it is imperative that you update your member profile immediately. You can do this on the ACTE website by going to www.acteonline.org logging-in (Access: ACTE ID# and last name or updated password) and clicking on "Update Your Profile" or by emailing acte@acteonline.org.
  • Make sure you/your IT Department puts Survey and Ballot Systems on your e-mail's "white list" so your voting information can be received/not marked as SPAM. The e-mail will be sent to you from: noreply@directvote.net.
  • Remember that in order to vote, you must be a member of ACTE as of November 6, 2013. Members are only allowed to vote in elections for their Region and any Divisions of which they are a member. 


One candidate applied for the position of ACTE president-elect. Per ACTE Bylaws Article VII.B.2, if there are not two candidates for president-elect, the office shall be declared vacant by the Board of Directors. Per ACTE Bylaws Article VI.C.1, the Board of Directors has the authority to appoint someone to fill the vacancy. Doug Meyer has been interviewed, vetted and approved by the Nominating Committee. The ACTE Board of Directors voted in July to appoint Doug Meyer as the 2014 President-Elect. As a result, voting for President-Elect will not be featured on the electronic ballot this year.

Candidate Doug Meyer

Doug Meyer
Candidate Questions, Letters of Support 1, 2, 3, 4

Region V

Trade and Industrial Education Division

Instructor, Yelm High School

Employment History
Instructor, Yelm High School, Yelm Community Schools 1999-present
Career CenterDirector, Yelm High School, Yelm Community Schools, 1997-1999
Contractor USAJFKSWCS, U.S. Army, 1996-1997
Military Officer, U.S. Army, 1983-1996 (Retired as an Army Colonel)
Instructor, Oconto Falls Schools, 1972-1983
Military Officer, US Army, 1968-1972

Education Background
City University (Master's in Educational Technology)
South Dakota State University (BS)

ACTE Involvement
ACTE Division
Trade and Industries Education Division Planning Committee (2006-2008)

ACTE Region
Regional Representative to the ACTE Executive Committee (2011-2012)
Region V VP (2009-2012)
Region V Resolution Committee (2008-2009)
Region V Policy Committee (2005-2008)
Region V Legislative Committee ( 2003-2005)
Region V Legislative Support Fund (2002-2003)

ACTE National—Other Activities
ACTE Member Value Task Force (2013)
ACTE Election Task Force (2011)
ACTE Audit Committee (2008-2009)
ACTE CTE Support Fund (2004-2005)

WA CTE Strategic Planning Committee (2011-2012)
Robotics Club Adviser (2009-Present)
SkillsUSA Adviser (2007-Present)
Chair, WA-ACTE Audit committee (2008)
WA-ACTE Past President (2006-2007)
WA-ACTE President (2004-2006)
WA Alternative Test Committee (2005)
WA T&I Past President (2004-2005)
WA T&I President (2003-2004)
WA T&I President-Elect (2002-2003)
WA T&I, IT & Electronics Section Leader (2001-2002)

Platform Statement
My primary goals as president will be to increase membership, work to improve relationships between State Associations, affiliated organizations and ACTE, and work to improve communications at all levels. ACTE membership has been on a downward decline for the last 5 years. This is something that needs to change. There is strength in numbers. To reverse this trend will require all of us to work together and make membership a priority. We all need to “step up and help.” I believe local administrators at the grass roots level are the key to recruitment of new members. I believe another area of opportunity in relation to membership is to cultivate better relationships with our affiliate organizations such as ASTS and ITEA. ACTE needs to reach out and reestablish good working relations with these organizations. There are a lot of benefits to be achieved by developing closer working relationships with our affiliates. ACTE and the states need to work closely together to improve state and national membership efforts; improve communication; recognize our outstanding instructors, administrator and business partners; recruit and recognize businesses; provide members access to information; demonstrate the value of belonging to both state and national organizations; and advocate for legislation supporting CTE at both state and national levels. Each organization becomes stronger when effective partnerships exist. As a teacher with experience at all levels of ACTE and a former military officer, I believe I can be an effective leader for ACTE. As your president, I will work to advocate for you, the CTE Professional. I will keep your professional needs and responsibilities in mind as policies and decisions are developed at the national level. I will listen, communicate, promote innovative educational practices, work on your behalf, and represent you effectively. I am dedicated to working on your behalf.

Region I Vice President

Candidate 1

Candidate Dave Keaton

Dave Keaton
Candidate Questions, Letters of Support 1, 2, 3, 4

Region I

Administration Division

CTE Director/Superintendent, Region Two School of Applied Technology

Employment History
2012-Present Regional CTE Director/Superintendent, Region Two School of Applied Technology
2006- 2012 CTE Center Director, Somerset Career & Technical Center
2004-2006 PreK-12 Principal, M.S.A.D. #32
2001-2004 Director of Learning, Loring Job Corps Center
1999-2001 Vocational Center Director, St. John Valley Technology Center
1997-1999 K-12 Principal, Limestone School Department
1988-1997 Teacher, Limestone School Department
1985-1988 Teacher, Caribou School Department
1979-2000 Maine Army National Guard Retired Field Artillery Captain

Education Background
2004-2008 Certificate of Advanced Studies, Educational Leadership, University of Maine - degree awarded
1991-1997 M.Ed. Educational Leadership, University of Maine—degree awarded
1980-1985 B.S. Social Science in Secondary Education, University of Maine at Presque Isle—degree awarded

ACTE Involvement
ACTE Division
ACTE Region I Policy Committee - Maine delegate
ACTE Communications Committee member
ACTE ESEA Task Force Committee member
ACTE Region I Vice President screening/interview committee member
ACTE Region I Conference organizer
2013 ACTE Region I Conference Chair - Maine 2010 Northern New England CTE Consortium Chair
NCLA Board of Directors ACTE Administrator Division committee member
ACTE State Leader

ACTE Region
ACTE Region I Policy Committee—Maine delegate
ACTE Communications Committee member
ACTE Region I Vice President screening/interview committee member
ACTE Region I Conference organizer 2013
ACTE Region I Conference Chair—Maine 2009 Northern New England CTE Consortium Chair (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont)
NCLA Board of Directors ACTE Administrator Division committee member
ACTE State Leader

ACTE National—Other Activities
ACTE Maine National Policy Seminar delegate 2006-2013
ACTE Communications Committee member
ACTE State Leader
ACTE Elementary and Secondary Education Act Reauthorization Task Force member
NCLA Executive Board member

MACTE Past President
MACTE Past Treasurer
MACTE Executive Committee member
Maine MACTE charter facilitator
Maine MACTE ACTE Region I delegate
Northern New England CTE Consortium Steering Board Chair (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont) Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve Maine State
Committee member Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve Ombudsmen Maine State Workforce
Investment Board Veterans Employment Committee member
Somerset Workforce Investment Board member
Somerset Economic Development Corporation Executive Board member

Platform Statement
My personal goals to accomplish as Region I Vice President would be the following: * Be active listener with membership concerns and ideas. It is not always about our own ideas as to how we should proceed but by consolidating multiple approaches as a means to give one CTE voice. * Reach out to all 15 Region I states for continued and additional Region I involvement on the Policy Committee and Region I functions. * Lead the Policy Committee in discussions as to how our Region I Conferences can be enhanced or even transformed into some new level of CTE professional development. * Promote ACTE Awards from each state throughout Region I and provide the appropriate recognition for CTE shining stars . * Be active in Common Core Standards initiative with communicating the importance of CTE integrated in the Common Core Standards at every level. * Be active in lobbying our state and federal representatives with the key role CTE plays in economic development and recession recovery. I believe my focuses for the Region I Vice President candidacy are achievable with the support of all members of Region I and the National ACTE organization.

Candidate Frank Yesalavich

Candidate 2

Frank Yesalavich
Candidate Questions, Letters of Support 1, 2

Region I

Agricultural Education Division

Teacher of Agriculture, Retired

Employment History
Essex County Vocational Schools (1976-2010) Agricultural Teacher
Rutgers University (2009-2010) Adjunct Professor—Agriculture
Teacher Ed Delaware Valley College (2013) Adjunct Professor—Agriculture, Teacher Ed

Rutgers University: BS Plant Science
Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education: Ed. M CTE
Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education: Ed. S. CTE

ACTE Involvement
ACTE Division
NAAE Policy By-Laws Committee Chair (2012) Vice-Chair (2011)
NJAAE Secretary (1976-1979), President (1979-1984), Treasurer (2007-present) NAAE Annual Meeting NJ Delegate (1983, 1984, 2010, 2011, 2012)

ACTE Region
Reg. I Secretary (2012-present)
Reg. I Policy Seminar NJ Delegate (2012, 2013)

ACTE National—Other Activities
Nominations Committee (2012-present)
Vision/Annual Convention NJ Delegate (2012, 1984), Attendee (2010, 2011)
NPS NJ Delegate (2011-2013 and 1984-1985)

President NJACTE (VEANJ 1984-85J), Executive Committee (2011-present)
NJ FFA Foundation Chair (2009-present)
Rutgers Experiment Station Board of Mangers (2008-present)
NJAgEd Advisory Committee (2009-present)
National Ag Ed Summit NJ Delegate (2007, 2011)

National Awards and Honors
NAAE John Deere Outstanding New Teacher Award 1984
Honorary National FFA Degree 2008

Platform Statement
As ACTE Regional VP it would be my goal to increase support for and membership in ACTE by promoting a positive public perception of CTE. The archaic notion that CTE leads to a dead-end, blue collar job must be replaced with the concept that CTE is a career pathway to a wide variety of 21st century occupations, many of which have rigorous academic requirements. The public must know that today’s CTE student develops creativity and innovation, thinks critically and communicates effectively, develops the ability to work collaboratively, and acquires leadership skills. To increase membership I would propose creating a data base of CTE professionals, both secondary and post-secondary, to be used to inform potential members of the benefits of ACTE membership. I would also propose initiating an incentive program designed to encourage current members to recruit their colleagues. Additionally, I would propose actively reaching out to students in both traditional and alternate route teacher certification programs. It would be my goal to not only continue the practice of electronic communications to regional members but to expand communications by initiating regularly scheduled phone conferences. These sessions would facilitate an exchange of ideas.

Marketing Education Division Vice President

Candidate 1

Candidate Barry Brantley

Barry Brantley
Candidate Questions, Letters of Support

Region IV

Marketing Education Division 

Associate Professor, Delgado Community College

Employment History
Associate Professor & Coordinator of Hospitality Management, Delgado Community College, (2003-present)
Director of Global Accounts, HelmsBriscoe, (1998-present)
Executive Director, Louisiana ACTE, (1998-2008)
Regional Vice President, Wyndham International, (1995-1998)
Director of Sales, Starwood Hotels, (1994-1995)
Director of Sales & Marketing, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, (1990-1994)
Director of Sales & Marketing, Omni Hotels, (1984-1990)

Education Background
Louisiana Tech University, Master of Arts, Speech Communications 1985
Louisiana Tech University, Bachelor of Arts, Speech Communications 1983

ACTE Involvement
ACTE Division
ACTE Marketing Education Policy Committee 2006-2012 ACTE Nominating Committee, Marketing
Education representative 2008-2011 ACTE Marketing Education Tour—UNLV Hospitality Program Coordinator
2011 ACTE Convention Presenter
2004, 2007, 2010 and 2012 ACTE Board Liaison
National Executive Director's Association (ACTE) President 2004-2006

ACTE Region
State Representative, Executive Director, Louisiana ACTE 1998-2008
ACTE Region IV Conference Coordinator, 2002, 2008, 2014
ACTE Region IV presenter, 2004, 2006 and 2013
ACTE Region IV, Public Relations Committee 2002-2004
ACTE Region IV Conference attendee. 1999-2008, 2013

ACTE National—Other Activities
ACTE Community of Practice Task Force, 2004-2005
ACTE Postsecondary Membership Task Force Chair, 2010-present
ACTE Affiliation Task Force, 2013

Executive Director, Louisiana ACTE, 1998-2008
President-elect, 2012, Louisiana ACTE
Advisor, Collegiate DECA (Delta Epsilon Chi) 2003-present

Platform Statement
As an active member of ACTE for the past 14 years, I have enjoyed the exchange of ideas, resources and best practices from local, state, regional and national levels. My commitment is to further this exchange with our Marketing Education Division members and prospective members by supporting representation at all levels, presentations at state, regional and national conventions and through effective communication with our stakeholders to ensure policy decisions include the full participation of members. My objective is to utilize the talent pool of our members to drive imagination, creativity, engagement and result-driven outcomes that provide "WOW" experiences.

Candidate Tammie Brewer

Candidate 2

Tammie Brewer
Candidate Questions, Letters of Support 1, 2, 3, 4

Region II

Marketing Education Division

DECA State Advisor—Mississippi, Mississippi Department of Education

Employment History
Mississippi DECA State Coordinator, Mississippi Department of Education, Office of Student Organizations (January 2013-present)
Post-Secondary Online Instructor for Principle of Marketing, Marketing Management, and Merchandising Math Mississippi Virtual Community College / Hinds Community College (August 2006-Present)
RCU Instructor for Teacher Education: Marketing teachers, Mississippi State University (2009-present)
Secondary Instructor for Marketing Management Technology: Pearl/Rankin Career and Technical Center (August 2004-December 2012)
Secondary Instructor for Marketing Management Technology: Madison County Business & Commerce Center (August 2001-2004)

Education Background
Mississippi State University (M.Ed)
Mississippi State University (BS)
Hinds Community College (AAS)

ACTE Involvement
ACTE Division
Member Mississippi Association of Marketing Educators (MAME) (2001-present)
District IV Vice-President (2009-present)
MAME Past-President (2007-2008)
MAME President (2006-2007)
President Elect (2005-2006)
Vice-President (2004- 2005)
Central Region Representative (2003-2004)
Mississippi Marketing Curriculum Writer (2002, 2005, 2008, 2013)

ACTE Region
Attended Region IV Conferences (2002-2010)
Region IV Awards Committee member (2007-2010)
Presenter at the Region IV ACTE conference on information of ACTE Awards (2010)
Region IV Outstanding Teacher in Community Service (2006)
Region IV Legislative Committee (2005-2009)
Presenter at the Region IV ACTE conference recruitment and retention of Career and Technical students (2005)
Region IV Outstanding New Career and Technical Teacher (2004)

ACTE National—Other Activities
Attended the National ACTE conference (2001, 2004 and 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012)
National Awards Committee (2012-present)

Member Mississippi Association of Career and Technical Education (Mississippi ACTE) (2001-present)
District IV President (2012-present)
Policy and Procedure Chairperson (2011-present)
District IV Vice-President (2011-2012)
Past-President (2009-2010)
President (2008-2009)
Vice-President (2007-2008)
Awards Chairperson (2007-2010)
Membership Chairperson (2007-2008)
2nd Vice-President (2006-2007)
1st Vice-President, District 4 (2006)
Legislative Reception Chairperson (2004-2008)
2nd Vice-President, District 4 (2005)
1st Vice-President, District 2 (2003)
Career Development Committee (2003)
State DECA Advisor (January 2013-present)
Local DECA Advisor (2001-2012)
Honorary DECA Life member (2007)
Member DECA Alumni Division (2002-Present)

Platform Statement
As the Marketing Division Vice-President, I would set up and maintain a sharing site for Marketing Educators across the nation. I feel that this would add value to ACTE as a whole and ensure growth in the Marketing Education division. I have done this on a Mississippi level for Business and Marketing teachers and would love to see this type of access on a nationwide basis. I would also ensure consistent communication with all members in the marketing division. I would also contact the presidents of the state marketing divisions across the US and make sure that ACTE continues to offer activities and information that each state requires. Last, but not least, I strive to increase membership in ACTE in the Marketing Education Division. I believe that by increasing communication and sharing that increased membership would be the natural consequence. I look forward to this new adventure!

Guidance and Career Development Division Vice President-Elect

Candidate 1

Candidate Steve Beutler

Steve Beutler
Candidate Questions, Letters of Support 1, 2, 3

Region V

Guidance and Career Development Division

Career Counselor, Minot Public Schools

Employment History
Elementary Counselor/Alternative High School Counselor/Career Development Counselor, Minot Public Schools (1995-Present)
School Counselor, Dakota Memorial High School, Dakota Boys Ranch (Residential Treatment Facility) (1996-1997)
Teacher's Aide, Dakota Memorial High School, Dakota Boys Ranch (Residential Treatment Facility) (1994-1995)
General Manager, Sergios Mexican Restaurant, Minot (1993-1994)
General Manager, Cocos Bakery Restaurant, Northglenn, Colorado (1984-1993)
Art & Drivers Education Teacher, McLaughlin High School, McLaughlin, SD (1979-1984)

Education Background
North Dakota State University (M.Ed. 1996)
Minot State University (BS 1979)

ACTE Involvement
ACTE Division
Committees: Guidance & Career Development Policy Committee (2008-Present)
ACTE Nominating Committee (2008-2011)
ACTE Resolutions Committee (2012-Present)
Awards Received: Outstanding Guidance Professional, ACTE Guidance & Career Development Division (2009)

ACTE Region
Region V Representative, Guidance & Career Development Policy Committee (2008-Present)
ACTE Regional Presentations:

  • Career Jeopardy, ACTE Region V Conference (2011)
  • MYLIFE, A Cost of Living Activity for Young People, ACTE Region V Conference (2006)

ACTE National—Other Activities
National ACTE Conference Presentations:

  • Guidance & Career Development Deep Dive 1 & 3, ACTE (2012)
  • HOT TOPIC!!- Workplace Readiness, ACTE (2011 & 2012)
  • Military Academy Virtual Tour, ACTE (2011)
  • Career Jeopardy, ACTE (2009)
  • MYLIFE Junior, ACTE (2009)
  • Teaching & Learning Career Days, ACTE (2008)
  • MYLIFE/MYLIFE Junior, ACTE (2008)
  • Nail That Job, ACTE (2007 & 2008)
  • MYLIFE, A Cost of Living Activity, ACTE (2006 & 2007)
  • Career & College Planning Guide, ACTE (2006)
  • Careerdevelopment.com, ACTE (2004)
  • Ethics, a Community Approach, ACTE (2003)
  • Tools for Implementing a Comprehensive Guidance/Career Development Curriculum, ACTE (2002)

State ACTE Professional Development Conference Presentations (PDC):

  • Military Academy Virtual Tour (2012)
  • HOT TOPIC!!—Workplace Readiness (2011)
  • Google Docs—Exploration/ Applications (2010)
  • Career Jeopardy (2009)
  • Teaching & Learning Career Days (2008)
  • Nail That Job (2007)

NDCA/NDCDA Presentations:

  • Career & College Planning Guide (2006)
  • MYLIFE (2006)
  • Careerdevelopment.com (2005)
  • Portfolios (2004)

Awards Received
Director's Award of Excellence, NDCTE (2004)
Innovations in Guidance & Counseling, NDCA (2003)
Outstanding New Career Technical Educator, NDACTE (2002)
Career Guidance Young Educator of the Year, NDACTE (2002)

Platform Statement
If elected, I would continue to build on the foundation that has been laid by Dr. Ray Davis and Dr. Lee Bunch and strive to take the Guidance & Career Development Division to the next level. Membership is an important factor in the sustainability of our division. In order to increase membership and participation in state, regional, and national conferences, members must perceive value, “what’s in it for them”. With the assistance of the Policy Committee and members of the Guidance & Career Development Division, I would like to brainstorm strategies for the development of a support system for guidance counselors in the field. My vision is to create a network for members, a place to share resources, ask questions, and communicate with members of our division on a daily basis. Ultimately, I would like to see this support system become a resource that members won’t want to be without. I would also strive to keep lines of communication open by being approachable and available to members through telephone or email. I want members to be comfortable directing their questions or concerns to me and trust that I will assist in any way I can.

Candidate 2

Candidate Jan Bell

Jan Bennett Bell
Candidate Questions, Letters of Support

Region IV

Guidance and Career Development Division

Career Adviser/Middle School Specialist, Tulsa Technology Center

Employment History
MARKETING ASSOCIATE, Wellness International Network (2005-2007)
COORDINATOR, 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant/Afterschool Program & Co-Director of Boys & Girls Club of Sequoyah County, LEAP Unit, Gore Public Schools (2001-2005)
STATE SCHOOL-TO-CAREERS SPECIALIST, State of Wyoming (1998-1999)
TECH PREP SPECIALIST, Indian Capital Technology Center (1996-1998)

Education Background
NORTHEASTERN STATE UNIVERSITY Graduate Program, Masters-School Administration 1998-2004
UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING Bachelor of Science Elementary Education

ACTE Involvement
ACTE Division
Member: Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) (2008-present)
American Vocational Association (AVA) (1997-1999)
Involvement: Co-Chair of National Portfolio Development Task Force, SECME (Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering, Inc.)

ACTE Region
Member: Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), Tech Centers That Work (TCTW) (2013)
Involvement: Author, "Sustainability and a STAR Performance of Empowerment", a How-to-Model, Soda Springs, Idaho (2001)
Co-Coordinator, Idaho Region V School-to-Work Workforce Conference, Pocatello, Idaho (2001)
State Training Facilitator, Character Education Initiative Counsel (2001)

ACTE National—Other Activities
Presenter: National Careers Pathway Conference (NCPN),"Middle Schools: Too Early for Career Planning?" (2013)
National Council of Local Administrators of Career and Technical Education (NCLA), Best Practices Conference, "Career Advisement: The KEY to Success in CTE" (2011)
NCPN, "Career Advisement: A HOT Topic in CTE" (2011)
NCPN, Best Practices Conference, "Middle School: A HOT New Focus in TECH ED" (2009)
States Career Clusters Conference, "Focus on Career Advisement" (2009)
Connections 2003 National Conference, "Classroom Action and Communication"—Guest Presenter (2003)
Regional AVA Conference, "Employer Redeemable Vouchers" (1999) Region IV AVA Conference, "Tech Fest" (1998)

State Offices and Committees:

  • CareerTech Administrative Council (CTAC) (2010-present)
  • OkACTE Guidance Division- Executive Committee- VP (2 Terms) (2008-2010)
  • Oklahoma State Department of Education, 21st CCLC, Advisory Committee (2002-2005)
  • State Director Job Shadowing Day, State of Wyoming (1999)
  • Co-Chair Wyoming State STC Marketing RFP (1999)


  • OkACTE Career Guidance Award Recipient (2013)
  • OkACTE, Student Services Endorsement Program (2012-2013)
  • OkACTE Guidance Division, SPA Day, "TRUE COLORS" Trainer (2013)
  • State SKILLS USA Judge (2013)
  • OkACTE Summer Conference, Membership Committee (2011-2013)
  • Oklahoma State Department of Education, Elementary Education, recertification (2011)
  • OkACTE Summer Conference, Tulsa, Oklahoma, "Middle School Partners: Making That Connection"—Presenter (2010)

Platform Statement
The Guidance and Career Development Division is the “heart” of ACTE. Often we are the first “face of Tech” our students see- their starting point and navigator toward life changing training and education. Too many of today’s students still do not have adequate preparation to successfully navigate the changing workplace due to a lack of career knowledge and awareness. They drift through high school without knowledge and information of career opportunities and skills they need to succeed; hence discouragement and dropping out. We must do better. CTE’s system is the solution to closing the “skills gap” for our students! I would be proud to represent this “frontline” group of men and women whose role is vital in preparing our students for success in a global economy. As Vice President, I will focus on three initiatives: 1). Expand the visual and vocal opportunities to promote the CTE solution to the public; 2). Help advance a more intense focus on Middle School as the timeframe for developing career pathways and plans of study; 3). Strengthen efforts to recruitment and retain multi-generational, ethnically diverse, and geographically dispersed members.

Postsecondary, Adult and Career Education Division Vice President-Elect

Candidate 1

Candidate Thomas Harris

Thomas Harris
Candidate Questions, Letters of Support 1, 2, 3, 4

Region I

PACE Division

Director, Adult and Community Education, Warren County Career Center

Employment History
Director, Adult and Community Education, Warren County Career Center 2007-Present
Director, Adult and Community Education, Greene County Career Center, 2002-2007
Director of Adult Education, Millstream Career and Technology Center 2000-2002
Training Program Director, Ogden-Weber Applied Technology Center (now Applied Technology College) 1994-2000
Technical Training Master Instructor, Training Superintendent, Aircraft Electrician and Avionics Technician, United States Air Force, Active Duty, 1976 -1994
United States Air Force Reserves (Inactive), 1994-2006

Education Background
Xavier University, Superintendent Licensure
University of Phoenix, Master of Arts, Organizational Management
Eastern Illinois University, Bachelor of Science, Career Occupations and Training
Community College of the Air Force—Associate in Applied Science Degree, Instructor in Technology
Community College of the Air Force—Associate in Applied Science Degree, Aircraft Electrical Systems Technology

ACTE Involvement
ACTE Division
ACTE Public Information Committee 2008-2009
ACTE Postsecondary, Adult and Career Technical Education Nomination Committee 2011

ACTE Region
Region I Public Information Committee—2008-2009

ACTE National—Other Activities

Ohio ACTE AWD President—2004
Ohio ACTE PACE Vice President Administrators Division 2013
Planned and organized OHIO ACTE PACE (AWD) Annual Spring Conference—2004
Career Technical Leadership Ohio Academy—2005
Xavier University Career Technical Leadership Academy—2009
ACTE National Conferences 2002-2013 (most)
ACTE National Policy Seminar and Hill Visits 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Ohio Legislative Seminar and Capital Visits 2002 through 2013

Platform Statement
ACTE can and should be the leading national professional organization in Career and Technical Education. In Washington and elsewhere, ACTE should be the best advocate for CTE. I am seeking to become the vice president of Adult Workforce because I believe in the value of ACTE. I believe in our role as an advocate for CTE nationally and on the state level. We can be the best source of knowledge and professional tools for our members as they work to advance in their careers and to provide quality education. As AWD Vice-president, I will work with other board members to strengthen ACTE’s role as an advocate for Career and Technical Education on the national level. We need to work together to promote the value of our programs as an investment in our nation’s future—an investment that offers quality education that benefits people of all ages and backgrounds. We know career and technical education supplies employers with a skilled, educated workforce and promotes economic development across the nation. If we want to continue to do this, we need to constantly re-energize and grow our membership into a unified voice to overcome those barriers that get in our way.

Candidate 2

Candidate John Noel

John Noel
Candidate Questions, Letters of Support 1, 2, 3

Region IV

PACE Division

Director, Adult Career Development, Great Plains Technology Center

Employment History
Director, Adult Career Development, Great Plains Technology Center (2005-Present)
Assistant Director, Adult Career Development, Great Plains Technology Center (1997-2005)
Evening Computer Technician/Adult Coordinator, Great Plains Technology Center (1994-1997)
Adjunct Computer Instructor, Great Plains Technology Center (1990-1994)

Education Background
University of Central Oklahoma (ME)
Cameron University (BS)
Great Plains Technology Center (Certificate)

ACTE Involvement
ACTE Division
ACTE Postsecondary, Adult and Career Education Division Member (2011-Present)
ACTE Adult Workforce Development Division Member (2007-2011)
New and Related Services Division, CBITS Treasurer (2002-2004)
New and Related Services Division, CBITS Voting Delegate (2001)
ACTE New and Related Services Division Member (1997-2007)
ACTE Roundtable Presentation (2000)

ACTE Region

ACTE National—Other Activities

Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education (OkACTE) Member (1997-Present)
CBITS/PACE Division Member (2000-Present)
New and Related Services Division Member (1997-2000)
OkACTE Mutual Benefits Committee (2006-2009)
OkACTE/CBITS Division Educator of the Year (2008)
OkACTE/CBITS Division Awards Committee Chair (2000, 2005) OkACTE/CBITS Division Policy and Procedures Committee Chair (2003)
OkACTE/CBITS Division Nominating Committee Chair (2002-2003)
OkACTE Nominating Committee (2002-2003)
OkACTE Executive Committee (2001-2002)
OkACTE Advisory Committee (2001-2002)
OkACTE/CBITS Division President (2001-2002)
OkACTE/CBITS Division Conference Planning Committee (1998-1999, 2000-2003)

Platform Statement
As a Division Vice President, I would like to help establish goals that move the organization and my division closer to a working partner with business and industry, colleges, and secondary schools. I believe it is more critical than ever students have the opportunity to plan for their careers beginning at the middle school level and to have training and support throughout their careers. Public and private school systems, career and technical education centers, community colleges, and traditional institutions of higher education all have the same goal: to provide a qualified workforce for the future and sustain that workforce through the span of a career. At every turn, skill training and retraining is critical. I would like to serve as a voice for the value of career and technical education throughout an entire career span. Business and industry is the ultimate consumer of our product; I would like to have the opportunity to influence policy that provides a capable, qualified workforce prepared to continue to learn to meet challenges as they arise.

Election Policies and Procedures

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ACTE is committed to enhancing the job performance and satisfaction of its members; to increasing public awareness and appreciation for career and technical programs; and to assuring growth in local, state and federal funding for these programs by communicating and working with legislators and government leaders.



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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

ACTE Region III Conference 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Missouri ACTE Summer Conference 2017

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