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ACTE National News

ACTE Key Policy Issues 

ACTE is involved in work on a wide variety of issues within the education and workforce development policy environments. We take an active role in educating policymakers about CTE and the impacts of public policy decisions related to these issues; and also provide important information and context to CTE leaders so that advocates can influence the decision-making process. 

ACTE Legislative Updates 

Every other week, and as breaking news develops, ACTE’s Public Policy Department sends an electronic Legislative Update to all members and interested non-members. These updates include details on the latest happenings in Washington that are affecting CTE, including congressional activity and legislation, administrative and regulatory efforts, recent research and policy reports, and other national events. If you are not receiving these updates please visit the newsletter subscription page to check your subscription information or sign up now.


ACTE Action Center and Alerts 

One of ACTE's most effective advocacy tools is you! Becoming an advocate is one of the most important actions you can take to secure the future of CTE. ACTE has developed a wide variety of tools to assist you in your advocacy activities, keep you informed and promote ongoing support for CTE. The tools here provide step-by-step directions and examples that will help you reach out to policymakers at the local, state and federal levels, as well as your community and the media. From your Members of Congress to your local mayor, these individuals all make decisions that directly or indirectly impact CTE. With your help, we can ensure the strength and future of CTE!

ACTE CTE Policy Watch Blog 

ACTE Issue Briefs 

ACTE Career Readiness Series

Ensuring students are “college- and career-ready” has become a critical issue as concerns rise about the success of the U.S. education system and, ultimately, the country’s economic competitiveness. The discussion surrounding college readiness is generally limited to academic skills, but actual career readiness requires an even more rigorous blend of academic, technical and employability skills, and the ability to apply these skills in authentic environments.


ACTE Reports and Policy Papers 

ACTE constantly gathers information vital to its mission and its members' needs and uses its expertise to develop key policy positions and statements that position the organization as a leader in the education and workforce development arenas. These reports from ACTE and other CTE-related organizations provide background information, describe programs and address important policy issues related to CTE.

New York State News


New York State Board of Regents 

The Regents are responsible for the general supervision of all educational activities within the State, presiding over The University and the New York State Education Department. The University of the State of New York is the nation's most comprehensive and unified educational system. It consists of all elementary, secondary, and post-secondary educational institutions, libraries, museums, public broadcasting, records and archives, professions, Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities, and such other institutions, organizations, and agencies as may be admitted to The University. The concept of The University of the State of New York is a broad term encompassing all the institutions, both public and private, offering education in the State.


New York State Legislature 

New York State Assembly 

New York State Senate


CTE Technical Assistance Center

The CTE Technical Assistance Center operates as a State Contract to assist NYSED in carrying out its mission of improving the quality, access, and delivery of CTE through research-based methods and strategies resulting in broader CTE opportunities for all students.

  • The CTE Center Increases the capacity of SED to Serve, Support, and Expand CTE across the state
  • BOCES and LEA programs will be served
  • The highest needs as determined by NYSED will be the Center’s highest priority
  • The CTE Technical Assistance Center has a 3 year contract beginning January 2011



Approved New York State CTE Programs

A list of the approved CTE programs in New York State can be found on the NYSED CTE Program Approval web page by clicking here.


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New York State Association for Career and Technical Education

Established in 1949, the NYSACTE is the unifying agency for all interests in Career and Technical Education. NYSACTE serves as the central agency for keeping the state and national legislators, other educational organizations, and the people clearly and reliably informed on the purposes, needs, and accomplishments of Career and Technical Education.  NYSACTE is a unified state with the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE).


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