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ACTE is your resource for quick, to-the-point fact sheets that will help you make the case for CTE with policymakers, businesses and the public. Check out our general, sector-specific and issue-specific fact sheets below, or if you are looking for more state-specific information, explore our State Fact Sheets.  

General Fact Sheets

CTE Today (Quick facts about CTE)
This short CTE primer provides an overview of CTE, focusing on numbers that will grab the attention of busy legislators, industry leaders and their staff. Use it to introduce people quickly to the value of CTE.

CTE Works! 
(Research demonstrating the value of CTE)
This fact sheet provides an overview of relevant CTE research across broad themes. Areas of focus include CTE's impact on student academic achievement, dropout rates, adult workforce needs, earnings and employment outcomes, the skills gap and state economies. 

Investing in Career and Technical Education Yields Big Returns (CTE benefits across the United States)
This fact sheet contains statistics from return-on-investment (ROI) research that has been conducted on CTE programs across the country, showing that the economic impact CTE can have locally, statewide and nationally is enormous. Use it to show policymakers how investments in CTE will pay off for your community and state.

CTE for a Strong Economy (CTE in an era of global competitiveness)
This fact sheet explores the changes that have taken place in CTE in recent years, and its benefits to students and the economy in this era of global competitiveness. Use it to help introduce CTE to those unfamiliar with today's programs.

What Is A Credential? (Quick definitions of credentials)
This fact sheet defines the different types of credentials available to CTE students, including educational certificates, degrees, certifications and government-issued licenses. Use it to help policymakers understand CTE educational attainment options. 

College and Career Ready Through CTE (Infographic)
Findings from our annual, nationwide survey of CTE students and educators, conducted in partnership with the National Research Center for College and University Admissions™ (NRCCUA®), presented as a one-page infographic.

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is the proud sponsor of the ACTE Sector Sheet and Microdoc Series

Sector Sheets describe CTE's role in growing the qualified workforce for vital industry sectors. Share these advocacy tools with industry, education leaders, policymakers and the public to illustrate how CTE supports specific industries and prepares students for career success.

Issue Sheets

Issue Sheet: CTE's Role in Rural Education Updated August 2015
This fact sheet explores how CTE supports rural students and the needs of local economies by providing rigorous and relevant career pathways that engage students in planning for their futures; develop students’ academic, technical and employability skills; and provide opportunities for work-based learning and mentorship, all delivered flexibly and creatively through different school formats as well as online learning.

Issue Sheet: CTE's Role in American Competitiveness
This fact sheet updates ACTE's Issue Brief on the same topic. It explores how CTE plays a vital role in developing a well-educated workforce that supports American productivity and innovation through its emphasis on college and career readiness, including academic, technical and employability skills; its partnerships with industry; and its focus on meaningfulpostsecondary attainment that leads to careers that drive the global economy. This Issue Sheet is accompanied by a companion piece, Business-education Partnerships in CTE: Driving American Competitiveness

Issue Sheet: CTE's Role in Worker Retraining
This fact sheet provides a summary of ACTE's Issue Brief on the same topic and includes concrete policy actions needed. It explores the essential role that CTE programs play in addressing many of the issues faced by unemployed and underemployed workers. These programs target the adult learner through short-term and accelerated courses; utilize flexible learning approaches to account for students’ other responsibilities; include wraparound support services to increase student success; and concentrate on high-demand career areas to ensure students are prepared for jobs that exist in local economies.

Issue Sheet: CTE's Role in Energy and Environmental Sustainabilty
This fact sheet provides a summary of ACTE's Issue Brief on the same topic and includes concrete policy actions needed. It explores the growing role CTE programs play in efforts to increase energy and environmental sustainability. CTE offers early exposure to students regarding sustainable-energy career options through curriculum integration, provides the cutting-edge training necessary to ensure future employees meet work­force pipeline needs, and sets an example through state-of-the-art green buildings that become part of the curriculum.

Issue Sheet: CTE's Role in Dropout Prevention
This fact sheet provides a summary of portions of ACTE's Issue Brief "CTE's Role in Dropout Prevention and Recovery" and includes concrete policy actions needed. It explores the critical role that CTE plays in dropout prevention and in helping more students persist in and complete high school through increasing student engagement and building positive relationships. 

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