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Lesson Plan Title: Appliance Technology

Grade Level(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Field of Specialization: Family and Consumer Sciences

Duration: Depends on class size. 5-25 minutes per student

Objectives: Students are informed of the technological aspect of cooking at little cost to school. Students are able to form a better idea of what appliances are needed to run a home.

  1. Present knowledge of appliance, changes in technology.
  2. Demonstrate use of appliance.
  3. Inform class of information related to appliance, brands, cost, use of...

Materials: Appliances to demonstrate, students may bring from home. A way to research similar appliances.

Procedures: Taking turns, each student presents information on the appliance of their choice. Infomercial style. The goal is to prove to the class that "we" need that specific appliance in our homes.

Assessment: I use a form with these areas

  1. Type of appliance
  2. Brands available
  3. Manufacturer / model number
  4. Range of prices found
  5. Features on your appliance
  6. Features on similar appliances
  7. Why would someone want this appliance
  8. If you were considering this type of appliance would yours be a good model, why
  9. Care and cleaning of appliance
  10. Recipe of food you are preparing

Adaptations(For Students with Special Needs): N/A

Possible Connections to Academic Subjects: N/A

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