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ACTE Excellence Awards

ACTE Lifetime Achievement Award


Individual ACTE members whose dedicated contributions have been identified with the work and purposes of the Association over an extended period of time are eligible recipients of this award. 

The nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Accomplishments and innovations that exhibit the quality of the candidate for the award
  • Contributions to the CTE community (can include activities within their institutions, communities, ACTE and other organizations)

For more information on how applications will be scored, please see the ACTE Member Awards Scoring Rubric.

Application Requirements
Applications for this award must include the items below (incomplete applications will not be considered):

  1. Applicant contact & membership information (all candidates must be ACTE members to compete at the Region level)

  2. Letter of Introduction including the following:
    1. A  brief overview of the applicant (i.e., short biography/background information)
    2. A brief summary of the candidate's qualifications for this award
      (Note: Letter of introduction should not exceed 350 words in length.)
  3. Support information: Please summarize the strengths of the candidate for this award. Include the following:
    1. Accomplishments/innovations that exhibit the quality of the candidate
    2. Contributions to the CTE community (can include activities within institutions, communities, or ACTE and other organizations.)
      (Note: support should not exceed 1000 words in length.)
  4. Letters of support: Each applicant is required to submit 2 letters of support recommending the candidate as relates to the above areas. Please submit letters from two of the following: a supervisor, a parent/guardian, a student, an employee, or a community leader.
  5. Photo/headshot of the candidate: should be digital, high resolution (at least 300dpi), and submitted in .jpg format. Files 2MB or larger are preferred. For more information on resolution and dpi, see our flyer on How to Send Graphics. (Photographs will be used for publicity purposes only.)
  6. Interview [to be scheduled and completed after submission of application]: Candidates selected for regional consideration will undergo a brief interview with the Regional Awards Committee

Candidates should submit their applications electronically on the ACTE Awards Portal by their state's deadline (see here for a list of deadlines). States must choose and submit their winners for Region consideration by March 1. National winners will be selected by the ACTE Awards Committee. Region and national winners will be commemorated at the Awards Banquet during CareerTech VISION.

Winning applicants permit ACTE to use and edit content of the application for promotional activities. 

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ACTE Excellence Awards

ACTE Excellence Awards

The ACTE Excellence Awards seek to promote excellence in career and technical education by recognizing individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the field, programs that exemplify the highest standards, and organizations that have conducted activities to promote and expand career and technical education programs.

Achieve 100 Award

ACTE's exclusive Achieve 100 Award recognizes schools and institutions that have 100 percent ACTE membership participation from each and every member of their career and technical staff.


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