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To be considered for an ACTE Member Award, candidates must compete at their state competition before moving on to the Region and national competition. If you are interesting in applying for or nominating someone for a Member Award, we encourage you to visit your state website or contact your state awards coordinator for more information.

State  Nomination Deadline 2013-2014 Awards Contact(s)
Alabama June 1 Marcia Day
Alaska September 30* Jane Bulovsky
Arizona January 31* Pam Ferguson and Lisa Doll
Arkansas June 1 Cheryl Morrison
California December 15 Diane Walker
Colorado June 1 Darrell Green
Florida May 1 Rob Aguis
Georgia April 1 (to Divisions) May 1 (to state)* Tonja Tift and Matthew Gambill
Hawaii no information Guy T. Shibayama
Idaho March 1 Merry Olson and Ivak Cooper
Illinois December 31 Gary Hutchinson and Peggy Miller
Indiana August 31* Nicole Otte
Iowa April 30 Lisa Stange (2013)
Karen Swanson (2014)
Kansas March 31 David Patterson and Kari Presley
Kentucky April 1*     Wayne King and Susan Thomison
Louisiana July 1* Hals Beard
Maine June*  Don Cannan
Maryland no information Thomas Hawthorne 
Massachusetts     January 4 Leanne Lyons
Michigan no information Monika Leasure
Minnesota September 17 (fall competition)* Jean Rakun
Mississippi January 30  Tammie Brewer
Missouri March 1* Donna Vossen
Montana August 1 Cheryl Graham and Mark Branger
Nebraska March 1  Lila Kulwicki  and Ronita Jacobsen
Nevada May 10 Matt Mackay
New Jersey April 1 John Hillard
New Mexico June 1 Carol McAlister
New York no information Terry Hughes
North Carolina May 1 Linda Wiggins and Derrick Foggs
North Dakota April 30 Pam Strocklund
Ohio March 1* Christine Gardner
Oklahoma April 26 Cheryl Harder
Oregon February 22 Thelma Clemons
Pennsylvania April 27 Joseph DeFranco
South Carolina May 1 Linda Padgett
South Dakota July 1 Roberta Stoebner
Tennessee no information  Ronnie Teague
Texas May 25 Jami Gigliotti
Utah October 26 Denise Abbott
Virginia February 1 Irvin Hall and Brenda Long
Washington May 1 Tess Alviso and Vern Chandler
West Virginia June 1 Ernie Powers
Wisconsin January 20 Carol Mooney and Bette Lou Esser
Wyoming April 1 Candace Stoll

*For details and updated information, visit your state website or contact your state awards coordinator.

If your state doesn't appear to have an active awards program, or you are a state leader and would like to update the information above, please contact ACTE's awards liaison

Are you the best in CTE? Do you know someone who is? Click here to learn more about the ACTE Excellence Awards and how to apply.

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ACTE Excellence Awards

Changes to the ACTE Excellence Awards

In an effort to make the ACTE Excellence Awards more accessible for our members and more manageable for our state associations, we have made some significant changes to the awards, the applications, and the application process! The highlights of these changes can be found in our "Changes to the ACTE Excellence Awards" flyer. Detailed information on these changes and the transition is outlined below.  These changes go into effect beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

ACTE Business of the Year

Businesses and organizations that have excelled in contributing to the improvement, promotion, development and progress of CTE are eligible recipients of this award. All applicants must be nominated by an ACTE member.


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