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Positioning Your Institution For Success

This membership category is available to any school district, technical and career center, curriculum center, community college or university.

The Value of Being an Educational Institute Member
Keeping current in an ever-changing world is an ongoing challenge. ACTE can help! To be successful in today’s global society, educational institutions must be up to date with information, classroom tools and equipment that help teachers provide top-of-the-line programs and resources.

ACTE works on a daily basis to ensure that career and technical institutions have the policy support and funding they need to offer high-quality programs that will help them achieve their goals. The work of an umbrella organization like ACTE helps to ultimately support the educational elements—professional development, up-to-date equipment, cutting-edge curriculum and research on best practices—that ensure Educational Institution Members are delivering high-quality education that will result in a prepared, well-educated and adaptable workforce— a workforce that will continue to enhance and increase the economic viability for our nation.

Becoming an ACTE member signifies a commitment to the career and technical education field as well as support of ACTE. This membership category is available for any school district, technical and career center, curriculum center, community college or university. Institutions can join at different levels and enjoy benefits that match their level of support. 

What We Do for Educational Institutions

For nearly a century, the Association for Career and Technical Education has provided its individual members with the tools and resources they need to be successful educators. With the establishment of the ACTE Educational Institution Membership (EIM) program, institutions both further their own vision and goals, and have the opportunity to be actively involved with the Association as it implements its mission to provide leadership in developing an educated, prepared and competitive workforce. ACTE Educational Institution Membership EIM membership provides your institution with image enhancement, influence, information and leadership development.

Benefits for Your Institution

All EIMs receive the following benefits:

  • acknowledgement in ACTE publications and at CareerTech VISION
  • permission to use the ACTE logo to display their active support of the organization’s efforts
  • included on Ambassador’s List for media contacts
  • two non-voting delegates at the ACTE Assembly of Delegates
  • a special electronic publication (quarterly Educational Institution Update), including a recap of ACTE’s activities, that will help institutions continue to deliver great career and technical education programs
  • EIM member ribbon (based on level) given at events
  • reserved seating at the front of the CareerTech VISION General Session area for your institution’s board members, senior staff or administrators
  • national ACTE memberships for your Institution’s primary and secondary contact**
***International institutions shall be classified as International Members and receive all benefits of this membership category

Choose additional benefits to provide your institution with the most value!
As an EIM, you can customize your membership to meet your needs and provide the greatest benefits. Choose the level that best fits your institutional needs to receive additional rewards!

EIM Structure and Benefits

To take advantage of this unique membership opportunity, complete the application form. You can either e-mail them to jlevy@acteonline.org or fax them to 703-683-7424.

ACTE dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for U.S. federal income tax purposes, but may be deductible as a business expense.

The primary and secondary contacts will receive a complimentary ACTE membership and are required to join their state association they are located in a unified state (AR, CA, CO, DC, GA, KS, KY, MS, MT, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, PA, SD, TX, UT, WV and the  Bahamas.)

In the event that a contact of an educational institution located in a unified state does not join their state association, they will receive member benefits with the exception of voting and AD&D insurance, and they are not included in their state’s membership totals.

Educational Institution Membership Brochure

Educational Institution Membership Policies and Benefits

Educational Institution Membership Current List

Additional membership categories are also available and include benefits tailored to your individual or organizational needs:

Individual Membership categories are available for professionals, students, retirees and international educators and administrators actively engaged in CTE fields.

Corporate Membership  is available to corporate entities interested in working with schools and educators on real-world CTE issues and workplace skills.

National Affiliate Membership  provides nonprofit organizations an active voice in the advancement of CTE.



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Educator Resources

ACTE Leadership Training Program

ACTE is proud to offer you an opportunity to develop the leadership skills of existing and potential leaders in your state association. The Leadership Development Task Force has developed a new state leadership training program to further develop current state and regional association leaders, while also exposing up and coming leaders to leadership development.

ACTE National Leadership Fellowship Program

The ACTE National Leadership Fellowship Program began in 2009 as an Opportunity Fund project initiated by the ACTE Board of Directors. As of 2011, three classes of Fellows have completed the program. In summary, the ACTE Fellowship Program is an instrument to provide professional development, policy knowledge and leadership development.  


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