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Energy Sustainability Task Force



The mission for the Energy Sustainability Task Force is to develop a plan outlining strategies for ACTE to position career and technical education as a leader in the energy sustainability arena.


  1. To identify a framework for ACTE to engage in the issue of energy sustainability, including a definition of the scope of the issue relevant to CTE and ACTE.
  2. To recommend a process for identifying current activities in the CTE field related to energy sustainability.
  3. To identify partners with whom ACTE should work to enhance the value of CTE in the energy sustainability dialogue.
  4. To recommend potential public policy issues and solutions that will enhance CTE’s role in energy sustainability.
  5. To identify a coordinated roster of activities that should be provided by ACTE.

The task force will consist of not less than eight and not more than 12 members. Criteria for membership include experience planning or teaching programs related to the energy education area, experience in the research of energy related information, administration of energy education programs or service with a provider of energy products, supplies or services. Members must have the ability and time to actively engage in the work of the task force.

The Energy Sustainability Task Force is charged with reporting to the ACTE Board of Directors at the July 2010 meeting a draft of its recommendations.

Current FY11 Energy Sustainability Task Force Representatives

Position Name 
Chair  Stephanie Sklba
Member-at-Large Ashok Agrawal
Member-at-Large Earl Bailey
Member-at-Large Charley Cohen
Member-at-Large Kevin English
Member-at-Large Natalie Ford
Member-at-Large Steve Hoiberg
Member-at-Large Joseph Iannetti
Member-at-Large Billy Jackson
Member-at-Large Will Johnson
Member-at-Large Patrick Konopnicki
Member-at-Large Ann Randazzo
Member-at-Large Rick Rodriguez
Member-at-Large Michael Siegrist
Member-at-Large Roger Tadajewski
Member-at-Large Andrew Wermes

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