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New Report: Sequestration Would Cut Perkins Funds in Communities with Greatest Need


December 6, 2012

By: Mitch

A recent report from the American Association for School Administrators outlined an important trend in education funding that has major implications in the debate over sequestration. The report analyzed revenues in school districts across the county and compared the proportion of federal, state and local funding for education. While their findings show that the average federal contribution to local school budgets is 12.3 percent, over a quarter of schools received more than 15 percent of their total budget from the federal government. In 23 states, more than half of districts had operating budgets where the federal share was above the national average.

Perkins is part of the federal share of funding that schools receive. If sequestration is allowed to happen, there will be $4 billion less for education at the federal level—a $92 million cut in Perkins for the 2013-2014 school year alone!

Though state and local dollars are the primary funding sources for public education, the economic recession has left many states and municipalities with tighter budgets and fewer funds available for education. Those communities with the greatest need receive a larger share of federal funds; however, they would also be hardest hit by sequestration. Tell Congress that we need to insure access to high-quality CTE programs for all students. Tell them that Perkins can’t afford any more cuts!

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