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Techniques Editorial Calendar


Writing for TECHNIQUES

Those interested in writing for Techniques should check these guidelines. For any questions, call 800-826-9972 or e-mail Lia Milgram. We strongly suggest sending a proposal before writing an article. Advertisers, contact Sponsorship and Exhibit Sales Manager Jim Waterhouse.


VISION 2017 
CareerTech VISION is ACTE’s most exciting and highly anticipated CTE event of the year. This issue is dedicated to VISION 2017 and will feature articles on relevant topics for CTE educators and administrators such as assessment, certification, innovative CTE programs and much more.

Deadline for proposal: ACTE is not accepting submissions for this issue.


CTE & Cool Tech Tools 
Robotics, 3D printing, drones. You name it, this issue just may cover it. We’ll explore how CTE programs are preparing students to play a major part in the perpetual technology revolution. We’ll also talk about how new and innovative technology tools are transforming the CTE classroom.

Deadline for proposal: ACTE is not accepting submissions for this issue


Helping Teachers Teach  
Teachers and administrators need ongoing skill development, just like their students do. What role do schools, districts, states and intermediaries play in creating and delivering teacher training? What can be done to retain new CTE teachers? How can professionals from the world of work most effectively transfer their skills to the CTE classroom? This issue will address methods and programs for keeping the CTE teacher pipeline flowing.

Deadline for proposal: ACTE is not accepting submissions for this issue


Up in the Air   
CTE isn’t just on the ground, it’s also up in the air! Aviation academies are popping up across the country. There are a host of jobs in aviation and aeronautics for today’s students to choose from. This issue will look at these programs, and we’ll also look at how business and industry play a part in curriculum development and hands-on training in these programs.

Deadline for proposal: ACTE is not accepting submissions for this issue.  


Promoting Your CTE Program  
CTE teachers and students know the value of CTE, but what about everybody else? In many cases, parents, non-CTE teachers, counselors and others forget that CTE isn’t just for non-college bound; it’s for everyone. CTE has great value and importance for the nation. This issue will explore ways you can promote your CTE program, and how, person by person, we can change the perception of CTE for the better.  

Deadline for proposal: October 20
Deadline for submissions: November 20  

MARCH 2018

Elementary and Middle School Career Development
It’s never too soon to begin the career-exploration process. Students in the elementary and middle school grades can benefit from career exploration, too. This issue will look at career-development programs targeted toward middle and elementary school students, why they are important and other pertinent issues.

Deadline for proposal: November 15
Deadline for submissions: December 18  

APRIL 2018

Preparing for the Road Ahead 
Internships. Apprenticeships. Mentorships. These real-world, hands-on learning experiences are vital for students today. How can students supplement classroom knowledge to get a better idea about what they want to do for a career? And what role do employers plan in helping guide them to a career they can be happy with and excel in? This issue will discuss the employer-to-classroom relationship, the importance of these types of learning experiences, programs excelling in these areas and what those who’ve benefited from these learning experiences have to say.

Deadline for proposal: December 15
Deadline for submissions: January 22

MAY 2018

CTE Success Stories  
We’re ending the editorial year on a high note! CTE is worth celebrating and all across the country CTE is propelling individuals to vibrant careers. We’ll hear what’s going on in our unified states—thriving programs, students and relationships.  

Deadline for proposal: January 15
Deadline for submissions: March 1

Note: Themes and submission deadlines are subject to change during the year.

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Techniques Editorial Calendar

Those interested in writing for Techniques should check these guidelines. Advertisers, contact Tom Minich.

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