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Writing for TECHNIQUES

Those interested in writing for Techniques should check these guidelines. Techniques’ managing editor is Margaret Mitchell. For any questions, call 800-826-9972 ext. 339 or e-mail Margaret Mitchell. We strongly suggest sending a proposal before writing an article. Advertisers, contact Sponsorship and Exhibit Sales Manager Jim Waterhouse.




The editorial year kicks off with a look at some of the key themes that will be featured at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION: project-based learning, teacher recruitment, classroom tools and strategies, competency-based education, career pathways and more.

Deadline for proposal: ACTE is not accepting submissions for this issue.



The Maker Movement and CTE

Innovation, creativity, problem solving and experiential learning are all hallmarks of CTE. The maker movement¬—a new trend gaining ground—seeks to highlight these facets of learning even more. Schools across the country are making room for “maker” spaces, where students can discover their capacity to dream and invent. Find out more about this growing trend in this issue.

This issue is closed. ACTE is no longer accepting proposals for this issue.



 Women in STEM

Young women are still significantly underrepresented in STEM-related careers, particularly those with the highest salaries. Educators and politicians alike are working to reverse this trend and close the gender gap when it comes to occupations in the STEM fields. Targeted professional development, mentoring programs, support services and scholarships to combat this issue are all becoming more common. This issue will highlight programs that are working hard to recruit and retain women in the STEM fields.

This issue is closed. ACTE is no longer accepting proposals for this issue.



Shaping Career Choices 

The 21st-century workplace is changing quickly, and traditional educational methods are no longer sufficient to ensure that students have the skills necessary to navigate the myriad education and career options available to them. To acquire these skills, students need intentional instruction and opportunities for career exploration and development. What makes for a quality guidance and career development program? Read here to find out.

This issue is closed. ACTE is no longer accepting proposals for this issue.



100 Years of CTE 

2017 marks the 100-year anniversary of the federal investment in career and technical education through the landmark Smith Hughes Act, and we have a lot to celebrate! In this issue we’ll look at CTE’s rich history, pertinent legislation that has helped shape what CTE is today, testimonials, promising programs and predictions for what’s next in CTE. 

Deadline for proposal: ACTE is not accepting submissions for this issue


MARCH 2017

 International CTE

Career and technical education is not unique to the United States. Countries in Europe, Africa and Asia all have vibrant CTE/apprenticeship programs in place. Articles in this issue will explore CTE programs in other countries, how they’re working and the positive effects these programs are having on local economies.

Deadline for proposal: November 1, 2016


APRIL 2017

Inspiring Leadership in the Next Generation

Young people need to know that leadership comes in a variety of forms. Leadership skills are an important component to the well-rounded CTE student. What makes for a great leader? How do you inspire leadership in the next generation? What does leadership look like? This issue will explore the vital part the educator plays in developing the next generation of leaders. 

Deadline for proposal: December  5, 2017


MAY 2017


Gone are the days where students step right out of college into the welcoming arms of long, pensioned careers. Today, many students are creating their own futures. How can CTE programs encourage that? What skills do students need to continue the spirit of free enterprise that has been a hallmark of this country’s economy? Read this issue to find out. 

Deadline for proposal:  January 3, 2017  

Note: Themes and submission deadlines are subject to change during the year.

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