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ACTE Publications

Reports & Policy Papers


ACTE constantly gathers information vital to its mission and its members' needs and uses its expertise to develop key policy positions and statements that position the organization as a leader in the education and workforce development arenas. These reports from ACTE and other CTE-related organizations provide background information, describe programs and address important policy issues related to CTE. You can also use our fact sheets and in-depth Issue Briefs to help make the case for CTE!

Upgrading the Nation's Automotive Programs—Covers the program and highly successful outcomes of an educational and development program at Gateway Technical College, thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor.

ACTE Policy Papers


What Is "Career Ready"?

Listen to a teleconference that highlights the key areas of the paper and includes speakers from business and postsecondary education.

ACTE released this paper to broaden the national discussion around the term "career readiness" and increase the recognition of the broad range of skills students need to succeed in 21st-century careers. The paper outlines three broad sets of skills students need to be career-ready—core academic skills, employability skills and technical skills.

Up_to_Challenge_CoverUp to the Challenge: The Role of Career and Technical Education and 21st Century Skills in College and Career Readiness

The Association for Career and Technical Education, National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium and Partnership for 21st Century Skills released this report to highlight the demand for skills in the global economy and the ways in which educators can meet this demand by drawing on both CTE and 21st-century skills.



Joining Forces for Student Success:
The Emergence of State and Local Policies to Support the Recognition of Academic Credit for CTE Coursework
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ACTE partnered with Meeder Consulting Group LLC to conduct a survey of state efforts to explicitly help, support or guide the emergence of the recognition of academic credit for CTE coursework, given the strong movement of state policy to require increased graduation requirements. This paper highlights findings from the state survey, describes innovative ways states and localities are employing this strategy and offers recommendations on how to effectively implement and systemize course development.

High_School_Reform_Paper_CoverReinventing the American High School for the 21st Century
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ACTE released a position statement on high school reform outlining the organization’s vision of what high schools should be and how career and technical education (CTE) can contribute to reform and redesign efforts. ACTE advocates for clearly focusing American high schools on the new purpose of preparing every student for full participation in a spectrum of postsecondary education opportunities, meaningful work, career advancement and active citizenship. In the position statement, ACTE promotes a number of CTE strengths and resources that will help improve the nation’s high schools and help prepare students for postsecondary education and the 21st-century workforce.

Expanding_Opportunities_Postsecondary_CTEExpanding Opportunities: Postsecondary CTE and Preparing Tomorrow's Workforce 
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This paper outlines the organization’s vision on students obtaining advanced skills in a postsecondary setting to become vital and skilled workers in our competitive society. ACTE recommends postsecondary expectations for all, an integrated education system, curriculum and instructional offerings that link to careers and ensure lifelong learning, portability and transferability of credits, enhanced student supports, increased financial support and innovative approaches to funding. Throughout this paper, ACTE stresses the need to create a system that enables people to access and complete postsecondary education and training throughout their lives that will enable them to secure high-skill, high-wage or high-demand jobs in current or emerging career fields.

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ACTE Publications

Writing for Techniques

The style for this publication is journalistic. This basically means “write what you need to write.” We are looking for stories, solutions to problems, case studies, and profiles of interesting people within the career and technical education community.

Reprints and Copy Permission

For back issues, please contact ACTE member services at 800-826-9972. Members may access the contents of all issues of Techniques from September 2002 forward on the ACTE website. Online access is subject to prevailing copyright protections, and prior written permission from ACTE is required for all reprints and copies. Members can request an additional copy of Techniques for missing, lost or damaged copies, but fulfillment of this request cannot be guaranteed after 90 days from issue date.


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