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CTE Research

CTE Clearinghouse: High School Redesign/Reform


CTE is an important part of the high school redesign and reform conversation owing to its integration of academic, technical and employability skills and ability to keep students engaged in education. The following resources, including research, articles and policy papers, look at CTE's role in high school reform.

ACTE Resources 

Techniques Articles (you may need to log-in as an ACTE member to access)

  • Articles on ACTE’s High School Reform Position:
    • Move Beyond "Seat-Time" and Narrowly Defined Knowledge and Skills (May 2007) 
    • Create System Incentives and Supports for Connection of CTE and High School Redesign Efforts  (April 2007)
    • Create Incentives for Students to Pursue the Core Curriculum in an Interest-based Context (February 2007)
    • Dramatically Improve How and Where Academic Content Is Taught (January 2007)
    • Create a Positive School Culture That Stresses Personalization in Relationships (Nov/Dec 2006)
    • Establishing a Clear System Goal of Career and College Readiness for All Students (September 2006)
  • Modernizing Career and Technical Education Programs (May 2009)
  • Create System Incentives and Supports for Connection of CTE and High School Redesign Efforts  (April 2007)
  • Extreme School Makeover-Career Academy Edition (January 2007)
  • A Vision of the 21st Century (May 2006)
  • Stating the Case for CTE in Arizona (May 2006)
  • Examining a High School That Works  (May 2006)
  • A Wall-to-Wall Approach (May 2006)


NRCCTE Resources

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CTE Research

CTE Clearinghouse: Support Services for Working Adults and Other Non-traditional Students

CTE programs, particularly those on the postsecondary and adult level, help adults returning to education and other non-traditional students such as veterans, not only with academic and technical skills, but also with support services.

CTE Clearinghouse: Work-based and Service Learning

More and more, schools are turning to work-based and service learning methods to improve academic performance and student engagement as well as to help the community. The following resources include best practice articles and research reports on how CTE has used work-based and service learning to support and improve outcomes for students, businesses and the community.


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