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ACTE News Sample


Please note that this is only a sample issue of ACTE News. Neither the content nor the staff members listed within are current. If you have any questions, please contact Managing Editor Margaret Mitchell.

 January 22, 2009

Inside This Issue:
Countdown to NPS 
Call for Convention Presentations Open 
ACTE Board of Directors Elections
ACTE Board Approves New Resolutions Process to Increase Member Input
February is CTE Month
ACTE and ICLE Announce Leadership Partnership
New Student Track at National Policy Seminar
ACTE Completes 50 State Profiles
Application Requirements for National Awards Have Changed
Cliff Weiss Essay Contest Asking Students to Address President Obama
Improved Job Bank
ACTE's Online Forum Enhance CTE Month and NPS
Student-Made Video PSA Promotes CTE
CTE Policy Watch Blog
Recent Podcast Roundup: Mike Rowe, IBM
Spotlight on Washington
January's Book of the Month

Editor's Quote
New Members

Nashville Here We Come

You asked and we answered! This year, we will be holding the 2009 ACTE Annual Convention and Career Tech Expo November 19th-21st, the week before Thanksgiving. We hope everyone will scoot to the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee, to enjoy southern hospitality, networking and information on new trends in CTE. Take advantage of our early-bird rates by registering early. Registration opens on March 12. Also, check out the ACTE Convention Web site online to learn the most updated information for 2009’s big event, to register online and to check out some of the highlights from 2008. You can view presentations and a wrap-up story about the Annual Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, on the ACTE Web site.




Countdown to NPS

Register now for the National Policy Seminar (NPS) in Washington, D.C., on March 9-11; it will be held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia. You will have the opportunity to let your voice be heard by the new administration and congress about the future of your programs. ACTE will also be introducing for the first time a special student leadership track during NPS. In addition to attending the regular conference programming, student registrants will be provided with a strand of leadership and advocacy programming tailored specifically to them. The student sessions will feature networking opportunities and additional guest speakers and training to encourage students in their roles as CTE advocates and leaders. Visit ACTE online to register now. Want to hear more about what you can do to influence some of our nation's new leaders? Check out information about the "Spotlight on Washington".

Call for Convention Presentations Open

The Call for Presentations for the 2009 Annual Convention and Career Tech Expo in Nashville, Tennessee, is now open. If you have expertise in a CTE area, have implemented a new program, or if your school has realized significant academic or job placement gains, this is a perfect opportunity for you to share your skills and knowledge with colleagues. ACTE’s divisions will choose sessions and workshops to showcase. Submit your proposal by March 2 for consideration. For more information, or to submit a proposal, visit ACTE online and use the link labeled “Call for Presentations.” Questions can be directed to Marguerite Leishman at mleishman@acteonline.org.




ACTE Board of Directors Elections

In February, members of the Association for Career and Technical Education will elect officers for Board of Directors positions. All ACTE members whose membership dues were received at ACTE headquarters by January 15, 2009, are eligible to vote. Please review the biographical information and platform statements for nominees and exercise your right to vote for ACTE’s future leadership. This information is posted online on the ACTE Web site. The election process will be conducted via electronic ballot only. Ballots will be sent to member e-mail addresses listed in the ACTE database. ACTE has selected Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) to manage the board of directors elections. You will receive an e-signature via e-mail that must be used with your member number to vote electronically. If you do not receive an e-signature by midnight on February 3, 2009, please contact ACTE’s Leadership Department at 800-826-9972, ext. 315. Electronic ballots must be cast by midnight February 27, 2009. Ballots will be counted and audited at the offices of SBS, and the results will be posted on ACTE’s Web site and announced in the April issue of Techniques magazine and in the March issue of ACTE NEWS.




ACTE Board Approves New Resolutions Process to Increase Member Input

At its December meeting, the ACTE Board of Directors approved revisions to the Association’s resolutions process that will allow for more in-depth consideration of resolutions and more input into the process from ACTE members. The purpose of ACTE resolutions is to formally establish the membership’s position, intent, or opinion on issues impacting ACTE and/or the CTE profession. The Board felt that in order to make resolutions more meaningful and thoughtful, the membership, through the Assembly of Delegates, needs to have more time to review, understand and discuss the proposed resolutions. To meet this goal, the new approval process requires initial resolutions to be submitted for review to the ACTE Resolutions Committee by June 1 of each year. After review by ACTE leaders, the resolutions will be posted on the ACTE Web site over the summer, and a public discussion forum will be held during the Annual Convention. More details about submission and the complete approval process are available online. The process went into effect on January 1, 2009, so resolutions to be considered by the 2009 Assembly of Delegates are due to the Resolutions Committee on June 1!




February is CTE Month

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month is coming soon! It kicks off on February 4 with the annual National Shadow Day and will conclude with National Entrepreneurship Week, which runs from February 23–March 1. Both activities are academically motivating and designed to give students a much closer look at their chosen career field. Those who wish to participate are encouraged to begin planning early and check out www.jobshadow.org and www.entre-ed.org for further details. ACTE has a list of other ideas and opportunities for schools to get involved on our Web site at www.acteonline.org. As you celebrate CTE Month, please send information about your activities to Sabrina Kidwai at skidwai@acteonline.org. ACTE will publish these events on the CTE Month Web site. If members have questions about CTE Month or need help promoting events, please contact Sabrina Kidwai.  




ACTE and ICLE Announce Leadership Partnership

ACTE and the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) are embarking on a new and exciting initiative focused on leveraging the power of career and technical education to redefine high schools for the 21st century. The Institute for 21st Century Leadership is being designed based around the concept of preparing students to be work-life-college ready. It will incorporate the philosophy of rigor, relevance and relationships and provide a framework for integrating academic and career-related instruction in all curriculums. The two organizations are actively setting up this Institute, which will have limited space. If you are interested in learning more about the Institute, please contact ICLE by e-mail or call 518-399-2776. More details of the Institute will be coming out shortly, so please keep checking the Web sites of both ACTE and ICLE.

New Student Track at National Policy Seminar

In 2009, ACTE will be offering a special student leadership track at the National Policy Seminar. The goal of this strand is to provide opportunities for discussion and activities tailored specifically for students and to help NPS student attendees understand the valuable role they play in advocacy efforts. Students interested in participating should register for the conference at the regular student rate, and all students who register for NPS will have the option of participating in the leadership track. These students will also attend the regular NPS programming, with the student activities overlaid to provide additional value. For additional information, please contact ACTE Assistant Director of Public PolicyAlisha Hyslop.




ACTE Completes 50 State Profiles

The ACTE State CTE Profiles project is complete! All 50 state profiles have been posted on the ACTE Web site. Take this opportunity to look at how other states deliver CTE to their students and deal with the issues that are facing CTE today, and what innovations can be applied to your state and local programs. The profiles will be updated continuously as new information is available, so check back often!




Application Requirements for National Awards Have Changed

Several of the rules have changed to apply for the 2009-2010 ACTE Awards. Please refer to the Awards Booklet posted on the ACTE Awards Web site to see if these changes affect your application process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cara DiMattina at cdimattina@acteonline.org.

Cliff Weiss Essay Contest Asking Students to Address Obama

ACTE has launched its annual essay writing contest, and this year’s topic for secondary and postsecondary students is, “What would you tell President Obama about your CTE experience?” ACTE wants to collect student stories on the impact CTE has in their lives and use this information to help educate the public and policymakers on the value of CTE. A secondary and postsecondary student winner will each receive an award of $250 in addition to having their essay published in ACTE’s Techniques magazine. The essays should be between 400-600 words, in Microsoft Word format, one entry per person, and e-mailed by Friday, February 13, 2009 to essaycontest@acteonline.org. For complete rules on the contest, please visit ACTE’s Cliff Weiss Essay Contest page or contact Sabrina Kidwai at skidwai@acteonline.org. Winners will be announced at the end of February.

Improved Job Bank

The ACTE Job Bank is undergoing some exciting changes. In an effort to help our members, we are working to fill the Job Bank list with more opportunities. Throughout the year, we will be working to find openings that are representative of all of our 12 divisions and work to create more traffic by both job seekers and employers.
Employers and recruiters can create accounts that allow them to manage their job postings, purchase resumes, and store and contact candidates. Plus, any positions that are posted directly to our site will receive prime placements, guaranteeing them more traffic by our highly qualified ACTE members.  Job seekers can create free accounts, search available jobs and even anonymously post their resumes. This account also allows them to store job openings, cover letters and resumes so they can quickly and easily apply for open positions. And, so that job seekers can always stay aware of some of the hottest CTE job openings, the ACTE Job Bank can create personal job alerts to notify them of new jobs that match their search preferences.  Whether you are searching for a great job or trying to find candidates for your open position, the ACTE Job Bank is a valuable tool. Visit the ACTE Job Bank today to get in on the action!

ACTE's Online Forums Enhance CTE Month and NPS

You can share your plans for CTE Month, and update colleagues on the success of your February events and activities, on the
CTE Month online discussion forum. You can also visit the National Policy Seminar (NPS) forum to share your plans and goals for NPS 2009. CTE Month and NPS are not the only topics on the forums—people are talking about many relevant issues, including How to Promote CTE, School-to-Work, Balancing Work and Home and Web 2.0 in Education. The more you get involved, the better the dialogue becomes! ACTE is looking for forum moderators for the following topics: Career Clusters, Pathways and Programs of Study; Academic Integration; and Success Stories. Moderators are asked to check on their forums one-three times per week and encourage conversation. For more information, contact Catherine Imperatore, ACTE’s e-media coordinator.




Student-Made Video PSA Promotes CTE

Celebrate CTE Month 2009 in February with “Beyond A Textbook,” a 29-second student-produced video and the winning entry in ACTE’s 2009 CTE Month Video PSA Contest. Show this DVD in your classroom, broadcast it from your school or district TV station, or share it with your public access station. Enliven your CTE Month celebrations with this example of what CTE students can do! To order a copy of the first-place PSA on DVD for $5, e-mail the ACTE Store or call 800-826-9972. You can also link to this video, or embed this video in your Web site.

CTE Policy Watch Blog


Regardless of whether you can attend ACTE’s National Policy Seminar, the premier event for CTE policy and advocacy, there is a year-round resource where you can enhance your knowledge of these issues, and of ACTE’s work to support CTE: the CTE Policy Watch blog. ACTE Public Policy staff bloggers give you timely, in-depth updates on ACTE’s advocacy efforts as well as CTE news, analysis and tips on what you can do to make a difference. This is information every CTE professional needs to know.





Recent Podcast RoundUp: Mike Rowe, IBM

ACTE recently interviewed Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs, for the Career Tech Talk podcast. Rowe describes his new project, mikeroweWORKS, and its goal to promote the skilled trades. He also discusses the perception of skilled labor in the U.S. and shares what he learned from his family, and from his experiences on Dirty Jobs, about education and hard work. In another recent interview, ACTE spoke with Kevin Faughnan, director of IBM’s Academic Initiative. The program gives postsecondary educators access to hardware, software, IT course materials, tools and training. Faughnan also shares the initiative’s role in encouraging interdisciplinary skills, especially the integration of IT with business and engineering. Listen and subscribe online.




Spotlight on Washington

With a new administration and congress entering the White House, ACTE needs the support of every CTE professional to make sure that our message is heard. Join ACTE’s “Spotlight on ="http://www.acteonline.org/join.aspx">title="http://www.acteonline.org/join.aspx">Washington” campaign by joining or renewing your membership and referring a colleague to showcase the achievements made through career and technical education and the dedication its professionals have to advancing its success. Go online to find out more about becoming a member or to renew your membership.





January's Book of the Month

“Management by Walking Around" is January's book of the month. The book, cited in the January Techniques’ “Classroom Connection,” addresses the classic supervision model that has frustrated both principals and teachers. This book offers a practical, time-saving alternative that impacts student achievement by cultivating self-reliant teachers and creating positive dialogue between teachers and administrators.







Editor's Quote of the Month


“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.”




                                                President Barack Obama




New Members

Pamela Anderson Pat Johnson Chad Ratliff
Mary Angel Arthur Johnson Laura Reed
Kyla Arendt Terry Keahey Kimberly Reiser
Jenny Axelson Jerry Koenig Lori Robinson
Paul Babcock Angela Kovacs Claudia Romero
John Biscardi Melissa Kreutzer David Ross
Yvette Cook Jill Lambert Tina Salyer
William Cook Peggy Landis Dana Sample
Audra Cooper Kevin Langhus Christopher Scarcella
Patrick Crozier Lynn LaNoue Doug Schneiter
Jack Daly Jacqueline Larson Justin Schrader
Kacy Edwards Mike Lazzeri Missie Schwartz
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Joyce Evens Brian Ludwig Crystal Smedley
Margaret Fox-Hall Marietta Malnar Debbie Sneed
Autumn Francis Theodore Massey Reagan Sowa
Patrica Gantham Kent Mayne Kathryn Steger
Rodney Gardner Helen McLaughlin Julie Stewart
Valerie Garrison Melanie Meilleur Carolyn Stewart
Anna Gay Carol Mickel Cheryl Terry
Alvin Gille Barbara Misel Troy Torres
Steve Gomez Genon Murray Sharon Usher
Garry Grammel Marshall Nielsen Nancy Velazquez
Douglas Gryboski Julie Olsen Jerry Viola
Dirk Habig Patti Ord Derek Walls
Charlotte Haley Michael Owen Eric Ward
Chad Hall Megan Palmer Jean-Ann Webster
Lisa Harden Kristin Pegg Patty Wettstein
Dawna Haynes Elissa Penczar Julie Wheeler
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Dan Hoff J Populis Tom Wirtz
Greg Jackson Lynne Porter Clifton Wise
Daniel Jackson Kacey Preston Lorraine Young
Debra James Rachael Ramsier Rachel Young


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