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Agricultural Education Division

Meet Nancy Trivette


ACTE Agricultural Education Division Vice President
New Jersey Department of Agriculture
369 South Warren St., PO Box 330
Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: 609-984-4956
Fax: 609-633-2421
Email: nancy.trivette@ag.state.nj.usz


Region: I

Division: Agricultural Education

Occupation: New Jersey Program Leader, Agricultural Education/State FFA Advisor, New Jersey Department of Agriculture 

Employment History: State Leader/State FFA Advisor, NJ Dept. of Agriculture, 2000-present; State FFA Advisor, NJDA, 1995-2000; Planner/Program Specialist/State FFA Advisor, NJ Dept. of Education, 1989-1995; Instructor/FFA Specialist, Cook College, Rutgers, 1983-1989

Education: Rutgers University, EdM; Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, BS

ACTE Division Involvement: President, National Council for Agricultural Education(Ag Ed Policy Committee) 2009; terms 2003-05; 2007-09; Vice President - 2004; 2006; President, National Association Supervisors of Agricultural Education, 2008; term 2007-09; Region VP; 1992-94; member 1983- present; NAAE member 1999-present; ACTE Region Involvement: Region I Vice President, 2011-14; Bylaws Committee member, 2010; Awards Committee Chair, 2013; Affiliation Committee 2013; ACTE National—Other Activities: Executive Committee and Finance Chair, 2013-14; Strategic Planning Committee, 2012 and 2014; State/Local Involvement: National CASE Advisory Committee 2009-present; chair - 2010-11; National FFA Board of Directors, 2003-06; 2013-2018; National FFA Treasurer-Elect/Treasurer, 2013-14/2015-2018; National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees 1994-95; 2004-06; National FFA Treasurer-Elect/Treasurer, 2013-14/2015-2018; State CTE Advisory Council, 2010 – present; State CTE Association member 

Platform Statement: Changes in our world, such as an ever growing population and declining natural resources, over the next 40 years will continue to require Career and Technical Education leaders to be visionary, progressive and responsive. We must successfully prepare greater numbers of students for postsecondary education while ensuring their success and readiness for current and emerging careers. We must model and promote seamless transitions to postsecondary experiences and/or careers for all students. The numbers and needs of students and educators are changing daily. Global industry requires us to ensure that we increase science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills of all learners, and prepare them for societal changes. Global changes will also require increased, clear and consistent communications that focus on members’ needs and education and industry requirements. My record of leadership in Agricultural Education, on the ACTE Board as Region I Vice President and as ACTE Finance Chair, as well as my dedication as a state leader show that I can assist ACTE to meet the changing needs of our students, educators and programs. 

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Agricultural Education

Meet Nancy Trivette

Agricultural education is an important part of career and technical education, and the voice of agricultural educators must be heard within the leadership of the Association for Career and Technical Education. My interest in serving as the Agricultural Education Division vice president is in providing effective representation of the total membership in the agricultural education profession—secondary agricultural education teachers, state agricultural education staff, postsecondary agricultural educators and university agricultural educators.


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