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Marketing Education Division

Meet Tammie Brewer



Tammie Brewer

Tammie Brewer


Mississippi DECA Coordinator
Mississippi Department of Education
P.O. Box 771
Jackson, MS 39205
Work Phone: (601) 576-5010
Fax: 601-354-7788

Occupation: DECA State Advisor -Mississippi, Mississippi Department of Education

Employment History:

Mississippi DECA State Coordinator, Mississippi Department of Education, Office of Student Organizations (January 2013-present)

Post-Secondary Online Instructor for Principle of Marketing, Marketing Management, and Merchandising Math Mississippi Virtual Community College / Hinds Community College (August 2006-


RCU Instructor for Teacher Education: Marketing teachers, Mississippi State University (2009-present) Secondary Instructor for Marketing Management Technology: Pearl/Rankin Career and Technical Center (August 2004-December 2012)

Secondary Instructor for Marketing Management Technology: Madison County Business & Commerce Center (August 2001-2004)

Education Background:

Mississippi State University (M.Ed)

Mississippi State University (BS)

Hinds Community College (AAS)

ACTE Involvement:

ACTE Division:

Member Mississippi Association of Marketing Educators (MAME) (2001 - present)

District I Vice-President (2009-present)

MAME Past-President (2007-2008)

MAME President (2006-2007)

President Elect (2005-2006)

Vice-President (2004- 2005)

Central Region Representative (2003-2004)

Mississippi Marketing Curriculum Writer (2002, 2005, 2008, 2013)

ACTE Region:

Attended Region IV Conferences (2002-2010)

Region IV Awards Committee member (2007-2010)

Presenter at the Region IV ACTE conference on information of ACTE Awards (2010)

Region IV Outstanding Teacher in Community Service (2006)

Region IV Legislative Committee (2005-2009)

Presenter at the Region IV ACTE conference recruitment and retention of Career and Technical students (2005)

Region IV Outstanding New Career and Technical Teacher (2004)

ACTE National-other Activities:

Attended the National ACTE conference (2001, 2004 and 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012)

National Awards Committee (2012-present)


Member Mississippi Association of Career and Technical Education (Mississippi ACTE) (2001 - present)

District IV President (2012-present)

Policy and Procedure Chairperson (2011-present)

District IV Vice-President (2011-2012)

Past-President (2009-2010)

President (2008-2009)

Vice-President (2007-2008)

Awards Chairperson (2007-2010)

Membership Chairperson (2007-2008)

2nd Vice-President (2006-2007)

1st Vice-President, District 4 (2006)

Legislative Reception Chairperson (2004-2008)

2nd Vice-President, District 4 (2005)

1st Vice-President, District 2 (2003)

Career Development Committee (2003)

State DECA Advisor (January 2013-present)

Local DECA Advisor (2001-2012)

Honorary DECA Life member (2007)

Member DECA Alumni Division (2002-Present)

Platform Statement:

As the Marketing Division Vice-President, I would set up and maintain a sharing site for Marketing Educators across the nation. I feel that this would add value to ACTE as a whole and ensure growth in the Marketing Education division. I have done this on a Mississippi level for Business and Marketing teachers and would love to see this type of access on a nationwide basis. I would also ensure consistent communication with all members in the marketing division. I would also contact the presidents of the state marketing divisions across the US and make sure that ACTE continues to offer activities and information that each state requires. Last, but not least, I strive to increase membership in ACTE in the Marketing Education Division. I believe that by increasing communication and sharing that increased membership would be the natural consequence. I look forward to this new adventure!!!

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