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Resolutions Committee


Are you interested in serving on the ACTE Resolutions Committee? You can read more about the responsibilities of serving on this committee in the Resolutions Committee Member Position Description. Contact the staff liaison for more information!

2015 Resolutions Submission Process

  1. As specified in the Resolutions Submission Process, resolutions to be considered by the Resolutions Committtee in 2015 are due on June 1, 2015.
  2. Please submit resolutions electronically to Resolutions Committee staff liaison Alisha Hyslop.
  3. The submission must include a Resolutions Submission Form outlining background information as specified in the process.

Resolutions Committee Information

2014 Resolutions Committee Meeting Minutes

2014 Resolutions Approved by Assembly of Delegates


Archived Resolutions Information

Date Appointed: July 2015

Chair:  Clayton Spencer
Board Liaison: David Keaton, John Noel and Paul Asunda 
Staff Liaison: Alisha Hyslop 

Members: One representative from each Division and Region

The Committee is charged with reviewing and editing any resolutions submitted by members, state associations or affiliated organizations.  In fulfilling this charge, the Committee is expected to communicate with the membership, Divisions and Regions as to the purpose of resolutions and the appropriate procedures for submitting resolutions.

The Committee is to submit all appropriate resolutions to the Assembly Delegates.

The Committee is further asked to identify activities to educate the leadership of the State Associations, Divisions and Regions as to the purpose and most effective use of the resolution process.  As part of this objective, the Committee is to provide guidance on how to write an effective resolution and also communicate the process for submitting resolutions to the membership.

1. Mission

To present statements of concern, focus and position in the form of resolutions and recommendations for consideration and action by the Assembly of Delegates, Board of Directors and Committees.

2. Authority

This committee is appointed under the procedures adopted pursuant to Section 8.1 of the Bylaws.

3. Composition, Selection & Term

3.1 The committee shall consist of one representative from each ACTE Division and Region.

3.2 The term of office is the calendar year. Members are appointed on January 1. Members serve for a two-year period and may serve up to two terms.

3.3 The committee elects its chair and vice chair with approval of the Board of Directors. The chair and vice chair serve for one year.

3.4. The Division and Region vice presidents appoint their committees' representatives.

3.5. There are no special eligibility requirements to serve on this committee other than they attend ACTE's CareerTech VISION in person in order to participate in the Resolutions process.

4. Objectives

4.1 To solicit, receive, review and edit resolutions submitted by educational institution members, state associations and affiliated organizations, ACTE Divisions, ACTE Regions and ACTE Board-established committees.

4.2 To communicate submitted resolutions to the Assembly of Delegates in accordance with Board policies.

4.3 To communicate recommendations to the Board of Directors and other ACTE Committees as needed.


Position Name
Chair Clayton Spencer
Region I Polly Mingyar
Region II Michael Law
Region III Leslie Bleskachek
Region IV Barry Brantley
Region V Jennifer Vander Meer
Administration David Hughes
Agricultural Education No Representative
Business Education Kay Orrell
Engineering and Technology Education Luke Steinke
Family and Consumer Sciences Education Felicia Williams
Guidance and Career Development Steve Beutler
Health Science Education Crystal Freeman
Marketing Education Yalanda Bell
New and Related Services Laura Manahan
Postsecondary, Adult and Career Education Kevin Arnold
Trade & Industrial Education Michael Short
Board Liaison Paul Asunda
Board Liaison John Noel
Board Liaison David Keaton 
Staff Liaison Alisha Hyslop

*pending reappointment

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