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  • First Lady Draws Attention to Nutrition Education Issues

    The Wall Street Journal recently reported on First Lady Michelle Obama's new initiative, which is intended to boost health among young people by teaching them how to prepare nutritious home-cooked meals.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 7/2/2014 3:39:45 PM

  • ACTE President Builds Support for CTE Abroad

    ACTE President Doug Major recently traveled across the Pacific to learn more about Chinese CTE programs and strengthen ACTE’s presence on an international scale. 

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 6/23/2014 4:49:48 PM

  • Massachusetts CTE Students Increasingly Pursuing Postsecondary Education

    Just days ahead of President Obama's commencement address at Worchester Technical High School, the Boston Globe has reported an increase in Massachusetts secondary school CTE students seeking four-year degrees after graduation.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 6/10/2014 12:48:40 PM

  • Senators Petition Obama for National CTE Award

    Sens. Tim Kaine, Rob Portman and Tammy Baldwin sent a letter to President Obama asking him to create a Presidential Career and Technical Scholars award.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 5/29/2014 12:05:40 PM

  • Deal Reached for Bipartisan WIA Reauthorization

    The first bipartisan, bicameral deal since the law was due for reauthorization in 2003 is a combination of separate reauthorization bills from the House and Senate.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 5/27/2014 3:00:22 PM

  • Business and Industry Groups Support Perkins Reauthorization

    This week, more than 200 business, industry, political and trade organizations, along with education groups like ACTE, published a letter demonstrating their support for the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act. 

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 5/22/2014 10:46:57 AM

  • Members of Congress Speak Out for CTE

    Recent bicameral, bipartisan comments on the benefits of CTE for students and business are a positive sign of the growing respect for CTE on Capitol Hill.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 5/16/2014 1:41:44 PM

  • Getting Ink – ACTE Hosts CTE Policy Media Briefing

    ACTE hosted a media briefing on the Perkins Act to provide reporters with foundational information about the law and reauthorization process while raising awareness of our members’ priorities before staff from major publications.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 5/16/2014 9:55:26 AM

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