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  • ROI Equal for Associate and Bachelor's Degrees

    Researchers analyzed more than 40 years of data to determine that the return on investment for both associate and bachelor's degrees has been about 15 percent for the past decade.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 7/16/2014 11:22:29 AM

  • CTE Prepares the Agriculture and Natural Resources Workforce

    Learn how CTE is developing the qualified workforce in agriculture, food and natural resources with our newest Sector Sheet.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 7/14/2014 10:48:29 AM

  • Four Years to Degree for California Community College Students

    According to an analysis of California community colleges, students are taking a median of four years to earn an associate degree and graduating with 18 more credits than typically required.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 7/10/2014 5:54:03 PM

  • STEM Skills In Demand

    Two recent reports examine the state of the STEM job market and how well educational attainment aligns with STEM workforce demand.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 7/10/2014 12:44:05 PM

  • Pathways to Prosperity Network Publishes New Report

    The new report, “The Pathways to Prosperity Network: A State Progress Report, 2012-2014,” details best practices and successes from eight states that have implemented strategies to enhance career pathways.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 7/8/2014 12:47:21 PM

  • CTE Prepares Students for Hard-to-Fill Jobs

    CTE programs prepare students for hard-to-fill occupations and, through stackable credentials, help youth and adults move up the ladder in these career fields.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 7/1/2014 12:12:13 PM

  • Data Driven: Low-skilled Adults Benefit from CTE

    Students in programs that blend basic skills and occupational training for more contextualized learning are far more likely than similar adult students to improve basic skills and earn college-level credits.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 6/30/2014 10:40:40 AM

  • Research Round-up: CTE Unemployment Rates, Student Traits, Service Learning

    Recent research examines unemployment rates for community college graduates studying CTE and academic fields, explores how to develop positive student traits and describes state policies on service learning.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 6/25/2014 11:03:14 AM

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