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  • Senate CTE Caucus Hosts Briefing on Manufacturing and Literacy

    The Senate CTE Caucus recently organized a briefing for Capitol Hill staff and education policy advocates to learn about best practices and effective strategies for preparing a qualified manufacturing workforce with robust literacy skills.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 9/12/2014 9:56:11 AM

  • Department of Education Hosts Briefing on Rigorous Programs of Study Framework Implementation

    On September 9, the Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education hosted a briefing on the progress made in implementation of the department’s Rigorous Programs of Study framework.

    Posted by Alisha Hyslop at 9/10/2014 5:24:08 PM

  • American Enterprise Institute Calls for Clearer Career Readiness Evaluation Processes

    The American Enterprise Institute recently published a blog outlining a major challenge in ensuring that students graduate college and career ready - measuring career readiness. However, several state-led approaches may show the way.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 8/29/2014 2:05:54 PM

  • CareerBuilder Report on High-paying Career Opportunities Demonstrates Value of Postsecondary CTE

    Business Insider recently published an article about a recent CareerBuilder report on the 20 most lucrative positions for students who have a high school diploma as their highest level of academic attainment.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 8/15/2014 3:05:54 PM

  • Employers Pledge to Give Hiring Consideration to Academy Grads

    The National Academy Foundation (NAF) is taking its business partnerships to the next level with NAFTrack Certified Hiring.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 8/13/2014 2:05:36 PM

  • Joint Letter Encourages Career Counseling Collaboration

    The U.S. Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Labor have published a joint letter encouraging education, workforce development and industry to work together to provide career information and guidance.  

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 7/3/2014 2:02:40 PM

  • Article Highlights Positive Outcomes of CTE-focused High Schools

    U.S. News and World Report's article "Vocational High Schools: Career Path or Kiss of Death" provides an excellent and thorough report on the benefits and opportunities offered by CTE-focused high schools nationwide.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 5/6/2014 8:55:24 AM

  • CTE: Opening Doors for All Students

    Upon reading Michael J. Petrilli’s recent article, “Kid, I’m Sorry, but You’re Just Not College Material,” I was encouraged to see a major publication shining light on some of the many benefits that career and technical education (CTE) has to offer. However, there is a key point that my colleagues at the Association for Career and Technical Education I and feel is important to emphasize in this discussion: CTE is a component of academically challenging, rigorous education for all students, be they high-fliers or at-risk.

    Posted by CTE Policy Watch at 3/25/2014 12:56:43 PM

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