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CTE Month® 2018 Video PSA Contest


CTE Month PSA 2017

CTE Month®
Public Service Announcement Contest 
Rules and Guidelines

What is the goal?
To promote career and technical education programs and students during Career and Technical Education Month (CTE Month®.)
Who can enter?
The contest is open to secondary, postsecondary and adult CTE students in film and video production classes or in other CTE courses. Students may enter as individuals or as a group.
What do I win?
ACTE will announce the winning PSAs during CareerTech VISION 2017, December 6-9 in Nashville, TN, and will notify the winners just before the conference begins (note: winners are not required to attend the conference). 
  • The school with the winning student or team will receive $500.
  • The school with the second-place student or team will receive $250. 
  • The school with the third-place student or team will receive an honorable mention.
Winning videos will be:
  • Publicized on ACTE’s CTE Month webpage and via ACTE’s social media channels.
  • Shared with our members to use during CTE Month in their schools and local communities. 
What's required?
  • Video entries must be 29 seconds in length.
  • Entries must incorporate the CTE Month logo and tagline into the PSA video. 
  • Entries must incorporate the following message, presented as text on-screen and/or spoken by talent: "Learn more about career and technical education at www.ctemonth.org”, and must display the CTE Month web address on screen: www.ctemonth.org.
  • Successful entries will NOT say "learn more about ACTE" or reference the Association for Career and Technical Education by name in the PSA. The videos are not intended to be an advertisement for ACTE, but a PSA for career and technical education.
  • Successful entries will use no other logos or web addresses in PSAs.
  • IMPORTANT: Entries that contain music or other copyrighted media must be accompanied by proof that entrants have the expressed permission of the original copyright holder. The following are examples of appropriate proof:
    • The name of the song, along with the receipt from the school’s purchase of the song.
    • A link to the website or Youtube video featuring the song, which will allow ACTE to check whether the creator has made the music available for royalty free use.
    • A signed letter or form stating that the music was created by a student in GarageBand or another program and that the student has given permission for the music to be used royalty free. 
  • Submissions must also adhere to the technical specifications listed below.
Submitting Your PSA entry
  • PSA submissions must be completed by November 10 at 5 p.m. EST. 
  • Sound cannot be over 0 dBFS.
  • Videos must be submitted in .mp4 or .mov format.
  • Videos must be in 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • PSAs can be submitted in standard or high definition.
  • In addition to the 29 seconds of video content, please include at the beginning of the video 5 seconds of black, followed by 5 seconds of bars and tones, and then a 5-second slate with the title, the name of your school and the year, 2018 (names of video creators and participants optional.)
  • PSA are to be submitted via Dropbox. Participants should create a Dropbox account free of charge, upload their submission, and email the link to bhandres@acteonline.org.
  • Participants must submit a signed copy of ACTE’s talent release form from each participant whose image or voice is used in the PSA. Talent release forms from your own school or district are not acceptable. Students under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the form as well.
  • To finalize a submission, email the video link and talent release forms to Brandi Handres, and please provide a phone number and maling address for at least one contact (recommend educator with school mailing address). 
Who will be judging my PSA?
PSAs will be judged by a panel of ACTE staff, who will evaluate submissions according to an impartial rubric. The three highest scoring entries will be shown to ACTE’s Board of Directors prior to CareerTech VISION 2017, and winners will be notified before the conference. All entrants are encouraged to share their PSAs with their community, school and friends.
What’s the fine print?
ACTE retains the copyright on any submitted material and reserves the right to use the material in any way or format it sees fit. ACTE is not responsible for lost, damaged, incorrectly encoded, incorrectly uploaded, mislabeled or misdirected entries. Entries will not be returned and will become the property of ACTE. Entries cannot be used for any commercial activity. 
Additionally, your use of the CTE Month logo and tagline for this PSA does not authorize you to use it for any other purpose. If you would like to use the logo and tagline for anything else, please read our Logo Use and Restriction Agreement. If you would like to use the logo for a purpose not covered in that agreement, email us for permission.

Do you have any tips for my PSA?
Winning videos for the CTE Month 2018 Video PSA Contest should strive to:
  • Engage and inform about CTE.
  • Show that CTE leads to a successful career.
  • Show the role of CTE in a strong national economy.
  • Depict a variety of CTE fields.
  • Depict the diversity of students involved in CTE.
  • Show CTE as relevant to the general public
  • Follow all the formatting and technical specifications listed above.
  • Be technically well-made and suitable for broadcast on the internet. 
Can educators help with their students' projects?
Educators may advise students, but should not take a significant role in creating the PSAs. 
For more information or questions about submissions, please contact Julia O'Brien at jobrien@acteonline.org or call 800-826-9972, ext. 377.



Check out last year's video PSA winners!

First Place: "CTE: Real World Learning Experiences" by Sussex Technical High School (Delaware)



Second Place: "CTE Month PSA" by Belton High School (Texas)



Third Place: "CTE Month PSA" by Keller Center for Advanced Learning (Texas)



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